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MYX Fitness Bike vs. Echelon Connect EX3:

myx fitness bike echelon ex3 exercise bike

Both the MYX Fitness Bike and the Echelon Connect EX3 hit the market with one thing in mind; delivering a Peloton-like experience with a lower price of entry is the name of the game. Priced within roughly $100 of each other ($1,199 for MYX, and $1,039 for Echelon, not including delivery), the bikes take two very different paths at solving a similar problem. In the case of Echelon, more focus was put into the bike itself, whereas MYX opted to build a slightly more basic bike in order to maintain a more similar tech experience to that of Peloton. Of course there’s a bit of nuance to all of this, so we’re taking a bit of a deeper dive into this comparison to help steer you in the right direction. While both bikes will provide you with a great ride, one may be better suited for your personal goals and interests.


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Echelon EX3 Specs and Highlights

Black and Red Echelon workout bike.Rather than building in an oversized screen into their equipment, the Echelon EX3 takes advantage of existing tech in your home, providing a secure holder for your tablet or phone to display the Echelon Connect App on while riding—saving you significant cost in the process. The bike comes equipped with the option to use SPD clips on one side and cage clips on the other allowing riders to use cycling shoes or their own sneakers. The Echelon is affordable, easy to set up and caters to tech-savvy riders wanting to take advantage of training programs from the comfort of their own home. Some of the top features of this bike include:

  • Magnetic resistance
  • Rear flywheel and sleek color combination
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Live and pre-programmed workouts (paid monthly, or rolled into bike purchase, depending on option chosen)
  • Universal pedal design; comes equipped with caged pedals that also can be flipped for SPD compatible clips
  • Easy set-up and maneuverability
  • Easy to use app with many beginner friendly rides
  • Lightweight (105lbs)
  • Ability to choose your own display; can hold different sized tablets, phones, etc.

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MYX Fitness Bike Specs and Highlights

MYX fitness bike whiteThe MYX Fitness Bike itself isn’t as close in spec to the Peloton in some respects, but it’s also the only offering in the market to significantly undercut the price of the Peloton bike all while maintaining a large onboard touchscreen display. Much like the Echelon, MYX Fitness has their own proprietary training to stream along with, though its membership is cheaper than the competition ($29/month rather than $39).

Upon initial launch we had some concerns over the fact that MYX uses friction resistance rather than magnetic. As a general rule we always prefer magnetic resistance, given the option, but the combination of its belt drive and hefty 41-pound flywheel make the mix surprisingly smoother and quieter than we had originally anticipated. Even when pushing yourself at high resistance levels, the MYX avoids having that rough choppy feel often found in cheap and poorly made friction resistance exercise bikes.

One of the big selling points with the MYX Fitness Bike is the fact that MYX’s approach to training is much more personal. Rather than fighting the leaderboard and having to chase exact cadence and resistance, MYX lets you work at your own pace, providing metrics based on your heart rate above all else. Instructors in training classes will invite you to join them at a faster pace or at a higher resistance level, presenting the ride as being on the journey with you. This lies in stark contrast to other spin class models where you’re being energetically barked at to pick up the pace. This lets you stay more focused on your own goals, rather than fuelling that competitive spirit. This approach is clearly resonating with users, as MYX currently has a 98% retention rate of users who’ve purchased the MYX Fitness Bike.

Getting back to the bike itself, the MYX Fitness Bike is also one of very few with lateral adjustment available on its handlebars. Depending on your height and body type this can be quite handy for finding your perfect riding position. Some of the top features of this bike include:

  • Toe cages & SPD clips
  • 21.5” HD touch screen
  • Hundreds of different rides and workout options
  • Swivelling screen for off-bike workouts
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Great ergonomic adjustment
  • heavy 41-pound flywheel

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Which one is best for you?


MYX Fitness Bike Pros

·         Large built-in display

·         Personal goal focused

·         Great ergonomics

·         Cheaper subscription cost

·         Independent trainer/music volumes

Echelon Pros

·         Magnetic resistance

·         Bring-your-own tech design

·         SPD clip and cage pedal options

·         User friendly app and beginner rides

MYX Fitness Bike Cons

·         Friction resistance

·         New/startup brand

Echelon Cons

·         Older ergonomic setup

·         No built-in screen



Key Differences Between The Echelon EX3 and MYX Fitness Bike

In the case of these two bikes, though we’re talking about similar price points the experience is inherently a little different. First off, you’re linking up to an iPad or tablet to follow along with Echelon’s streaming training, so screen size varies significantly here. Next, the Echelon training model is much more like an off-brand Peloton. It’s a more traditional spin class model, you’re contending/competing with other Echelon users, and your big motivator aside from personal goes is to climb that leaderboard with every ride. The Echelon EX3 tracks your speed, resistance level, Watts output, distance, and cadence as you ride, so you’re being held accountable to the training session as well as your fellow riders. This can be seen as a plus for some, but also a bit burdensome for others if you’re having one of those days where you want to ride at your own pace. The other obvious variable is the difference between the magnetic resistance of the Echelon versus the friction resistance of the MYX Fitness Bike, however unless you’re a spin class veteran, it’s not an especially substantial difference.


Where The Echelon EX3 Leads

  • Both bikes are quiet to ride in terms of the flywheel but the Echelon EX3 delivers a slightly smoother ride when pushed to its limits.
  • The Echelon EX3, in contrast, feels more like a studio bike than the MYX, so those that are spin class regulars would be better off going that route.
  • By design, the Echelon EX3 delivers more metrics through which you can track your performance and progress. You’ll see resistance, cadence, speed, Watts, and heart rate, and you can use that information to see where and how you’re improving over time.

Where The MYX Fitness Bike Leads

  • The MYX Fitness bike gets the upper hand on account of its built-in display. It feels more “complete” than the Echelon on account of it, and even though the friction resistance puts up a couple of strikes against it, overall this makes us lean more to the MYX bike for those who are just starting out.
  • For the majority of entry level to intermediate indoor cyclists, the personal approach wins out over the competitive spirit of Echelon’s training mantra. Heart rate is key, so it’s a bit more of a ‘go at your own pace so long as your heart is pumping’.
  • One great feature only found in the MYX Fitness app is the ability to separately adjust background music and trainer volumes. Depending on your preference and how good your hearing is, this feature is surprisingly practical.

In Conclusion…

Breaking down both of these bikes the way that we have, the outcome is fairly simple, in our eyes. If you’re just getting started with indoor cycling and want the added push of a trainer in your own home, the MYX Fitness Bike will cover all of your bases in an affordable package. If you’re a more seasoned rider and used to taking spin classes in the gym, the Echelon will feel a bit more familiar, and less like a bit of a step down in terms of overall bike quality. The $10/month savings for the MYX bike is a nice perk, but it really comes down to your background and training priorities above all else.

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