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Save money (and your knees!) with a Bowflex Max Trainer coupon. We update this popular FitRated page to share exclusive Max Trainer coupons. Get a deal on your “Ultimate Full Body Trainer” and get excited about training! We also review some big benefits of these popular fitness machines. Rewards come quickly with Max Trainer exercise, even with mere 14-minute sessions. And in case you’re still deciding which Bowflex Max Trainer is best for you, we have reviews and comparisons of the three Max Trainers for 2018: the M3, M5 and M7.

Bowflex Max Trainers Best Prices

Know the deal! Bowflex Max Trainer discounts are common, so with a bit of patience (or if today’s your lucky day!) there’s no need to pay full price. In the Max Trainer reviews below, we
list full prices and common online sale prices along with links to exclusive discount pages.

Note: When following our Max Trainer coupon links, you’ll land on sale pages with coupons that reflect our readers’ discounts.

BowFlex M7: Top-of-the-Line Max Trainer

Burn about 600 calories in 30 minutes with this luxury fitness machine! The BowFlex M7 joined the Max Trainer series in 2016. From stainless steel pedals to enhanced handlebars, it leads the lineup in several ways. Choose this model for the best Max Trainer workout selection, the most choices for resistance (20), and the longest whole-machine warranty (three years). The M7 is the best Max Trainer for shared use too; it supports four user profiles while the others support just two.

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1) Highest Rated: Bowflex M7

Bowflex M5Rating:  (96.5%)

List Price: $2,199
Best Price: $1,949 with free shipping, with coupon link below

M7 Coupon: Get $250 Off +  Free Shipping (limited time only)

BowFlex M5: The Best Value Max Trainer

The BowFlex M5 is the best value for most shoppers. It costs significantly less than the M7, and it’s a big step up from the M3 in terms of programming. (The M3 has just one exercise program plus manual mode.) Here you get eight program choices including manual mode and a fitness test. Other key specs include 16 resistance levels, two user profiles and a two-year warranty for the entire machine.

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2) Best Value: Bowflex M5

Bowflex M5Rating:  (95.4%)

List Price: $1,599
Best Price: Only $1,449

M5 Coupon: Get $150 Off + Free Shipping (limited time only) by entering coupon code at checkout.

BowFlex M3: The Most Affordable Max Trainer

The M3 is the most affordable Max Trainer, and with a new factory-direct low price it goes for less than $1000. (Add about $150 though for pro assembly.) This classic model provides a Max Interval workout program that lets you burn hundreds of calories per session while being easy on your frame. Other key specs include 8 resistance levels, two user profiles and a one-year whole-machine warranty.

3.) Most Affordable: Bowflex M3

Bowflex M3Rating:  (82.2%)

List Price: $1,199
Best Price: $999

M3 Coupon: Get Free Shipping with coupon code (limited time only)

Why Choose a Bowflex Max Trainer?

What are Bowflex Max Trainers? And why do customer reviews glow with positivity? Here we summarize these unique fitness machines and some main benefits of training.

What are Bowflex Max Trainers?

Compared with traditional fitness machines, Max Trainers are often described as elliptical alternatives. Like elliptical machines, they have resistant pedals and moving handlebars. They’re remarkably more efficient than ellipticals though… and because they support intense training with zero harsh impact, they’re popular alternatives to treadmills for runners too. (If you’d prefer a Bowflex for super-efficient walking, then a TreadClimber is for you.) Max Trainers let you exercise especially vigorously without risk of stressing your joints.

Benefits of Bowflex Max Trainers

The elimination of harsh impact helps Max Trainers stand out as some of the world’s most efficient fitness machines. Because your body isn’t stressed or “distracted” by impact, it can train more intensely than usual — yet with less perceived effort! In addition to the joint-friendly exercise, here are some major benefits of choosing these machines for your cross training:

  • Timesaving is one major benefit. Bowflex is known for the revolutionary 14-minute workout. (The top model shown in the Max Trainer coupon section above, the M7, features a 7-minute workout too.) You can burn calories about 2.5 times more quickly than with an elliptical trainer, so short sessions pay off beautifully. Depending on your body size and effort, this could work out to 600 calories per half hour. With just a few sessions per week, you can see impressive results very quickly.
  • Compared with a standard elliptical a Max Trainer recruits your upper body more effectively. This helps explain the higher calorie burn. Plus, of course, it brings even better results in terms of lean muscle tone.
  • You’ll strengthen your heart and your lung capacity just as if you’d engaged in much longer workouts. The Max Interval workout provided on the M3 and other trainers is designed for high-speed training to help you build stamina and endurance.
  • Buyer’s confidence is yet another big benefit. These well-built fitness machines are sold with six-week money back guarantees.

Comparing Bowflex Max Trainers

Still unsure which Bowflex Max Trainer for 2018 is right for you? See the three choices side-by-side on our comparison chart. The Bowflex comparison chart page also links to any current Max Trainer coupons for coupons and other specials.

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