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Looking for a Waterproof Fitbit? Waterfi Can Help

If you want a waterproof Fitbit, you’ve probably come to find out that are only two options on the market: the smartwatch Fitbit Ionic and the slim wristband Flex 2. However, there is a company dedicated to providing waterproofing to some of the top tech: enter Waterfi.

Waterfi offers a range of waterproof products such as headphones and swimtrackers, but they also waterproof other devices, such as Amazon Kindles and Fitibit trackers.

Here are the Waterfi Fitbit devices available:


These are actual Fitbit fitness trackers that have been waterproofed. This means that you can swim and shower with them on without damaging the device. They are rated IPX8, or to 30 feet underwater.

How Does it Work?

Waterfi’s technology, called PlatinumX, provides a waterproof barrier that completely protects the devices from water, salt water, and chlorine. Their process goes far beyond nanocoatings and cases, both of which lack complete protection of all the devices’ vulnerable components.

Waterfi Fitbit devices do not look any different from non-waterproofed trackers, so you’ll still get the look of a regular Charge or Alta but it will be completely waterproofed.


What Do Reviewers Say?

Reviews of the Waterfi Charge 2 and Alta HR are positive. For most, these trackers work great for everyday activities. However, because they were not originally designed to be used in the water, they don’t do much to track swim activities. You’ll get tracking of activity during your swims and water activities (and steps during water aerobics), just not laps or strokes.

Waterfi offers a one year warranty on their Fitbits. This is the same length of warranty offered on devices through Fitbit, but you’ll be subject to Waterfi’s terms (the alteration of the device by Waterfi will nullify the original Fitbit warranty). Thus, you’ll want to make sure you are up to speed on what Waterfi does and does not cover.

One issue that you may see is in the altimeter, which is the sensor that tracks floors climbed. Waterfi’s process requires that the altimeter be sealed to be completely waterproofed. Therefore, there are inaccuracies in floor counting because of this. For most Waterfi owners, this isn’t a big deal (other stats are not affected), but for some this can be frustrating.


Our Verdict

You are looking at a $100+ price difference to pick up a Waterfi Fitbit. It still ends up being less expensive than the Fitbit Ionic, but it is still pretty spendy. For some, this works out fine as they would rather have a slimmer fitness tracker than a large smartwatch anyway. The Charge 2 is one of the most popular fitness trackers in the world, but plenty of people held off on buying one because of the lack of water resistance. Waterfi solves that problem (for a price). We haven’t tried these out just yet, but they definitely seem worth the money.

Shop for the Waterfi Charge 2 here, or check out the Waterfi Alta HR here.


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    C can I get my Fitbit Alta HR waterproof why this company why waterfi

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