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How To Properly Take A Training Break

As you go about your workout routine, one thing that must be in place from time to time is a properly formed training break.

Many people who are excited to get going with their program very often overlook the importance of having a training break coordinated in and often feel that taking one will just move them backwards rather than forwards.

This isn’t the case at all.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to see success from your workouts, a training break is going to be a must.

Let’s look at why a training break is necessary and how to properly add one into your workout routine.

Why Take A Training Break

The very first thing you need to get straight is why you should be taking a training break in the first place.

Training breaks are not only important from a psychological point of view, but they’re going to allow your body to really play catch-up while you take that extended period for recovery.

Very often despite the fact that you are allowing for rest days in your program, your body will still not be fully recovering as it should.

As time passes on, this lack of recovery could put you on the verge of overtraining. A full training break where you step away from the gym for at least a week is a very fast way to prevent this.

You’ll give the body that extra time it needs to go into deep recovery, making sure you’re coming back feeling fresher than ever.

Training breaks are also important to reduce the stress on the joints every so often, so you don’t wind up with nagging injuries that plague you over time.

Adding A Training Break In Effectively

So now that you can see why you should be taking a training break, how do you add this into your program?

The ideal time frame for a training break will be five days off every 8-12 weeks of consistent training. You’ll have to judge for yourself exactly how long you can go before you’re in need of time off, so look at your own recovery ability and how you’re feeling.

The sad fact of the matter though is that many people don’t have a good gauge of their own rates of recovery and this leads them to take training breaks far less frequently than they should.

If this describes you and you feel as though you could workout for weeks on end without breaking, then you’re going to have to just schedule one in whether you feel you need it or not. Do not underestimate the importance of the training break. It will help you progress faster, even if you feel like you’re fine as is.

When you’re taking that week away from the gym, fight the urge to dramatically cut back on your calorie intake.

Many people will do this as they fear without all that training they’re going to be in for some serious weight gain.

It’s imperative that you do keep your calorie intake up however as this is what will supply the necessary fuel for your body to recover.

Eat as normal and stay out of the gym. It’s only five days and when you get back into the gym, you’ll find that you’ve actually likely become stronger, not weaker.

So there you have the main points to remember about how to take a training break. Make sure that you don’t miss out on what this training process has to offer.


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