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How To Avoid Cramps During Your Workout Session

If you’re a big cardio fanatic and have been diligent about getting your workouts in, you’re likely seeing the progress that goes along with such regular effect.

Still, as you go about your regular sessions, one thing that you might find yourself having to deal with at some point or another is the formation of stomach cramps.

Nothing can take you out of your workout faster than a stabbing pain in the side, so learning how to avoid these as best as possible will definitely be to your best interest.

Let’s look at a few of the top things that you can do to ensure that stomach cramps aren’t going to be bringing you down any time soon.

Drink Well Before The Workout

The very first and probably most important thing that you must do to avoid cramping during a workout is to make sure that you are drinking well before the workout is to occur.  Drink 8-10 ounces of fluid so that you are well hydrated but be sure to consume it at least an hour before you head to the gym for your run, bike, or elliptical session.

If you drink that much fluid shortly before going, it’s going to be sloshing around in your system and the chances of cramping will be that much greater.

It definitely is important that you get the fluid in, so don’t underestimate that, but just be sure that you’re timing it correctly.

Build Intensity Slowly

The second quick tip to help ensure that you are not going to be suffering from stomach cramps any time soon is to make sure that you’re building up your intensity slowly.

Don’t start off into a full sprint session or that could dramatically increase the chances that you suffer from stomach cramps as well.

Build slowly, making sure that you are doing a good five minute warm-up.  This will allow your body to adapt to the increased intensity and prepare itself fully.

Remember To Breath

Finally, last but not least, make sure that you are monitoring your breathing. Far too many people have a strong tendency to hold their breath as they go about their workout program and this will just make things that much worse.

Keep your breathing regular the entire time throughout your cardio workout, making sure to take deep breaths in and out, so that side cramps don’t develop.

If you can keep these quick tips in mind as you go about your workout session, you should go a long way towards reducing the occurrence of side or stomach cramps. If you do find that you’re starting to feel one coming on, stop the exercise and pinch gently where the cramp is located. Take a number of very deep breaths slowly and many people will find that this causes the cramp to dissipate so that they can continue on with their session.

Be smart as you train and you can put this problem behind you.

For further information on proper hydration, please see this article.

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