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Cize by Beachbody Review

Quick Summary

Cize is a four-week hiphop dance exercise program from Beachbody, a company that’s produced home exercise videos for nearly 20 years. This high-energy fitness program makes exercisers feel somewhat like pro dancers in a music video. It’s led by personal trainer Shaun T, who teaches impressive choreographed dance routines for cardio endurance, core strengthening and total-body toning. The soundtrack includes songs originally recorded by Bruno Mars, Destiny’s Child and other popular artists. Read on for a full review of Beachbody Cize with Shaun T.


Program Cize by Beachbody

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Skill Level All Levels
Program Duration 4-Weeks
Workout Style Variety
Benefits Variety

Rating: 74%

Our Rating

Rating: 74/100. We rate this program quite high as we feel there are a number of great features it offers, however it doesn’t pass the 80% mark as there are some drawbacks that you do need to be aware of.

This Beachbody dance exercise series is designed to help you learn a variety of different hip-hop moves to some of today’s hottest music. You’re going to get your groove on to Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, and many others who are coming out with hot tracks right now. The workouts themselves are performed in front of you by the Beachbody super star Shaun T (Shaun Thompson), who is also a personal trainer for many different celebrities. Shaun has worked as a back up dancer for the likes of Mariah Carey, so you can rest assured he knows his stuff.  He’s also had endorsement deals with Nike and other brands, so he’s a common household name at this point.

The Cize exercise series is designed to help people get up, get moving and stop thinking about the fact they are exercising. The primary purpose of the workouts are to simply have fun. To forget that you are burning calories and focus on how good the movement feels. Because you are up and dancing, you’re going to be working all the major muscle groups and burning up fat a the same time.

The Cize program comes with DVD’s as well as videos that you can stream online. You’ll also get Eat Up! meal plans that, should you choose to use them while you do the program, will help deliver you even better results. Because diet is half the equation in any body transformation, you’ll definitely want to check these out. Especially considering they are included as part of the program.

The workout also comes with two specific workouts just focused on the abdominal core, so if getting six pack abs is one of your goals, just turn to these a few times each week.

Right now, you can get the entire Cize DVD program for about $75 including shipping fees. Or, stream online with a subscription. Your choice.

So what are the pros and cons? Our Cize workout review would not be complete without them.


  • Helps You Enjoy Exercise Again: Feel like you dread your workouts? If so, this plan is for you. One of the highlights most people state of this program is the fact that it doesn’t even feel like you’re doing a workout. Instead, you’re just going about your sessions, feeling great as you do. This is huge for people who dislike fitness. If it can get you engaged and sticking with it, you’ll be seeing better results than ever before.
  • Build Strength: Doing these workouts will also help you build strength. Because you are supporting your bodyweight as you do all the dance moves, they’re great for building up your lower body and may also help to increase bone density as well. That’s a huge plus for anyone hoping to improve their health.
  • Burns Fat: You can torch a lot of calories dancing so don’t underestimate this. The more you move it and put into this dance class, the more you burn. So let yourself go. Dance like no one’s watching.
  • Learn A New Skill: Most people don’t know how to hip hop dance, so this is another huge benefit this class provides. It’ll teach you a new skill and if you ever do go out dancing, be prepared to be the star of the show.
  • Equipment Free: You won’t need any equipment when you op for Cize workouts. This plan is equipment free, so perfect for those who just want to do it at home in their living room.
  • Two Delivery Options: With Cize workouts, you get two deliver options: DVD and streamed online video. Whichever your preference happens to be, this program can cater to it.
  • Meal Plans Included: It’s always important to take nutrition into account and Cize has done that. You’ll get not one, but two diet plans included, making this a very well rounded approach.
  • Online Support: If you need help quickly, just contact BeachBody’s online support. It’s there when you need it.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied with your Cize purchase, no problem. This plan offers a 30 day money back guarantee for the DVD’s and a 14 day money back guarantee for online subscriptions. This makes it ideal for anyone who is feeling a little uncertain but does want to give it a try.


  • Advanced Moves: First, some people complain that these workouts are just too challenging. They are fast paced dance classes and if you have never danced before, you may find that you get lost in the steps. If you push through it you should be able to learn, but some beginners may complain of this.
  • Music Selection: Not everyone is going to love the music being used in these classes and many of the songs are not originals done by the actual artists, but remakes by other people. So keep that in mind.
  • DVD playback problems: The most common reason for returns with this problem are DVD playback problems. There is always that risk when you purchase a physical product, so you might consider going the streaming route instead.
  • No overload with resistance: Finally, there won’t be any sort of overload with resistance in this program plan, so that’s another thing to keep in mind. If one of your main goals is to build muscle, this plan isn’t going to help you achieve that.


Cize is a dance exercise video program for at-home fitness. The workout sessions are led by Shaun T, a celebrity personal trainer who also leads the Beachbody Insanity and Hip Hop Abs series plus many other video workouts. He has been a guest on Ellen and The Oprah Winfrey Show among other popular talk shows. Coached by Shaun T with his Cize videos, most people focus on mastering their dance moves… not on how much exercise time is remaining.

How it Works

Cize dance workout videos are sold on DVD and can also be streamed over WiFi to your computer, mobile device or TV. The celebrity personal trainer Shaun T leads viewers through impressive dance routines, carefully breaking down each move for easy learning.

The DVDs are shipped with a Beachbody nutritional guide called Eat Up! that provides recipes and explains how to portion your daily calorie needs for the best fitness results.

Many Cize users take part in Cize groups online, where they find fitness tips and get questions answered. People also join in-person “Cize support groups” for extra motivation and to experience the dance exercise videos with friends old and new.

Cize Workouts

Cize is a four-week hip hop dance exercise program available on DVDs and online. All the workouts are led by the celebrity personal trainer Shaun T with backup from a dance/exercise crew. Most Cize workouts are about 35 to 40 minutes long, and each video begins with Shaun teaching a breakdown of dance exercise moves. By the end of a workout, you can fit the moves into a seamless dance routine set to a popular song.

Here are the main Cize workout videos with their featured songs and the original artists:

  • Crazy 8s – Hands In the Air (Timbaland)
  • You Got This – Treasure (Bruno Mars)
  • Full Out – Lose My Breath (Destiny’s Child)
  • In the Pocket – Problem (Ariana Grande)
  • Go For It – Pass That Dutch (Missy Elliott)
  • Livin’ In the 8s – Chandelier (Sia)

A bonus workout packaged with the Cize DVD set is 8-Count Abs, Shaun T’s eight-minute abdominal exercise routine. This video also involves dance exercise. It uses the song Headsprung, which was originally recorded by LL Cool J.

Cize Pricing

Beachbody sells the Cize DVD set for just under $75. The first payment is $32.90, which includes $19.95 as the first payment plus $12.95 for shipping. If you choose to keep the Cize program, then you’ll be charged another $19.95 thirty days later and sixty days later. The total is $72.80. The purchase includes online access to the program; you can stream Cize videos to your computer, mobile device or TV.

Alternatively you can skip the DVDs and get an online subscription to Beachbody. Beachbody On Demand lets you stream Cize and hundreds of other exercise videos (and cooking videos) anytime. A sixth-month subscription to Beachbody On Demand costs less than the whole Cize exercise program.


Shaun T and Cize are popular for good reasons. A big part of success with at-home fitness is liking the instructor and feeling motivated… so Cize is a recipe for success by combining Shaun’s coaching, choreography skills and personality with popular and energizing music. We also like how Beachbody provides two different Cize workout calendars (Beginner and Advanced).

One possible drawback is that Cize workouts are all high-intensity. Another possible drawback is price per day. If you make home exercise a habit, then in the long run it might be cheaper to subscribe to streaming fitness videos by Beachbody On Demand or a similar company.

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  • Cindy Hill February 17, 2019 at 7:22 am from Princeton, WV
    I've used the cide video just once so far since I received it. I think it's amazing. I can feel a difference in all muscle groups. Shaun T is a life saver

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