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Cize by Beachbody Review

Quick Summary

Cize is a four-week hiphop dance exercise program from Beachbody, a company that’s produced home exercise videos for nearly 20 years. This high-energy fitness program makes exercisers feel somewhat like pro dancers in a music video. It’s led by personal trainer Shaun T, who teaches impressive choreographed dance routines for cardio endurance, core strengthening and total-body toning. The soundtrack includes songs originally recorded by Bruno Mars, Destiny’s Child and other popular artists. Read on for a full review of Beachbody Cize with Shaun T.


Program Cize by Beachbody

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Skill LevelAll Levels
Program Duration4-Weeks
Workout StyleVariety

Rating: 74%

Our Rating

Rating: 74/100. Cize is a Beachbody dance exercise series that teaches hip hop routines set to songs originally recorded by Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars and other popular hip hop artists. All the video workouts are led by the celebrity personal trainer Shaun T (Shaun Thompson), whose formal education includes earning a bachelor’s in sports science and a minor in theater and dance. Shaun T has worked as a backup dancer for Mariah Carey, has been a guest on popular TV shows, and has endorsement contracts with Nike and other brands.

Overall this unique home workout series lets you have fun and feel like a pro dancer as you quickly burn calories and tone all your major muscle groups.

If you buy the Cize program on DVDs, you’ll also be able to stream Cize videos online. Two workout calendars and the Eat Up! meal plan are included. Additionally you’ll receive a bonus DVD with a Shaun T hip hop workout focused on the abdominals. The Cize DVD program set sells for about $75 including shipping and handling.

Another option is to watch Cize and other Beachbody videos online without buying the DVDs. You can do so with a subscription to Beachbody On Demand. Their website explains how you can stream the fitness videos to your TV.

  • Makes exercise fun. The Cize workout series has a clever tagline: “The End of Exercize.” By this Shaun T means that exercise no longer feels like a chore; dance makes it fun.
  • Burns fat and builds strength. Cize dance exercise is choreographed to help you burn calories quickly from the start. The workouts also focus on strengthening your arms, legs and core — so with each workout your muscles improve and can burn fat more efficiently 24/7.
  • You’ll learn to dance hip hop. While getting fit you’ll learn professionally choreographed dance moves and will improve your rhythm. This can help you feel more confident on dancefloors in general.
  • No special equipment needed. Shaun T coaches you for cardio and strength training without any special exercise equipment.
  • Includes two workout calendars. Choose from two Cize calendars: Beginner and Advanced. The Advanced Calendar features Shaun T’s favored Cize workout schedule. It specifies which workouts to complete each day. The Beginner Calendar helps you move at a slower, more personalized pace.
  • Available on DVD and streamed online. If you buy Beachbody Cize DVDs you’ll get online access to the videos too. You can also get the Cize program as part of a subscription to Beachbody On Demand. Beachbody On Demand lets you stream hundreds of workouts in different styles and fitness goal categories.
  • Bonuses. With purchase of Cize DVDs you’ll get a bonus workout DVD called 8 Count Abs Workout. Also included with purchase are workout calendars and a meal plan with recipes.
  • Online support. Each purchase of Cize includes access to Team Beachbody, an online forum for 24/7 support and advice from weight loss experts and other Cize fans.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Beachbody fitness DVDs are returnable for refunds minus shipping and handling. For Cize DVDs the refund is available within 30 days of receipt. If you choose a digital subscription to Beachbody instead, you’ll get a 14-day trial of Cize and the whole Beachbody On Demand library.


  • High intensity. Beginner and Advanced Cize workout calendars are provided with the DVDs. Still, for some people this form of dance exercise is too strenuous. It’s always wise to get a medical checkup before starting an exercise program.
  • Songs are tributes, not originals. Songs on Beachbody DVDs usually aren’t performed by the original artists.
  • DVD playback problems. The best home workout option with Cize seems to be streaming the videos with WiFi. Customer reviews report that Cize DVDs sometimes fail to play, possibly because of how they are packaged. But when the videos play, most customers are happy with their purchase.


Cize is a dance exercise video program for at-home fitness. The workout sessions are led by Shaun T, a celebrity personal trainer who also leads the Beachbody Insanity and Hip Hop Abs series plus many other video workouts. He has been a guest on Ellen and The Oprah Winfrey Show among other popular talk shows. Coached by Shaun T with his Cize videos, most people focus on mastering their dance moves… not on how much exercise time is remaining.

How it Works

Cize dance workout videos are sold on DVD and can also be streamed over WiFi to your computer, mobile device or TV. The celebrity personal trainer Shaun T leads viewers through impressive dance routines, carefully breaking down each move for easy learning.

The DVDs are shipped with a Beachbody nutritional guide called Eat Up! that provides recipes and explains how to portion your daily calorie needs for the best fitness results.

Many Cize users take part in Cize groups online, where they find fitness tips and get questions answered. People also join in-person “Cize support groups” for extra motivation and to experience the dance exercise videos with friends old and new.

Cize Workouts

Cize is a four-week hip hop dance exercise program available on DVDs and online. All the workouts are led by the celebrity personal trainer Shaun T with backup from a dance/exercise crew. Most Cize workouts are about 35 to 40 minutes long, and each video begins with Shaun teaching a breakdown of dance exercise moves. By the end of a workout, you can fit the moves into a seamless dance routine set to a popular song.

Here are the main Cize workout videos with their featured songs and the original artists:

  • Crazy 8s – Hands In the Air (Timbaland)
  • You Got This – Treasure (Bruno Mars)
  • Full Out – Lose My Breath (Destiny’s Child)
  • In the Pocket – Problem (Ariana Grande)
  • Go For It – Pass That Dutch (Missy Elliott)
  • Livin’ In the 8s – Chandelier (Sia)

A bonus workout packaged with the Cize DVD set is 8-Count Abs, Shaun T’s eight-minute abdominal exercise routine. This video also involves dance exercise. It uses the song Headsprung, which was originally recorded by LL Cool J.

Cize Pricing

Beachbody sells the Cize DVD set for just under $75. The first payment is $32.90, which includes $19.95 as the first payment plus $12.95 for shipping. If you choose to keep the Cize program, then you’ll be charged another $19.95 thirty days later and sixty days later. The total is $72.80. The purchase includes online access to the program; you can stream Cize videos to your computer, mobile device or TV.

Alternatively you can skip the DVDs and get an online subscription to Beachbody. Beachbody On Demand lets you stream Cize and hundreds of other exercise videos (and cooking videos) anytime. A sixth-month subscription to Beachbody On Demand costs less than the whole Cize exercise program.


Shaun T and Cize are popular for good reasons. A big part of success with at-home fitness is liking the instructor and feeling motivated… so Cize is a recipe for success by combining Shaun’s coaching, choreography skills and personality with popular and energizing music. We also like how Beachbody provides two different Cize workout calendars (Beginner and Advanced).

One possible drawback is that Cize workouts are all high-intensity. Another possible drawback is price per day. If you make home exercise a habit, then in the long run it might be cheaper to subscribe to streaming fitness videos by Beachbody On Demand or a similar company.