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ProForm Rip:60 Review

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ProForm Rip:60 is an eight-week suspension training program taught via twelve DVDs. Much of the program is based on you using your own body weight and resistance to help you gain core strength and lose weight as well as increase coordination, flexibility and balance with the use of a strap and pulley system. Rip:60 equipment uses a rotational design and workouts are divided into intervals using calisthenic techniques throughout. Each DVD represents a week of the same workout and progresses in difficulty up to the eighth week. The first four weeks focus on building strength while the last four on overall power. There are four additional DVDs—great for extending the eight-week plan—dedicated to running, power yoga, MMA training with Georges St-Pierre and a total body workout with trainer Jillian Michaels. A nutrition guide with recipes is incorporated into the eight-week program as is an exercise chart for your wall with specific exercises created by certified personal trainers. The chart is a good visual that you can follow at your own pace. A nylon bag is also included to easily take your Rip:60 on the road.


Model ProForm Rip:60

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300 lbs

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- CDs
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90-Day Limited Warranty

Rating: 78.6%

Our Rating

Rating: 78.6/100. Rip:60 is an eight-week suspension training program that also integrates some kettle bell, weights and calisthenics. The kettle bell and the weights are not included with purchase. You begin by draping the nylon suspension cords firmly over the door. If you have an option to attach to ceiling or bar that also works and might be better since, at times, the position of the door can be limiting to the workout.  You will need to place a towel in between the door and nylon so that you do not scratch your door. The nylon cords are strong, but with time will wear out from use.

Each DVD represents one week of exercises and in that particular week you do the same exercises each day. Each training session incorporates a warm-up and cool-down. The difficulty of exercises increases each week, so as you progress, elements like a kettle bell, burpees and weights or other exercises are added in intervals to give you a full body workout.

The exercises are simple, which is good for newcomers, but whatever your level of fitness you can add reps and moves to challenge your own strength and agility.

The nutritional guide gives information and recipes to include in the eight-week training, if you want.


  • Videos demonstrate how to use Rip:60 and different exercises.
  • The workouts are progressive; building on difficulty each week.
  • Sturdy straps
  • Nutritional guide
  • Easy to use for travel


  • Hangs from door – most homes don’t have something to attach from overhead so easiest solution is the door, but place a towel in between so you don’t scratch your door.
  • Kettle Bell and weights are not included with the program even though they are a part of it. You’ll need to purchase separately.


Do you need to change up your workout routine but aren’t sure how to go about it? The Rip:60 may just solve your dilemma. It’s an eight-week suspension workout program that comes with its own nutrition guide and gives a full body workout. Endorsed by Jillian Michaels and created by personal trainer Jeremy Strom, the first week starts with simple movements that build up to power moves by week eight. The main equipment is your own body weight alongside the super compact aluminum bracket, nylon straps, door cover and ankle straps, which can all fit in a travel bag that comes as part of Rip:60. This means if you should have to travel for work or pleasure you can always take it with you.  It’s an effective program for all levels of fitness.

Home Gym Workouts

Rip:60 comes with 12 workout videos, eight are used for the training programs and four are bonus workouts, one offers power yoga, one offers training for runners, one features well-known trainer Jillian Michaels and the other features MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre. The eight-week program is a progressive build-up—each DVD represents one week of the program. You work out for six days with one day of rest, and for those six days you repeat the exact same exercises each day. The workout is a mix of the suspension trainer and calisthenics (burpees, etc.). Each week the exercises get progressively more difficult. In stage 1 (weeks 1-3), you learn movement patterns and add volume week by week. Stage 2 (week 4) is about recovery with power yoga and Tai chi. In stage 3 (weeks 5-8) you build on power and strength.

Both the Jillian Michaels and MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre DVDs offer high-intensity fat-shredding lean muscle workouts.

ProForm Rip:60 Features

12 workout DVDs: An eight-week progressive workout program. The first four weeks focus on strength and endurance and the final four on power. Four additional DVDs can be used to extend the program.

Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

8-week Nutrition Guide: Recipes to use while following the workout plan.

Exercise Guide:  A wall chart that provides instruction by a certified trainer.

Nylon Travel Bag: Carries your rip:60 – on the go.

Warranty & Guarantee

90 day limited warranty


The Rip:60 eight week program is effective in and of itself, and once it’s over you can still mix it up and integrate it into your workout routine on a regular basis. Eight weeks gets you on the right track to safely build your strength and agility step-by-step.

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