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Bluephonic Wavebeat Wireless Earbuds Review

I have put off buying wireless earbuds for a long time because I hate how expensive they are. There are plenty of less expensive models available on Amazon, but most don’t have great reviews. I assumed that you have to pay more to get wireless earbuds that have good sound quality and durability. So, when I got my pair of the affordable Wavebeat earbuds from Bluephonic, I was a bit skeptical.

I ended up really liking them for everyday use, but not for working out.BluePhonic Wavebeat


The Wavebeats look odd – they come with wing-shaped ear hooks that are supposed to help the earbuds stay in your ear. They are removable, and I removed them right away because I found them to be super uncomfortable. I also had to change out the earcaps but one of the sets included in the box fit fine. The earcaps are comfortable and fit well.

Using these earbuds at work all day was great. They fit well, have a great sound quality, and the battery lasts all day. The earbuds are magnetic so they stick together when I put them around my neck. This feature is really awesome for walking and hiking – I never worried about losing them.

The controls are near the right earbud, which actually is a good place for them. It’s easy enough to feel for the button you need – volume up or down, or the middle button for power and connection.

One issue I had with my earbuds, though, is the insert/cover of the charging port. It doesn’t fit well or stay covered. This isn’t a huge deal, but it is a bit annoying.See Best Price

Sound Quality

I was so impressed by the sound quality of the Wavebeats. They have great noise cancellation and music is crisp and clear. Adjusting the sound level is easy, but one thing I don’t like is the loud beep that happens when you reach max or min volume. It’s super loud and annoying, and doesn’t seem necessary to me. A few times I have forgotten that I had it up all the way on the earbuds and not my phone, so I hit the volume up button, only to have the loud “BEEP!” in my ear.

Using the Wavebeats

As I mentioned, I love these earbuds for work and home. Unfortunately, they don’t work great for me for working out.

I took the Wavebeats on a trail run the other day. They stayed in fine when I walked, but immediately popped out as soon as I picked up the pace. Perhaps using the hooks would help, but they are way too uncomfortable for me.

The Wavebeats are sweat- and splash-proof, so I do think I’ll use them for hikes (but not runs).


If you are looking for a good pair or wireless earbuds that will work with nearly any device, have great sound quality, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Bluephonic Wavebeats are an excellent buy. If you don’t hate the ear hooks, they may even be a good option for working out.

Here’s an overview of my verdict:

Wavebeat Pros:

  • Long battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable earcups
  • Affordable

Wavebeat Cons:

  • Some design flaws
  • Not good for running
  • Annoying beeps when max volume reached

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