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Best Gym Flooring

It’s probably the last thing considered when planning a home gym, but finding the best gym flooring is the first thing one remembers once they start moving equipment about. Irrespective of the area’s size, exercise floor mats are an absolute must. Whether interlocking rubber floor tiles, or simply garage gym flooring, these units prevent equipment and feet from slipping around. The material also prevents damage to the floor itself which, even if concrete, can easily become damaged by even one dropped dumbbell.

The biggest consideration here is of course planned usage, as a home gym dedicated to yoga and cardio equipment will present different flooring needs than a bench press loaded with Olympic plates. The decision of rubber floor tiles, interlocking puzzle-style pieces, or a simply one-piece exercise mat, should take into consideration the material in question, thickness, and size.

Below are our picks for the best gym flooring based on the different types of exercises one might be planning.



Best Overall


American Floor Mats

Rating: 91%

Our Top Five Recommendations for Gym Flooring





Color Options



Best Size Options
American Floor Mats


1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

8 Color Options

Best Design
Gorilla Mats

High-density Eva Foam


Black Or Gray

Best Interlocking
Epic Fitness

High-density Eva Foam




High-density Eva Foam


Six Combinations Of Black, Blue, And Gray

The Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

High-density Eva Foam



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Good Flooring Matters

It’s a key consideration for lots of reasons. Right off the bat, no one wants to get down on the ground and get sweaty in dirt. One of the reasons the best gym flooring is made of some kind of rubber or foam is it’s easy to keep clean. Whether for use in a garage gym with squat cages, or atop carpet inside, it’s just so much easier to wipe down mats. Whether interlocking or individual pieces, these floor tiles can typically be moved if a sweeping or vacuuming is required.

From a physical perspective, keep in mind how hard the ground really is. This is particularly true if any kind of floor work is to be involved. The best gym flooring provides shock absorption for the body, as well as the machine itself. This absorption power also protects the concrete or wood from the rocking of equipment, or a falling plate. The value of interlocking mats is that individual units are small and compact and fit together into a very tight pattern. To that extent, they do provide better shock absorption than larger units. The downside of course is that they’re tough to assemble sometimes.

But the good news is a wide variety of mats are out on the market, and regardless the size of the gym, or the activity to be performed, the best gym flooring can be found easily enough and is in fact quite affordable.

1. American Floor Mats

Available in eight different color patterns, the American Floor Mats product is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2-, to 3/4-inch. Made from a commercial-grade rubber, the mats feature a textured surface for better connectivity to the ground.

Designed to be odor-free, the American Floor Mats are built to withstand use without curling up. These mats do not connect together, rather they can be lined up one next to the other. Shaped as rectangles, the mats are available in 3- x 4-feet, 4- x 6-feet, 4- x 7-feet, 4- x 8-feet, and 4- x 10-feet.


Great color options
Multiple size options


No interlocking feature

2. Gorilla Mats

Made from an eco-friendly, non-toxic foam, the Gorilla Mats are available in either black or gray coloring. At 1/4-inch thick, the mats measure 10- x 4-feet and sport an upgraded double-sided design with a Gorilla log. The bottom of the mats have a non-slip, textured design.

Odor-free, the mats come with a lifetime warranty and purchase includes a towel, carry bag. The mats do not lock together, so larger areas will require multiple purchases.



Unique design
Eco-friendly material
Lifetime warranty


Don't lock together
Only one thickness

3. Epic Fitness

Made from a High-Density EVA foam, the Epic Fitness gym floor covering measures 1/2-inch thick and comes in 24- x 24-inch squares. Designed with an interlocking system, like puzzle pieces, the squares are black. Six tiles will cover approximately 24 feet.

The interlocked feature presents a secure grip and polished look. The Epic Fitness tiles are made from non-toxic materials and can be washed with simple soap and water. The interlocking design is created to better absorb shock, such as dropped items and jumping feet.



Interlocking feature
Greater shock absorption


Requires assembly
Limited color options

4. Innhom

The interlocking Innhom mats are constructed from a High-Density EVA foam and measure 0.4-inch in thickness. With six color combinations of black, blue, and gray, the mats measure 23.6- x 23.6 inches each. Each package contains six black and six gray (or different color combinations) and covers approximately 46 square feet.

With a non-slip surface, the tiles lock together like puzzle pieces and clean easily with soap and water. The interlocking feature helps dampen vibration. The foam is made of non-toxic materials, and is free from formamide, formaldehyde, lead, BPA, latex, and phthalates.



Interlocking feature
Unique color pattern
Great shock absorption


Assembly required

5. The Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

The Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat is comes as in multiple sizes with a “Large” measuring 90.55- x 39.37-inches, 0.16-inch thick. Manufactured from a High-Density EVA foam, the black mat is one piece, with a non-slip surface.

Also available in “Medium” and “Small,” the mats respectively measure 35.43- x 67.7-inches and 23.62- x 51.18-inches. Designed to support individual machines as well as general exercise, the mat is great for bikes and ellipticals, and absorbs vibration well. Water-proof, it wipes clean easily.



Multiple sizes
Great for individual machines


No interlocking feature
Limited colors