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Studio Go App Review

One of the biggest struggles my personal training clients face is getting bored with their exercise routines. If a typical day in the gym for you consists of a jog on the treadmill and a round of weight machines with no real plan, the Studio Go app could be the tool you’ve been looking for to mix things up. A boutique fitness studio right in your pocket, it provides expert-led classes including treadmill, cycling, boxing, strength, yoga, rowing, and stretching.


Studio Go combines New York City’s best instructors with your favorite music and the variety that makes each workout new and exciting. Even if you never leave the house, you can enjoy the sense of accountability through interaction with the Studio Go community Leaderboard, and each workout gives you the opportunity to earn Fitcoin to use for prizes.


If you like the idea of group fitness but have a tight schedule or are hesitant to enter that kind of environment, Studio Go gives you all the benefits on your own schedule. The instructors are detailed and tell you exactly what to do every step of the way. Best of all, with new classes added every day, you never have to repeat a routine.


After your one-week free trial, you have four payment options, the least committed being a one-month subscription for $14.99. Other options include:


  • $39.99 (3 months)
  • $99.99 (1 year)
  • $119.99 (Studio Unlimited Classes)


Studio Go offers a wide array of classes to accommodate everyone from beginners to experienced athletes. Progressive programming allows you to make small improvements with each workout to meet your fitness goals.


What You Need To Know

  • Enjoy a one-week free trial, and then select a subscription starting at $14.99 for one month of access.
  • Wide array of exercise programming keeps your routine exciting.
  • Popular, upbeat music included with each workout.
  • Enjoy interaction with an active community through Tribes.
  • The ability to earn Fitcoin with every workout provides incentive to go further, faster, and stronger.

Video Review


Getting Started — What Equipment Do You Need?

When you download Studio Go, it just takes a few seconds to get started. The app automatically generated my username, and it designated my date of birth as August 15, 1992. While it’s understandable you may be ready to get started on that first workout, it’s worth it to take the time to enter your correct personal information.


You’re able to select any workout you want, but the app does create a plan based on your general goals. If you’re not a fan of apps that ask a bunch of questions to generate programming, you’ll appreciate that all you have to do is select one of the following options to get your plan set up:


When you do a workout, the coaching is detailed and clear, and you get multiple vantage points to make sure you know exactly what to do. Within the different exercise categories, you can filter some classes, but there is no option to search a particular workout or workout type. If you find a class or program you want to revisit, make sure you bookmark it so you don’t have to scroll around later. There are many issues with the app crashing if you make rapid commands like scrolling too quickly, so keep this in mind as you explore your options.


Depending on the exercise category, there are different pieces of equipment you’ll want to have access to in order to make the most of the Studio Go app. At a bare minimum, hand weights and a mat will open up many options, but there are bodyweight-only classes available.


Some classes like boxing may incorporate equipment like a punching bag and gloves, but you can always do shadowboxing instead. Other classes do require the use of special equipment. Rowing, cycling, and treadmill exercises, for example, require access to a rowing machine, bike, or treadmill.

Studio Go App

What to Expect From a Studio Go Workout

Studio Go is straightforward and to-the-point. When you open the app for a workout, you’ll hit the “Workout” icon at the bottom center of the screen. From here, you have three options:


  1. Classes- Explore all workout classes available categorized into 10 workout types. It’s also here where you can access your bookmarked classes.
  2. Programs- Programs are combinations of classes that create progressive regimens. This takes some of the guesswork out of exercise selection as Programs are designed to build upon your strength and endurance with each workout.
  3. Schedule- Your schedule is the plan Studio Go assigns when you first setup the app. Not only does it tell you what workouts to do, but it also assigns days off. In my case, for the first two weeks, there were no days off. I got two days off the third week followed by no days off for weeks four and five. Weeks six and seven assigned three days off each. My initial scheduled went from August 16-September 30.


No matter which of the three options you use, each introduce you to instructors of various practice specialties that guide you through intensive classes that’ll teach you everything you need to know to improve form and style. As you explore your options, you receive helpful guidance. Icons on each program tell you what you need in terms of equipment like hand weights and whether they should be light, heavy, or medium. None indicate the need for a mat, so it’s a good idea to have one handy as they’re often needed for stretching.


With each workout, you earn Fitcoin, and there are two ways to earn. By connecting your heart rate monitor or Apple Watch, Studio Go examines your intensity based on your beats per minute. This method allows you to compete on the Leaderboard and gives you more ways to earn. Those who achieve 80-90% of their maximum heart rate earn more. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, you can run unranked and earn Fitcoin based on time.


Studio Go Workout Types

Studio Go sets itself apart from the competition in its provision of a wide array of workout types. There are new classes uploaded every day all organized into 10 categories.

Studio Go activities


Studio Go Boxing sessions combine HIIT and MetCon training styles to provide a well-rounded sweat session that incorporates anaerobic and aerobic movements. Expect both strength and cardio training during a Studio Go Boxing session.


A boxing bag and gloves are helpful, but all movements can be done shadowboxing-style. If you don’t have a lot of experience, you can start with the Intro to Boxing course and work your way through various programs. The boxing classes are categorized to help you incorporate full-body training. Abs, legs, upper body, cardio, and full body sculpt sessions are all mapped out for you.



You’ll need a stationary bike to participate in the cycling category of exercises. If you don’t have one, I’d recommend using the app in the gym and trying out some of the many options available. If you enjoy the classes, and low-impact cardio is what you’re looking for, it could be well worth the investment in a bike of your own.


The cycling section has plenty to offer, and you can do a different type of workout every day. From endurance and strength to high intensity and even recovery rides, Studio Go provides plenty of cycling options to keep things fun.


Full Sweat

The Full Sweat category of exercises requires the use of a treadmill and hand weights. Make sure you have 45 or 60 minutes available to hit it hard as you explore varied programming that mixes and matches strength and cardio for a full-body workout every time. Depending on the workout you select, you will receive detailed icons letting you know if you need light, medium, or heavy weights. Nothing is worse than getting 15 minutes into a workout before realizing you don’t have the right equipment, so this is helpful.


While there are certainly plenty of options in the Full Sweat category, the individual workout names are inadequate. Many of them are simply titled “Full Sweat.” This is great if you enjoy a surprise, but, if you structure your workouts based on body parts or training styles, a little more information would be helpful.



Physical wellness isn’t complete without taking the mind into consideration, and I love that Studio Go includes the Meditation category in their archive. All workouts are geared toward regaining your center and improving awareness. Some are designed to enjoy when you wake up in the morning, and this is a great way to get the day started off on the right foot. Others are created to get you ready for bed, and you can even get in a midday mindfulness session to realign your day. Not all sessions are based on the time of day. Affirmation meditation can be helpful during stressful moments whenever they arise, and a quick gratitude or breath work session can easily be squeezed into a 10-minute work break.



This equipment-free category takes you out of the house or gym and into the great outdoors. Here, you get to explore interval-based classes that turn any environment into a personal boutique fitness studio. During runs, you’ll be told when the halfway point arrives so you can start heading back toward your starting point.


It would be helpful to get more information regarding the nature of the run in the individual workout description. Most are simply titled, “Outdoor” or “Outdoor Run.” Even when there is more substance to the name like “Outdoor Pool Party,” you still don’t quite know what to expect. If you’re trying to follow a particular training plan that intersperses endurance runs, HIIT routines, and other styles of training, you have to invest a little bit of effort in listening to the exercise description before making your selection.



You will need access to a rowing machine to take advantage of the Rowing archive. If you can get your hands on one, you can unlock routines that work 84% of your muscles with every stroke, allowing you to achieve total body results through a combination of high intensity sweat and low impact burn. Some of the subcategories you can explore within the Rowing section include distance, pacing, arm-focus, core-focus, HIIT, timed rows, bodyweight, and circuits.



Sculpt exercises run the gamut, providing buffet-style fitness that gives you a little bit of everything. From strength training and metabolic conditioning to stretching, HIIT, bodyweight training, and more, you get it all in the Sculpt category. Some workouts will require the use of hand weights, and this is indicated in the selection menu. Unlike many of the other categories, the titles of each workout in Sculpt are descriptive and give you a much better idea of what to expect.



If you have access to a treadmill, this category allows you to mix things up with a broad range of classes. You can sort your workout in different ways including type, difficulty, length, instructor, or musical genre.



Yoga is a fantastic discipline to incorporate into your overall fitness routine. While most are aware of its benefits in flexibility and mindfulness, it also decreases stress and anxiety, improves heart health, and can even reduce chronic pain. Whether you’re looking for a routine to start the day, wind down before bed, or anything in-between, there’s a full variety in the Studio Go app to explore.



I appreciate the inclusion of the Stretching category. It can be easy to skip stretching, but it works to improve your range of motion and posture, reduce the risk of injury, and improve recovery time. This category also includes warmup routines that incorporate dynamic movements to get the body ready for exercise. It’s best to do your static stretching after your workout when the muscles are warmed up. The Stretching category includes specific routines for the various Class categories within the Studio Go menu.


Studio Go Nutrition App

Studio Go doesn’t offer a nutrition app. Rather, it focuses on providing full-spectrum variety in human movement to ensure a complete fitness guide to balance out strength, cardio, stretching, and even mindfulness. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, in order to make the most of each workout, you have to be properly fueled.


A great supplemental tool to use with Studio Go is the Noom app. Noom provides tailored guidance that helps you change negative attitudes toward food for long term nutrition success. Especially if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a fantastic way to maximize your efforts and achieve a balanced, healthful lifestyle.


Our Experience With the Studio Go App

Studio Go sets itself apart in the fitness app industry through its broad spectrum of workout classes. It’s never hard to find something new to enjoy, and you get to go above and beyond lifting weights and running on a treadmill. There’s something to offer all fitness levels, and the Programs option helps you explore the hundreds of classes in a progressive, regimented fashion to help you achieve your fitness goals.


When you first signup, it can be tempting to rush through the setup process. Don’t rely strictly on Apple ID to generate your account. Use email or Facebook to avoid login issues later. I was kicked out of my account at one point, and I kept receiving an error message when trying to login with my Apple ID. Since I didn’t have an email or Facebook alternative, I had no way for a password reset to be sent. I had to reset my account and start over. Although this allowed me to keep my subscription setting, I lost all my Fitcoin and stats. (See FAQs if this has happened to you).


It would be helpful if you could search keywords within the workout database in any particular category. While you can bookmark your favorites classes and filter categories, you can’t search for something particular. Rather, you have to scroll through until you find what you’re looking for. It would also be nice if Studio Go would allow you to fast-forward or rewind workouts.


As soon as you’re done with your workout, you get the prompt to “Chat About It in Tribes.” Right after your workout, you’re feeling proud of yourself, the endorphins are flowing, and it’s the perfect time to strut your stuff. Here, you can interact with others in the Studio Go community to meet new people, challenge yourself, and enjoy a competitive atmosphere without ever leaving the house.



Wide variety of fitness classes offered including strength, cardio, stretching, and more
Opportunity to earn Fitcoin with every workout
Connect with Tribes to make new friends and push yourself further
Three ways to regiment your fitness routine through classes, Programs, or Schedule
Low cost for the variety offered
New classes offered daily
Both verbal and video instruction is clear and detailed


No description of what to expect from the workout, making it difficult to adhere to a particular type of training regimen
While there is a filtering option on some classes, there's no way to search a particular class types
Issues with the app crashing if you make quick movements like scrolling too rapidly
Cannot fast-forward or rewind workouts
Annual $99 membership is the default setting, not the $14.99 monthly deal that’s advertised
Poor customer service


Is Studio Go App Worth It?

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to stay fit, learn from upbeat instructors, and try out new exercises every day, Studio Go is a great option. You get access to a variety of classes all in a single subscription, which can save hundreds or even thousands per year. Think of it as a virtual version of Orangetheory Fitness at a fraction of the cost. Although the app clearly has work to be done in terms of glitches and customer service, for the price, the value is there.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the Studio Go app cost?
A: Monthly- $14.99 Three Month- $39.99 Annual- $99.99 Studio Unlimited Classes- $119.99
Q: Does Studio Go provide a Leaderboard?
A: Yes, you can use the Studio Go Leaderboard to stay motivated and earn Fitcoin.
Q: Does Studio Go offer coaching?
A: Yes, experienced coaches offer detailed verbal and video instruction.
Q: How is Studio Go’s customer service?
A: Customer service is definitely not Studio Go’s strong suit. I messaged them through their Facebook page and have yet to receive a response 11 days later. While their chat option is more responsive, there are still lots of complaints about a lack of expedience when dealing with concerns after you become a customer.
Q: Why was I charged $99 after my free trial period when it’s advertised as $14.99?
A: The $99 annual membership is the default setting. If you forget to cancel, you won’t be charged the $14.99 monthly deal that’s advertised unless you manually indicate otherwise. To do this, iPhone users can go to “Settings,” tap on your name at the top of the screen, tap “Subscriptions,” and select the Studio Go icon. From here, you can select your preferred plan.
Q: How do I earn Fitcoin?
A: Fitcoin can be earned in two ways. If you have a heart rate monitor or Apple watch, you can maximize your earnings when you work hard. It also allows you to connect on the Leaderboard. Your username will appear along with the percentage of your maximum heart rate achieved. When you make it into the 80-90% zone, you’ll be awarded additional Fitcoin. If you don’t have access to heart rate monitoring, you can exercise unranked and earn Fitcoin based on time spent working out.
Q: What classes are included in a Studio Go subscription?
A: Studio Go offers ten types of classes including Treadmill, Sculpt, Full Sweat, Meditation, Outdoor, Cycling, Rowing, Boxing, Yoga, and Stretching.
Q: Can I add family members to my Studio Go account?
A: No, a Studio Go account will only program and track one person.
Q: What does it mean to bookmark a class?
A: You will notice a ribbon icon next to each class. When you select it, the class will be added to your personal archive of bookmarked routines in the Classes section for easy access in the future.
Q: How do you cancel and get a refund on your Studio Go subscription?
A: If you signed up online, you’ll have to reach out to Studio Go via their website for help with your refund. Those signing up using an iOS device can request a refund through Apple.
Q: What kind of heart rate monitors can be used with the Studio Go app?
A: Most heart rate monitors can be used with Studio Go. Some compatible brands include Polar, Wahoo, and Scosche. Fitbit is not currently supported.
Q: My phone won’t let me login using Apple id, and that’s how I signed up. What do I do?
A: First, try deleting the app from your home screen and re-installing. If this doesn’t work, there is a solution, but you’ll lose data like followers, following, and Fitcoin. You’ll need to go into your phone’s settings, cancel your subscription, and signup again. You’ll go through the setup process again and lose all your Fitcoins and settings, but your original subscription renewal date will remain. Just make sure you go into your subscription settings and indicate the type of renewal you wish to setup as it will automatically revert back to the $99 annual subscription.

Rating: 92.3%

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