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Samsung Wearables: What’s Coming in 2019

Samsung’s recent announcement of a new lineup of fitness tech is making waves in the wearable world. Three new products will launch in the coming months, making Samsung one to watch as these devices go toe to toe with big names like Fitbit and Apple.

Let’s take a quick look at the new Samsung products set to debut shortly.

Galaxy Watch Active: Smartwatch, Available 3/8


While the Galaxy Watch Active retains some of the look of the Gear Sport, the newest iteration has some distinct differences, such as the absence of the rotating bezel. Overall the look is fairly minimalistic, with a sleek design and four color options.

Because this hasn’t launched yet, there are few hands-on reviews out there, but the initial feeling seems to be good overall. The missing rotating bezel makes the Galaxy Watch similar in interface to other smartwatches that rely primarily on touchscreen. However there are two physical buttons for additional navigation options.

A few notable features include:

  • Water resistant to 5ATM
  • On-board GPS
  • Weight 25g
  • All-day activity tracking
  • Tracking for 90 workouts/activities
  •  Sleep & heart rate tracking
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Smartphone alerts
  • Battery life of up to one week

With a starting price of $200, the Galaxy Watch is on par with competitors like Fitbit and Apple. The watch is compatible with Android and iOS (9.0 and later). See the full list of compatible devices here.

Available for preorder now. Launches March 8, 2019.

Galaxy Fit: Fitness Tracker, Available 5/31


The Galaxy Fit is Samsung’s forthcoming fitness tracker, which will reportedly be available at the end of May (so likely available for preorder sometime in April or May.) There isn’t a lot of information on this one just yet, but an early look of the device shows that it’s reminiscent of the Gear Fit lineup, with a slimmer design overall.

Here are a few of the specs that have been reported thus far:

  • All day fitness tracking
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Weight 24g
  • Water resistant 5ATM
  • Starting price $99

We’ll update as more information is released and when we get a better look at this next-gen fitness tracker.

Galaxy Fit e: Fitness Tracker, TBA




The Fit e is the rumored budget edition of the Galaxy Fit. Not many details available on this just yet, but it is rumored to be a smaller, lighter version of the Fit that could be priced as low as $35. Some outlets have reported that this will be water resistant as well and include many of the same tracking functions as the Fit.

Galaxy Buds: Wireless Earbuds, Available 3/8


Available currently for customers who preorder the Galaxy S10 smartphone, these AirPod-esque buds will be offered starting at $129.99 on March 8.

A few notable features:

  • Enhanced Ambient Sound
  • Adaptive Dual Microphone
  • up to 6 hours of Bluetooth (5 hours of calling)
  • Wireless charging + device-to-device power sharing (with compatible Samsung phones)
  • Bixby integration for instant intelligent assistant activation

These are not available for preorder but could be in the next few days. Otherwise, you can buy the Buds from Samsung and authorized retailers on March 8.

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Stay tuned for additional details on these upcoming Samsung products as we learn more!

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