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The Garmin Vivoactive Review: A Wearable Everyone Will Want To Wear

Quick Take

Garmin has been quite busy during this year’s CES in Las Vegas, unveiling 4 new wearables for consumers to ogle. However of the 4 that were unveiled it is the Garmin Vivoactive that has everyone talking. It is being touted as an every-day, every-man fitness tracking smartwatch packed with innovative features users will love. From it’s sleek style to it’s GPS capabilities it is truly heads and shoulders above it’s competitors. It is geared towards fitness/sports enthusiasts, but it is so versatile and easy to use that it will fit any lifestyle. As you will see form our in-depth GARMIN VIVOACTIVE Review this wearable has something to offer everyone.

  • The Vivoactive may look like your basic smart watch or average tracker, but it is anything but basic. It is built for durability and productivity, making it the ideal specimen for what a wearable should be:
  • Lightweight design: It is extremely light at just 1.34 ounces and has a slim band and face so it feels comfortable and natural on your arm.
  • LCD Touchscreen: With a display resolution of 205 x 148 pixels the Vivoactive offers picture perfect viewing, even when your out in direct sunlight, so you can view your information and notifications any time of the day.
  • Long-lasting Battery: It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 2 weeks when you are using it in smart watch/tracker mode and up to 10 days when it is GPS enabled.
  • Interchangeable Bands: The Vivoactive comes in Black or White, but you can change the bands, which are durable and will not wear or tear after extended use.


Long lasting battery
Vivoactive monitors every nuance
GPS Tracking
Waterproof design up to 5 ATM.


Not as fashionable as other wearables on the market

The Vivoactive’s Key Features

  • The Vivoactive may not be the prettiest wearable on the market, but it’s high-tech capabilities and durability make up for it’s traditional smartwatch look. What are the key features of the Garmin Vivoactive do? Let’s take a look:
  • GPS tracking: This is one of the few trackers/smartwatches with built-in GPS to track activities, including running, swimming, golfing and more. The GPS feature also gives you access to thousands of golf maps, sports sites and other fitness related arenas. Even better, it reports stats in real-time anywhere you are.
  • Activity Tracking: Like other fitness trackers it monitors steps taken, sleep activity, calories burned and daily goals. It also comes with a “Move Bar” that alerts you when you have been inactive for a period of time that you set (for example 30 minutes).
  • Water-Proof Design: The Vivoactive is waterproof up to 5 ATM. so you can swim, shower or do just about anything in water without worrying about it getting ruined.
  • Connect Anywhere, With Anyone: Thanks to a high-resolution screen and Bluetooth technology you can stay in-touch no matter what you’re doing. You can see notifications for calls, texts, social media and more in greater detail.
  • Text messages show who is texting along with the actual message while emails notifications display the recipient and subject.
  • Sports Apps Built-In: This device comes with built-in sports app that can track your activity levels for swimming, biking, running or golf. There are also cool additions, like swimming venue information and a full analysis of activities and movements.
  • Smartwatch Capabilities: In addition to text/email notifications you can also find your phone if you misplace it, navigate and manage your music and keep friends and family informed in real-time about where you are and what you’re doing with the Live Track feature.

The Vivoactive Versus The VivoSmart

When it comes to comparing the Vivoactive with the VivoSmart there is no comparison. While the VivoSmart is an attractive tracker that performs basic smartwatch activities it does not come close to performing as well as the Vivoactive. The biggest difference is that the VivoSmart is a much more basic model. It does not display notification clearly and does not automatically monitor and track sleep. Also, the touchscreen is rudimentary and limited in what it can show or do. Both are sold choices, but the VivoSmart is the more well-rounded package.

What Makes the Garmin Vivoactive So Special?

The Vivoactive is a one-of-a-kind wearable because it focuses on fitness while still giving users tons of smartwatch features and options, making it the ideal wearable. The GPS tracking enhances and gives more accurate statistics, like distance traveled, the number of laps you swim and calories burned, so you can gt serious about fitness.

Who Should Buy The Garmin Vivoactive?

Anyone who wants a quality wearable device that can keep them in touch and on track to stay fit. The Vivoactive cam simplify and enhance your life by improving your overall health and keeping you current and connected.

The Garmin Vivoactive is a great new wearable anyone can use and everyone will love. Users are raving about how sleek and versatile it is and all at an affordable price. This device suits anyone who wants to get healthy and feel better about themselves. It is a high-tech, bit easy to use wearable that will have everyone excited about their health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can the Garmin Vivoactive do?
A: The Garmin Vivoactive fitness watch can track your monitor your heart rate and fitness levels and activities, calories burned, display text and e-mail notifications, and much more!
Q: Does the Garmin Vivoactive have built in GPS?
A: Yes, the Garmin Vivoactive has GPS built into the fitness watch.
Q: Is the Garmin Vivoactive waterproof?
A: Yes, the Garmin Vivoactive is waterproof and can handle being in water up to depths of 50 meters.

Rating: 80%


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Brand/Model Series


Overall Rating

80 %

Phone Control


Number of Available Colors


Type Of Display


Screen Size

28.6 x 20.7 mm (W x H)

Screen Resolution

205 x 148 pixels



Sleep Tracking


Steps Tracking


Calories Tracking


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Bluetooth Enabled


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Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Max Battery Life

336 hrs





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