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Fitbit Alta HR (2020) Review: PurePulse + Innovative Designing = Your New Must-Have Device

The say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but don’t tell that to Fitbit! The creators of the Alta, one of the hottest sellers on the market, took an already great product and made it even better. Yes, the Alta HR is set to hit stores March 26 (Happy Mother’s Day mom!) and it’s sure to be an instant hit. It’s slim, classy, and delivers on performance thanks to key upgrades of the original version.

As you’ll see in our Fitbit Alta HR Review, a combination of ingenious, upscale styling and high-tech components makes this device a stand-out in a crowded field. We’ll break down its features, benefits, and more, so you can see why you need one.

Fitbit Alta HR: Custom Details at Discount Prices

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Slimmer and sleeker than the original Alta (by about 25%) The Alta HR is a fun, modernized tracker that will do everything you need and more. There are bands in various colors and materials, and the tracker itself pops out and fits into some eye-raising frames. I particularly love the traditional, stainless steel watch band. It has a round, open face and the tracker pops in horizontally, for a whimsical but edgy look.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As pretty as this device is, we can’t ignore what it can do. There are several upgrades to this model, making it a great value for your money. No, there is nothing new to reveal as far as apps go, but the way they combine the existing ones into this compact package is more than enough. Anyone shopping for a quality device at a price that won’t break the bank will want to put the Alta HR at the top of their list.

Features & Benefits of the Alta HR Review

Building on the success of the original, Fitbit fine-tuned the details and improved the packaging to create a device consumers won’t be able to resist. They took it beyond basic tracking, adding features users will appreciate and may not expect at this price point. Showing that they know what their customers want and need, they made using the Alta HR motivational without being fussy.

To understand what this device can do for you, let’s look at its key features and benefits:

Eclectic Design



The Alta HR isn’t just thinner and lighter; it’s also full of personality. It has an easy to use touchscreen and lots of accessories, so its shines for its looks and capabilities. First, there is the narrow elastomer band. A Fitbit trademark, the slimmer design makes it more comfortable than ever. It won’t rub or dig into your skin, making you more likely to wear it around the clock.

And the bands come in multiple colors, from classic black to a spring-like coral. This gives you lots of options, as you can pair it with different outfits and have some fun with it.

But it’s the additional bands that come in leather, rope, or metal which leave the biggest impression. They transform the feel of this tracker and let you take it from the boardroom to the opera, or anywhere else. They give the Alta HR a level of versatility you won’t find in other models.

Custom Display

The OLED screen is just as noteworthy, with a clear, bright display that is easy to read in any light. What I appreciate most, though, is that it can be customized to meet your needs. You can set what stats or apps you want to show and in what order, for easy and instant access.

And you can navigate through the various stats with a simple tap. There are no annoying buttons to press, just tap to see your heart rate or an incoming call.

PurePulse Heart Rate Monitoring:


The biggest upgrade with the Alta HR is the addition of PurePulse heart rate monitoring. Using wrist-based sensors, PurePulse monitors your heart rate 24/7 for a complete view of your health. It will tell you how hard you’re exercising, how well you’re resting, and everything in between.

Tracking your heart is important for several reasons. To start, it lets you know if you are doing too much or too little when exercising; Knowing this can help you fix what doesn’t work.

Secondly, heart activity can tell you if something is wrong in your body. It can alert you to a potential issue and ensure you exercise safely.

Updated Sleep Tracking:

Fitbit Alta HR Updated Sleep Tracking

Another ingenious upgrade comes courtesy of their sleep tracking feature. Instead of just tracking sleep, the Alta HR monitors your heart rate as well. Using your heart rate, the device can show how long you stay in each sleep stage, for better analysis through the mobile app for iOS and Android.

It can pinpoint when you’re restless and how well-rested you are, to improve your sleep quality. A good night’s sleep helps your body repair itself, so this data can be very useful.

Smart Track:

This auto-recognition feature, taken from Fitbit’s high-end Blaze, is one of its best assets. Smart Track can tell if you are walking, hiking or cycling, and record stats based on those motions. You don’t need to log in and choose your activity beforehand, so you get the proper credit for the exercises you perform.

This is great because having to stop and program a tracker before working out can be a hassle. You either forget and don’t track stats, or get frustrated and give up.

•Smart Notifications:

Get calls, emails, and text alerts, right on your screen. You can even read parts of your messages, allowing you to stay in contact with family and employers as you exercise. This is a convenient feature, eliminating worry about missing a call.

The Pros & Cons of the Alta HR

Knowing what the Alta HR can do is just the first step in understanding why it’s such a solid investment. You also need to know the pros and cons of the device, which will help illustrate if it’s a good fit.


One of the biggest pluses to owning this tracker is the design. The interchangeable bands, which come in various colors and materials, let you wear it in any setting. You can put on a metal band for work, or use a bright elastomer band for a day at the beach. It gives you options and makes it inconspicuous when you need it to be.

Another plus is the heart rate monitoring. Tracking calories and steps is great, but to elevate your fitness routine, you need to monitor how your heart works. This data can help you make workouts more challenging or pull back if necessary. Plus, it gives you peace of mind, letting you work out safely.

Finally, I like the addition of Smart Track. One of my biggest complaints about most trackers having to “program” it, or set it to a particular category before exercising. It is tedious, and I often forget. Smart Track eliminates this obstacle, so you can exercise without worrying about getting credit. It automatically recognizes activities, so you get accurate data every time.


While this device has a lot to offer, there are a few, minor, drawbacks. The main issue is there is nothing “new” to see. While heart rate monitoring and Smart Track are welcome additions, they are existing features you can find on other devices.
Still, few models offer either at this price point, so this is still more positive than negative.

The other drawback is that the interchangeable bands can be expensive. You may have to buy one at a time, but again, that is a small price to pay for such an innovative design.

Finally, it is not waterproof. At this stage, all new trackers should be, so this is a bit of an annoyance.

The Alta HR Versus The Charge 2

To give you a better perspective of how the Alta HR stacks up, let’s compare it to Fitbit’s other big seller, the Charge 2. These 2 devices look and act entirely different. While they both have PurePulse and Smart Track, The Charge 2 is bigger and bolder, with a larger OLED screen and bands. And like the Alta HR, the bands can be swapped out and come in various colors and materials.

However, the Charge 2 has some marked advantages. It gives users connected GPS, Guided breathing and Cardio Fitness Levels.
Guided Breathing teaches you how to control and regulate your breaths, while Cardio Fitness Kevel shows how healthy you are in relation to others your age.

These features, though, come at a price, as the Charge 2 is almost $100 more. For that reason, the Alta HR is the better value, with enough bells and whistles to meet your fitness goals.

As my Fitbit Alta HR Review illustrates, this new device is another guaranteed success for Fitbit and it’s customers. Blending innovative design with high functionality, users will be able to easily reach their fitness aspirations. It can help you lose weight and get in shape quickly and effectively, with a standout look that is sure to please. With the Alta HR, you get fitness your way, on your time, so you’re guaranteed to succeed.

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