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The Best Sweatsuit Sets

There are few things that are more comfy and versatile than a sweatsuit. You can wear sweats while lounging around or working from home, running errands when it’s a little chilly out, or for layering under a heavy coat during the colder months of the year. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered how fashionable a matching sweatsuit can be, so I decided to invest in a few staples for my wardrobe. You can mix and match between crewnecks, hoodies, straight leg or sweatpants that are cuffed at the ankles – the options are endless.

While it’s natural to get excited as the weather heats up, it’s also important to make sure you’re stocked up on versatile layering pieces when the cooler weather comes around. Take a look at some of the best-selling matching sweatsuits that are currently on Amazon, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to find one that’s perfect for your needs.


Buyer’s Guide: Things to Look For




The most popular fabrics you’ll find in top-quality sweat sets are polyester and cotton fleece, with a touch of spandex thrown in the mix for some extra stretch. Different sweatsuit materials are ideal for different seasons, like thicker fleece for the colder months and more lightweight polyester for spring weather. You can have several different styles and fabrics in your outfit rotation depending on the season. 


Comfort and Fit

Why are you buying a sweatsuit? Do you want to be comfy while lounging around the house, look stylish in a matching set while running errands, or are you wanting to layer up under a coat when it gets cold out? Whatever your reason is, it goes without saying that comfort will probably be your number one priority. 

The comfort and fit of your sweatsuit go hand in hand, so make sure you’re choosing a size that’s going to be the best fit for your needs. Size up if you see customer reviews that the product you’re looking at runs small, or if you prefer a more baggy feel to your sweat set. I have a bunch of sweatpants that vary in sizes; some extra small or small if I want a more fitted, high-waisted look, or medium when I want them to be more roomy for lounging at home.


Maintenance and Care

While most sweatsuits are typically machine-washable, there are other ways to clean your items so they last longer and don’t fade and/or pill over time. One of my biggest pet peeves is when clothing pills (particularly after just one wash, and I’m sure you’ve experienced this too). If you’re not familiar, pilling refers to tiny lint balls that appear on clothing after they’ve been worn or washed several times. They usually form due to rubbing of materials together, and often if you wash your items along with other fabrics. On sweatsuits, they can be found in the crotch area (just between the thighs) or on your hoodie’s sleeves. 

While there are tools available that can shave the lint balls on your clothes, I like to wash my sweatsuits separately, inside-out and on a cold, gentle cycle to prolong their lifespan. Of course, every manufacturer will recommend different laundering methods, so be sure to check these carefully before washing yours for the first time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What material are the best sweatsuits made of?
A: Cotton fleece or polyester are the most common fabrics in higher quality sweatsuits. They’re soft and thick on the outside and even more cozy on the inside.
Q: How tight should sweatpants be?
A: The point of wearing a sweatsuit is to be comfortable wherever you are, so if your sweatpants are extremely fitted, this defeats the purpose of maximizing comfort. Ideally, sweatpants should allow you to move freely without restricting you in any way, and sizing up is an easy way to ensure yours fit comfortably.
Q: How can you tell if a sweatsuit is for men or women?
A: The length and waistline width of the sweatpants is usually a good way to tell if a sweatsuit is made for men or women. Women’s sweatpants are usually more narrow in the waist and shorter in length, whereas men’s will be wider and longer to accommodate the bigger stature of men.
Q: Are sweatpants warmer than jeans?
A: Sweatpants are typically warmer than jeans as they’re usually fleece-lined and therefore thicker than denim.

Editor's Choice – Fixmatti Women’s 2 Piece Sweatsuit

Rating: 95%

Our Top 5 Best Recommended Sweatsuits








Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice – Fixmatti Women’s 2 Piece Sweatsuit

Polyester And Spandex



Runner Up – COOFANDY Men’s Hoodie Tracksuit

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex



Best Unique Style – Hakjay Men’s Sweatsuit Set with Zipper Pockets

100% Polyester



Best Color Variety – PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Crewneck Sweatsuit

65% Spandex, 35% Polyester



Customer’s Choice – Fixmatti Women’s Pullover Sweatsuit

100% Polyester



1. Editor's Choice – Fixmatti Women’s 2 Piece Sweatsuit

Cozy and a little more baggy for extra comfort, the Fixmatti Women’s 2 Piece Sweatsuit will be your perfect companion for those cooler months of the year. Just by looking at the feature image on the Amazon page and scrolling through the many colors to choose from, they pretty much had me sold. Joggers with cuffed ankles have always been my go-to, as they’re so easy to pair with white crew socks that you can tuck them into. While wide-leg sweatpants are also a popular choice, they’re usually so long that your socks will be hidden (which some may prefer!).

With sizes ranging from small all the way to extra-large, I’d recommend sizing up from your usual size to have that ideal lounging, comfy fit. The only downfall is that the polyester and spandex combination isn’t the warmest fabric for a sweat set. So if you’re shopping specifically for an ultra thick and warm set of sweats, opt for a more fleecy fabric to keep you toasty. On the other hand, if you’re after a matching set that’s going to take you to and from a workout when it’s a little cold out, this Fixmatti hooded set might be your best bet.


Soft, comfortable fabric
Versatile, classic colors to choose from
Available in a cinched sleeve alternative


Not as suitable for extreme cold temperatures

2. Runner Up – COOFANDY Men’s Hoodie Tracksuit

For the men out there looking to add a comfortable and versatile sweatsuit to their wardrobe, COOFANDY has you covered. This polyester-spandex set is ideal for plus-size men as the sizes range from Small to 4XL, a variety that’s hard to find with many sweatsuit manufacturers. It comes with two pockets on either side of the zip-up hoodie as well as on the joggers, which come with a handy drawstring to adjust the waist to your preference. 

While sizing up is fairly common for a set of sweats (as you’ll likely want them a bit more loose and comfortable to lounge in), some customers have mentioned that this set runs small. It’s recommended to choose one size above what you normally wear to get the best fit. You should also wash them inside out and on a cold, gentle cycle (separately or with like colors) to prolong the lifespan of your sweats, and also to avoid pilling over time.


Wide variety of sizes, great plus-size options
Dual pockets on both hoodie and sweatpants
Available in classic, versatile colors


Some customers report that sizing up is needed as they run small

3. Best Unique Style – Hakjay Men’s Sweatsuit Set with Zipper Pockets

For something a little different, the Hakjay Men’s Sweatsuit Set is a stylish alternative with a zip pocket on one arm, plus color blocking on the waistband, cuffs and sleeves. You’re able to choose between 7 colors including Dark Gray (pictured), Yellow, Black, Blue Camouflage, Sky Blue, Green Camouflage and the classic Light Grey. Depending on how you prefer your sweats to fit, it’s common to size up in the Hakjay set as it tends to run small. However, some men don’t mind sweatsuits being more on the fitted side (especially for wearing to the gym to show off their physiques).

The Hakjay store has provided a comprehensive size chart on the Amazon listing, which is always a plus when buying pretty much anything that you can’t try on. For the hoodie (weirdly labeled as “Coats”), it shows S-3XL size measurements for the bust, shoulder, sleeve and length. The joggers also have both hip and length measurements to see which size corresponds to your specific shape. With an elastic, adjustable waistband and a stylish arm pocket design, you’ll stand out in this unique matching set.


Unique style
Zippered pocket on left arm
Adjustable waistband with drawstring


Some reports of sizes running smaller than usual, sizing up is recommended

4. Best Color Variety – PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Crewneck Sweatsuit

If you’re looking to stock up on sweats and want to pick up a few in different colors, PRETTYGARDEN offers 26 colors and styles to find your perfect fall/winter companion. There’s a good chance you have a handful of crewneck sweaters sitting in your closet, but what about a matching crewneck sweatsuit? This set from PRETTYGARDEN offers a huge selection of colors in neutral shades like grey, brown, army green and khaki that are classic staples. The combination of stretchy spandex and polyester makes this a super comfortable set for lounging, and I’d personally get a lot of wear out of this as a pajama set. 

The thick, adjustable drawstring makes it easy to tighten or loosen depending on your comfort preference. While the sweater may be a little long for some, you can style it in a variety of ways like tucking it in loosely, or tying it in a knot so it doubles as a cropped sweater. For the affordable price, it’s easy to see why this set has received over 15,000 ratings on Amazon.


Huge color variety
Can double as a sleepwear set
Versatile crewneck style, easy to layer under coats without a hood


Not as thick and warm as other fabrics

5. Customer’s Choice – Fixmatti Women’s Pullover Sweatsuit

Last but not least, take your pick between 11 classic, staple colors of the Fixmatti Women’s Pullover Sweatsuit. The mock neck style stands out among other basic sweat sets, with the adjustable drawstring making the joggers fully adjustable at the waist. Style it with plain white sneakers and you’re ready to run errands or go shopping while looking stylish, yet feeling like you haven’t changed out of your comfy pajamas. 

The material of the sweater and joggers is 100% polyester, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing this set when it gets too cold out, as something like fleece would keep you much warmer. But for those fall or spring days when you feel like being cozy but still looking put together, the Fixmatti sweat set might be the perfect pick.


Adjustable waistband on joggers with drawstring closure
Unique mock neck style
Classic colors and color-block patterns to choose from


Joggers may need to be hemmed or rolled up for those under 5”3, petite sizes would be nice to have