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Universal PowerPak Adjustable Dumbbells Review: Why You Need Dumbbell Sets

This model has been discontinued.

It can be tough to get the workout that you need to guarantee that you’re going to be fit and healthy, especially if you can’t afford an expensive gym membership or if you haven’t got the time to constantly go and work out. You probably aren’t looking to get “ripped” or extremely muscular- you probably just want to burn off some fat and get toned! That’s why you need adjustable dumbbells. They give you the boost that you need to work out for long periods of time while ensuring that your muscles are regularly getting tightened and worked. You’ll never have to worry about buying more equipment, because everything you need is built right in!

The best thing about adjustable dumbbells are the options that they give you to work out. They’re extremely easy to adjust, and some change in small increments (between 2.5-5 pounds) that let you quickly change up your workout to get started on the next thing that you’re doing. This gives you the opportunity to incrementally work on your muscle strength without feeling like you’re not making any progress, and gives you up to 18 individual dumbbells for the price of one. They’re also ergonomic for daily use, sturdy to work out with, and excellent for practically any work out. They’re kind of ungainly for some; but after you’ve used them for a while you shouldn’t have any problem getting anything done (from lunges to trap work, chest presses, and more).

It can be hard to pick the best kind of dumbbells for your needs, and there are a ton of different varieties to choose from. They’ve got to be durable, comfortable, and easy to use. They’ve also got to be easy to modify, easy to adjust weight, and easy to store. That’s where the Universal PowerPak Adjustable Dumbbells make the decision easy for you. They adjust all the way from 4 to 45 pounds, letting you easily transition from virtually any workout to the next with absolutely no wait whatsoever. Plus, they come with a workout guide to help you get started! Not only that, you’ll save room, time, and energy working out. They’re also made from high quality materials (like coated cast iron weight plates and thermoplastic handles that are easy to handle and easy to maneuver.

Wide variety of Features associated with adjustable dumbbell sets:

It’s easy to understand why adjustable dumbbell sets are so popular these days. They give users a ton of options that they might not otherwise have. They also make it easier to include weight sets (without filling up your basement). That being said, the Universal PowerPak has a few features that beat out the competition.


Easy to Use

Imagine just having to switch out one mechanism to get the weight you need to keep going. They’ve also got incredibly comfortable handles that make sure that they aren’t going to slip out of your hands when you’re doing critical exercises (for example, over your head). You can expect to take mere seconds to switch everything that needs to be changed – making your workout easier than ever.


Easy to Switch Weights

All you have to do is switch the weights with the easy to use dial. Other models require you to apply pens, electronic support, or other antiquated technology (like twisting and screwing end caps on). This weight set is one of the most affordable turn-dial models on the market; making it well worth your money over the long run. They come in handy when you’re struggling to finish your workout in a timely fashion because you’re running back and forth between one weight to the next.


Handy to Store (Because they come with their own stand)

Many different types of adjustable dumbbell sets don’t come with a stand to help you store your weights. This fact alone dramatically reduces the overall costs of these weight systems. Most of the time, you could expect to pay an extra $100-$200 dollars for a quality set of weight stands. After everything is all constructed, all you have to do is set it up wherever you plan on working out the most. Even more, the stand is compact (about 2″ in all directions) meaning it will fit virtually anywhere.


Less Costly Than Other Varieties of Dumbbell Sets

With the stand included, the Universal PowerPak is a great alternative to more expensive sets. It’s easy to change and operate, well made, and the locking mechanisms are smooth. The weights are easy to lift, comfortable in your hands, and very well-balanced. That being said, they aren’t as smooth as traditional single-weight dumbbells (which is to be expected in any adjustable dumbbell variety).


Several Things you should Consider when Buying a Dumbbell Set

You might not think about it, but there are a ton of things that you have to think about before you actually pick an adjustable dumbbell set. There are literally hundreds of different models to choose from, and not all are created equally.



Unless the model of adjustable dumbbell you purchase comes complete with a storage system, you’re going to have to figure out where you’re going to put it. Most users put them in their basement or tuck them in a closet (which can make it tough to regularly use them). The Universal PowerPak Adjustable Dumbbell set makes it a little easier for you; giving you a sturdy rack to keep everything in order. It costs a little more, but makes the perfect addition to any home gym.

Other sets can be tough to use if you’re short on space, so be choosy when you pick the model of adjustable dumbbell that you like best. Assume you’re going to need at least 2-4 square feet of space to store your dumbbell set.

Dumbbell Style

In addition to storage options, there are also a huge variety of different styles of adjustable dumbbells. The Universal PowerPak model comes in an ergonomic shape that’s easy to lift and easy to use. There are several different varieties, like mini barbells, adjustable dumbbells, and block shaped adjustable dumbbells. The biggest difference is how easy they are for you to use. The best weight sets won’t be cumbersome for you to lift and use, no matter what exercise you’re performing. In many circumstances, block shaped dumbbells or weight sets on barbells are harder to use for specific exercises like lat raises or military presses. In this regard, the Universal PowerPak adjustable dumbbell set is the easiest to use and operate. They fit well in your hands, look great when you’re using them, and they’re easy to change. Some models aren’t as sturdy, or fall apart when you use them. Just make sure that you aren’t dropping them on the ground.


Ease of Changing or Adjusting Weight Sizes

When you’re choosing adjustable dumbbell sets, imagine the exercises that you’re going to be performing. If you’re regularly changing weights for lunges, lateral raises, military presses, or chest presses, you might use as many as four or five different sizes of weight. In these situations, you want a weight set that’s going to be easy and streamlined when you’re taking the weights off.

There are several distinct varieties; including spin lock models, spring clip models, turn-dial models and a variety called “sport block.” The Universal PowerPak models use one of the best varieties if you’re expecting to use several different weight limits, because all you have to do to add or subtract weight is simply turn a dial.

The dumbbells sit on the weight rack until you need them, and all you have to do is turn the dial (and the bar is already loaded). This lets the plates on the rack be modified to include the weight that you want, without actively having to remove or add weights. That’s why this model is a little more expensive- it’s by far the most convenient.


Maximum Weight Limits

When you buy weight sets, you have to consider how much weight you’re going to need over the long run. You have to assume that you’re eventually going to max out your weight set (and you might even want to get an add-on expansion that lets you double your weight capacity).

The Universal PowerPak adjustable dumbbell set maxes out at 45 pounds apiece (which is a lower capacity than a lot of models), but they’re great for beginners, women, or people that want a consistent workout and know that they aren’t going to lift a ton of weight (like the elderly).

One of the most essential things to consider is the workout you intend to do. If you’re working on maximizing muscle, go with a set that gives you up to 100 pounds to work with per dumbbell. If you’re looking to cut, tone, or burn fat; these are the dumbbells for you. Even at such a modest size, you get up to 9 sets of dumbbells in just one purchase.


Common questions about adjustable dumbbell sets

Q: Are adjustable dumbbell sets prone to accidental injury?

A: Adjustable dumbbell sets are no more dangerous than any other type of lifting equipment. That being said, you should always exercise extra caution when you’re employing moving parts and potentially lifting weight over your head.

Q: Are adjustable dumbbell sets hard to use?

A: Adjustable dumbbell sets are exceedingly easy to use (especially the Universal PowerPak models). All you have to do is crank the dial, and you’re ready to go!

Q: Can I expect some instruction about which exercises to perform?

A: Most weight sets these days come with detailed instructions to help you make the most out of your workout. If not, simply do a little research. There are a plethora of options out there to help you hit any muscle system you want to hit.

Verdict: Are adjustable dumbbell sets right for you?

If you’re looking for an easier option to help you get fit, than adjustable dumbbell sets are for you. If you find yourself disappointed when you’re paying around a $1 a pound for traditional dumbbells that only let you progress so far; you should invest in an adjustable dumbbell set. They give you the options you need to make the absolute most out of your quest for fitness.

The Universal PowerPak model is great because it fits into nearly any budget, includes a weight rack and even seamless design functionalities with just a little bit of work changing the weights- making it perfect for anyone, at any age.

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