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PowerBlock Elite Adjustment 50 to 90 Pounds Dumbbell Review: All-in-One Dumb-bell

Everyone is making an effort to stay healthy and fit. Most people are hitting the gym, whether at home or club gyms they have subscribed to. Irrespective of the type of gym used to keep fit, body builders need to have the most reliable and efficient gym equipment, for example the PowerBlock Elite Adjustment 90lbs. Dumbbell.

A number of benefits come with the use of PowerBlock dumbbells, for example, it helps users in doing the dumbbell bench presses and other cardiovascular exercise that helps in burning calories, improving your endurance as well as the overall strength training and body building. Let us not also forget that the gym equipment has been designed to provide users with the maximum handling comfort, convenience and freedom required in going about any exercise.

Features and Specifications

Two Easily Adjustable Dumbbells

They are sturdily built hence playing part into their durability. Additionally, it comes with a selector lock system that helps in locking the weights after adjusting them. It takes less than five seconds, unlike which have longer change periods in the first place. They can dropped on the floor and be sure they will not be dismantled. However, keep in mind that handling them poorly only compromises the warranty in the long run.

Replaces 28 pairs of weights or 2565 lbs. of free weights

These replaceable blocks help users to go about any exercises, irrespective of their levels, from armatures to expert users. Moreover, PowerBlock dumbbells occupy less space, unlike the traditional sets that require individuals or gym owners to purchase over 20 individual style sets to achieve greater ranges.

The Range of Adjustable Blocks for Every Hand

The compact size of this gym equipment helps users to easily go about any exercise, for example the bent over rows and bench presses without the risk of hitting the user. Here, users can solely concentrate on their exercises.

Easy Grip Centre Bars



Each bar weighs about 2.5lbs., which can be handled by anyone. In addition, the easy grip handles are perfectly padded, hence protecting the hands from injuries in the long run. The bars also help in equal of the blocks weight on the user’s hands hence making the wrist straighter while building the biceps and triceps.

PowerBlock Column Stand Storage

They come with a self-containing storage mechanism. The compact nest helps in conveniently handling the blocks when starting off an exercise while also storing them easily. The stand storage also helps in reducing the much required room space used in storing traditional dumbbells. In addition, they provide additional safety when not in use, thanks to the extra space on the storage rack.

10-Year Warranty

The gym equipment is constructed and built by PowerBlock Inc., in the US. They come with a 10 year warranty guaranteeing gym owners of quality gym equipment. However, the warranty becomes void if the equipment is dropped from a height of 6 inches or higher. It is an indication of carelessness or negligence in handling gym equipment in the first place.


  • The adjustability of the weights by about 3 pounds, helps users achieve the exact mass needed for a given exercise.
  • Short change time, usually less than five seconds, reducing the much time required in switching in between different exercises.
  • Selector pin and lock system provides the much needed safety that comes with handling of gym equipment.
  • Perfectly padded handles provide room for equal distribution of weight on the hands up to the shoulder, increasing comfort on the wrist.
  • Affordable gym equipment unlike purchasing different sets of the traditional dumbbells, making it easy for professional body builders or advanced gym users to go about their daily fitness exercises. Purchasing this equipment from Bowflex SelectTech 552 Discounts guarantees buyers of great discounts on the overall price.
  • Lengthy warranty, guaranteeing users of long lasting or durable gym equipment in the first place.
  • A sturdily built storage tray, providing easy and safe storage of dumbbells.


  • Being a significantly heavy dumbbell, it may be an expensive gym equipment for beginners or first time buyers of gym equipment.
  • The equipment is not compatible with other PowerBlock product series and models. This limits its capability to be used along with other lower versions of the PowerBlock Dumbbells.
  • Although they come with a warranty cover, note that the warranty does not cover for drops. They cannot survive drops unlike the traditionally fixed dumbbells.

PowerBlock versus Universal PowerPak Adjustable Dumbbells

The Universal PowerPak gym equipment offers only an adjustable of four to forty five pounds, which are replaceable on an 18 individual blocks on a single space saving system, unlike PowerBlock 22 weights. It a quick turn on dial that lets users to change the blocks in between workout sessions unlike the selector pin system used in PowerBlock dumbbells. However, it is cheap, recommended for beginners unlike the PowerBlock equipment, suitable for professional body builders.

Customer Questions and Answers

Question: This particular gym tool comes with 5-50 lbs. already on it?

Answer: It has a little guideline on the blocks instructing users on how to get from 5 to 50lbs. The adder, where you put it in your hand, weighs 2.5lbs.

Question: The 90 lbs. equipment goes for $ 599 but the 70 lbs. plus the 70-90 lbs. extension only costs $ 561? What is the difference?

Answer: They are all the same. I started with the 50lb set for $299.00 and will be adding the 50-70lb expansion set next. It would be cheaper to get them all at the same time. But don’t forget that the base set is needed first.

Question: What are the level increments for PowerBlock set? Can one adjust in 2.5lb, 5lb, or 10lb increments?

Answer: It is possible since each dumbbell has two little grip bars weighing 2.5 lbs. The changes are dependent on the grip bars on the handle.

Real Customer Reviews

Most customers have liked this gym tool for its durability aspect, since they are made out of strong material and simple but smart design. Moreover, the cost is worth as it comes with blocks of weight suiting every level. However, some customers have sited inconsistency in the designing of a number of PowerBlock gym equipment, for example the poor sliding in of a number some blocks when using the selector pin lock.

Also don’t forget to get this Stand going along with the set:


All in all, using the PowerBlock Elite Adjustment 90 lbs. Dumbbell in your home gym will provide users with just enough strength resistance exercises in the long run. It’s one of the best Adjustable Dumbbells in the market. They are durable, easy to use gym equipment that will guaranteeing users of maximum comfort when it comes to going about your daily exercises. Get to purchase PowerBlock gym equipment to increase your strength without bluking up.