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Merax Vertical Climber Machine Review: Climb The Ladder of Weight Loss Success

It’s no secret that exercise is the key to losing weight and getting fit. What is a secret is how to accomplish it. From a house full of kids to long hours at the office, it seems like there is always a reason not to work out- until now. Turns out there is a machine that can tone, burn and whittle your waistline, all in the comfort of your own home: The Merax Vertical Climber.

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Part aerobic exerciser, part toning apparatus, this machine is built to provide you with a complete routine that rivals any gym. As you’ll see from my Merax Vertical Climber review, this is the one and only piece of equipment you’ll need to become thinner, stronger and healthier. Economical, efficient and highly effective, it will have you off the couch and up and moving in no time.

What a Vertical Climber Can Do for You

Vertical climbers are, in my opinion, the most versatile piece of exercise equipment you can buy and the smartest investment you’ll ever make. Designed to replicate the motions of rock-climbing, they provide cardio and sculpting benefits simultaneously through a low-impact routine- so.

Which means you burn more calories while becoming lean and defined, for improved weight loss, circulation and overall muscle strength.

What really sets it apart from other machines though, and made me a fan, is how great it is for your torso and abs. The motions you use help stabilize your core and make the skin taut, so not only do you look good, but your balanced and have a strong foundation to build upon. This is good for athletes, those who need rehabilitation, and beginners trying to

Finally, these machines let you exercise whenever you have the time. Before work, after dinner or late at night- whenever you’re ready to go, so is your climber. They are compact and can fit in any home or apartment, so your left with no more excuses-just one great reason to get healthy.

Up Close and Personal with The Merax Vertical Climber

Compact, sturdy and made to accommodate all shapes and sizes, the Merax Vertical Climber is a “step” above the competition. It is easy to use, unlike some of those bulky gym machines, so you feel confident and eager instead of intimidated. To understand why it is such a great investment, let’s look at its key features and benefits:

Provides a safe workout environment

The Merax climber has movable Isometric, non-stick grips and sturdy leg pegs that allow you to safely work out and take your routine to the max. The grips allow you to vary your hold, for versatile upper body workouts and the wide leg pegs provide stability so you can focus on your moves.

Motions are smooth and fluid thanks to the lightweight steel design that doesn’t stick– eliminating the risk of injury.

Can work with all body types

Thin or heavy, tall or short this machine can help you thank to adjustable heights and a weight capacity of 220-330 pounds. The height adjustment means you won’t strain to perform moves and the weight capacity, which is higher than many bikes and treadmills, means anyone can start a weight loss routine on here without hassle.

Allows for high-intensity, low-impact exercise that gets results

The Merax Climber is ideal for aerobic and toning exercise and lets you control how intense, or relaxed, your workout is without taxing back and joint muscles. Using your upper and lower body in unison really increases calories burned, for better results in less time and also cuts down on your workout schedule because you don’t need separate sessions.

The varying intensities translate to different, challenging workouts every day- which helps fight off boredom- your biggest enemy when it comes to getting fit. It also lets you customize your routine to fit your needs: intense cardio when you need to shed pounds and lower intensity, isolated movements for greater toning benefits.

For those looking to improve their heart health, this is a useful machine that can optimize performance without putting them in jeopardy.


This climber folds and is fitted with grips along the base for a sturdy design that can go on any surface. You can put it on carpet, hardwood or tile flooring without issue, which means you can exercise anywhere that works for you.

Plus, the folding feature means you can store it when you’re not using it- perfect for those with small apartments and limited space.


This is one of the most affordable machines on the market, costing less than most bikes, steppers and treadmills. And when you factor in how effective this machine is, it’s hard to find a reason not to buy it.

Vertical Climbers Vs Everyone Else

Compared to treadmills and exercise bikes, vertical climbers are the better investment hands down thanks to their innovative styling and function. Able to adjust according to your height and weight, they are the only machine that can give you a 100% customizable routine.

Treadmills and bikes come in set sizes, so adjusting to fit your frame isn’t possible. Plus, neither of those machines can give you a full-body workout. Bikes primarily work your legs, and while some do have movable arm grips, motions are limited.

Treadmills have similar limitations. Yes, you can use hand weights while walking or running, but it means extra equipment and the moving belt makes stability tricky. Overall, bikes and treadmills are more for cardio, giving vertical climbers, with their dual purpose, a clear edge.

Q & A

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

    1. How sturdy is this machine?

It is very sturdy, remaining stable without shaking no matter how hard or fast you go. It can also easily handle people weighing 300 pounds without issue.

    1. Is it easy to put together?

Assembly is simple and quick, as the base is already pre-assembled and all the tools you need are included.

    1. Is it easy to use?

Yes. There are lots of different exercises to perform at all levels, from beginner to advanced, making it easy to use.

As you can see, the Merax Vertical Climber is a true all-in-one machine, giving you an effective full body workout that is guaranteed to get you in great shape. With its sleek and sturdy design and compact features, it can fit in any home and work with any body type, so everyone can look and feel their best.

With the ability to provide cardio and toning exercise benefits, this is a machine that can transform you, making you exercise regularly- and actually enjoy it. The Merax Vertical Climber eliminates hassles and excuses- so get out of your own way and go get one today.

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