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Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine Platform Review – More benefits with less effort!

Gone are the days of the 1930’s “fat jiggler” machines, but not entirely! In between, we had those vibrating bands that housewives would stand in and drink long island ice teas while the machine “jiggled” their fat away, and now the Hurtle Vibration Platform has brought the vibrating machine back—with actual science behind it (or so they say).

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Vibration platforms have become a thing again, and this time they have a bit of data to back up their (albeit modest) benefits. Using movement, oscilllation, and vibration, they engage all your muscles, making a generally mundane workout much more challenging. In this Hurtle Vibration Platform review we’ll explain how these machines work, and why the Hurtle model is a sound option.

Vibration Platforms: Jiggle Away Your Fat

Studies have shown that vibrating fitness platforms have a whole wealth of physical benefits, increasing bone density, muscle mass, and flexibility when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This means that if you follow a regimen, and exercise WITH this machine, you’ll see results in less time.

They’re not magic machines. You can’t just flip on the machine, lean back, and watching TV while sipping a mojito (Picture the mom in “That 70’s Show”),  and expect results. A vibrating platform is meant to enhance a workout by adding elements of balance.  The machine’s vibrations trick your body into working for stability.  This accesses your legs, core and torso while you are focusing on your workout. And all that adds up to a stronger, leaner body over time.

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine Platform: Features & Benefits

Some of the key features of the Hurtle Vibration Platform that bring it a step above the rest are:

3D Oscillating Motion Technology

Yep, it goes back, forth, up, and down. Changing direction gives you more options in your workout.

20 Speed Levels

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The Hurtle HURVBTR30 boasts 20 speed levels.  Every single level is noticeably stronger than the level before.  It takes time and work to get to the point where you can maintain your workout in the upper levels.  You can easily click between levels with the remote.  Start with 1, and give you body a chance to get used to maintaining its stability before you crank it up to full speed.  These levels are the challenge that will give you the core workout that you’re looking for.

Arm Resistance Bands


The included resistance bands are what really give you an opportunity to make this a well-rounded workout.  They are minimal resistance (comparable to a 5-10lbs barbell, depending on how you use it) and clip right to the underside of the platform.  With the bands, you can add a wealth of workout moves to your routine.  Start with just standing while doing arm curls.

The vibrations combined with the arm workout engage your body more completely and help you access your core muscles.  For an advanced move, try a squat while curling your biceps.  This combines balance, strength and flexibility and activates your glutes and quadriceps.  You will feel it the next day! See other Vibration Platforms here.

Remote control

If you are in the middle of a workout and you have to bend over to change settings on the machine every time you have to change it, it get’s difficult.  The vibrations make it difficult to bend over, so without a remote, you would have to get off the machine every time you needed to change speed.  With the remote, it’s easy to quickly increase or decrease the vibration speed.

Compact Size and affordability

It seems the larger vibrating platforms with standing bars are everywhere.  They are bulky, twice the price, and difficult to move.  Not the Hurtle HURVBTR30; the size of the platform on the Hurtle makes it both versatile and affordable.

HurtlePros & Cons

Looking in-depth at this product, let’s go over the overall benefits of this machine versus the down-sides:


It is small and compact – especially compared to the larger, more expensive models with handrails.  It can be stored under a bed or arm chair easily.

One of the things we all look for in a fitness tool: it’s easy to use.  There is no assembly required and the bells and whistles are very straight-forward.  Pull it out of the box, plug it in and get on it!  You can make your workout simple or advanced, or you can just use it as a supplement to your daily activity.

However you use it, there is nothing complicated about its operation.  Check out 10MinuteFitness on Youtube and Lee Novack takes you through several exercises that you can use the vibrating platform for.


My only pet peeve about this machine is that the remote is pretty big.  In this day and age, remotes can be tiny.  I really wanted something that would fit in the pocket of my gym shorts.  That being said, I just set it on a table within reach and it works fine to change speed levels.


What Comes in the Box

 Here are all the goodies you should expect when your vibrating platforms arrives in the mail:

  • Vibrating platform (standard)
  • 2 arm resistance bands
  • Remote control (no batteries)
  • Owner’s manual

Hurtle vs Pinty Mini Crazy Platform: Who is the Winner?

Compared to a similar vibration platform model, the Pinty Mini Crazy Platform, the Hurtle has been tried and is trusted by many more people.  The Pinty platform is heavier and slightly larger, which makes it more difficult to stow.  Unless you have a dedicated exercise room, something that you use every day for 10 minutes needs to be easy to move out of the way once you are done with it.

The Pinty claims to have 99 speed levels, but the difference between levels are almost impossible to notice.  Customers responded to the Pinty saying it had “more like 10 levels”.  The Hurtle platform has 20 distinctly different speeds, which give the user much more versatility as they go through their exercise routines.

Hurtle Vibration Platform Customer Feedback

People who own the Hurtle Vibration Platform are talking about it.  Scott, a runner who bought the platform to augment his training routine gave it a 5-star review and says, “Outstanding value. Well made. Received quick in perfect condition. We’ve enjoyed the Hurtle machine. 12 minutes twice a day as a supplement to my running.”

More and more people are trying the Hurtle and it is getting 5-star reviews from everyone:  from customers who are using it as their main exercise tool, to the older generation who are working to increase their bone density and balance, to professional athletes who are using vibration to augment their daily training routine.


Q&A – What do people want to know about this vibration platform


Q “How loud it is?”

 A: Not loud at all.  I had the television on at normal sound level and I had no problem hearing it.  It is similar to a modern dryer in the noise it makes

Q “How much does it weigh?”

A: 32.8 lbs.  It’s lighter than any other vibrating platform out there.

Q “What is the frequency of vibrations?”

A: The Hurtle vibrates at 5-13HZ.  For therapeutic use, most people are looking for at least 30HZ.

People who have tried the Hurtle Vibration Platform love it and the benefits have been proven by scientific studies. It is an easy-to-use exercise device that is great for kick-starting your new exercise routine – or for adding a challenge to an existing routine.  Build up your strength, flexibility, balance, and bone density.  Hop on the platform, because its time to get to work!
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