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Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack Review


Every iron fan has dreamt of their own garage gym and the opportunity to lift whenever they want. And that seems to be exactly who Force USA had in mind when designing the MyRack Folding Power Rack. A centerpiece for every gym worthy of the term, the power rack is essentially a squat rack augmented to house numerous other excises simultaneously. But not everyone has the space sufficient for a big, fixed unit, whereas the MyRack Folding Power Rack is not just closeable, but easy to relocate if need be. And whereas most folding rack systems require a wall mount, this model does not – but floor bolts are required – all the while offering a 2,000-pound base rack weight rating.

The base rack itself is constructed with laser-cut 12-gauge steel at 2.4 inches x 2.4 inches, with 10-gauge steel support brackets. The assembled dimensions are 41 inches deep by 49 inches wide and 86 inches high, while the folded version is only 20 inches by 52 inches and 84 inches. Total base product weight is only 176 pounds, which is downright amazing relative to its non-folding peers. With Westside spacing, there are 54 adjustment points front and back with a unique featuring being that the lower bench heights are 1-inch apart whereas the squat height levels have 2-inch spacing. The MyRack Folding Power Rack features a lifetime structural warranty and does arrive shipped in three separate boxes.


Great selection of optional attachments
Low price
Solid enough for nearly all lifters


The unique sizing means competitors' attachments might not fir
Constructed from 12-gauge instead of 11-gauge steel
Attachments must be purchased separately

Built to Customize

While the base rack unit itself is perfectly suited for squats, bench press, deadlifts, overhead presses, rack pulls, barbell curls and every other exercise one would use a power rack for, a unique feature of the Force USA model is the number of variations it’s designed to accommodate. The system comes ready to incorporate multiple attachments, and with a base price of only $499.99, one has lots of room to personalize, whereas most racks come with features they might not want and a cost they can’t avoid. The fact that the Force USA model is built with 2.4- x 2.4-inch uprights means attachments from other manufacturers might not fit. That said, the unit has as options: Pull-up bar; cable crossover attachment; lat pull down/low row attachment; standard and deluxe J-Hooks; monolift attachment; weight plate holders; dip handle; landmine attachment; band pegs; box tube safeties; safety slings; and safety spotter arms.

The number of specially designed options available for additional purchase are unique, especially a cable crossover attachment for a power rack. All in all, the model can afford lifters as many as 100 different configurations without the limits of a weight stack. The fact that the consumer can pick and choose as they go with this model is a big benefit for the garage gym. Instead of having to purchase numerous dumbells and other machines, this one unit offers attachments that allow them to replicate those movements. For those lifters who prefer the feel of barbells and plates instead machines and weight-stacks, this unit is a real winner in that regard. Meanwhile, for the lifter who simply wants to bench, squat, and press overhead, this basic package will handle all they can, given the 2,000 pound weight rating.

Our Conclusion

Given the incredibly reasonable price of $499.99, it’s hard to say anything but positives here. Clearly this is not a unit that a large commercial facility would invest in, but for any lifter’s home, or for a personal trainer building out a studio, this really does hit all the right spots. With bolt-in technology, switching the attachments on and off is a matter of minutes, which any lifter is used to spending in any gym anyway. The Big 4 lifts – squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press – are well covered here with Westside hole spacing, and it’s a nice touch that the lower holes are 1-inch while the uppers are 2-inch, meaning this unit was built by people who know lifters. No question, this is a great buy for the right folks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why a folding rack?
A: It's more space efficient.
Q: Is there a limit on the weight used?
A: The Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack has a 2,000-pound limit.
Q: What exercises can be performed here?
A: Any exercises one would perform in a power rack.
Q: Is assembly required?
A: Yes, assembly is required and floor bolts are recommended.

Rating: 93%


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Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack

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