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The Conquer Vertical Climber Review: Climb the Ladder of Weight Loss Success

You might think, like I did, that a vertical climber is more hype than substance, but like me, you would be wrong.For years, I have been using the treadmill, and while it gets the job done, it is a bit boring. Plus, I still need to do other exercises to tone and work my upper body, so I decided to try a vertical climber. And let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made. Vertical climbers are not just the latest craze- they are a proven method of exercising that is even more effective as a treadmill. I could exercise in the comfort of my home, and in less time. For anyone who wants to lose weight, or maintain it, this machine will help you get there. If that sounds good to you, and you are interested in getting one of these machines, then check out my Conquer Vertical Climber review. I’ll explain what sets this machine apart from the others, and what it can do for you.

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What a Vertical Climber Can Do for You

Vertical climbers are all-in-one machines, allowing you to perform aerobic, toning and isolation moves. It is designed to mimic the motions associated with rock climbing, with stationary and movable arm and foot rests. What I love about them is that they engage every muscle group, but also allow you to spot train problem areas, like your thighs or that annoying under arm flab.

Here is a rundown of the great benefits of using one of these machines:

  • Tone your upper and lower body, as well as your core
  • Low-impact method for exercising, making it safer
  • Produces less stress on your joints
  • Burns more calories
  • Makes movement more proficient and effective
  • Good for the people who love hiking and want to practice rock climbing
  • Does not occupy a lot of space

The Conquer Vertical Climber Inside-Out Review

Of all the vertical climbers on the market, I found the Conquer model to be the best. Affordable, durable, and compact, it can fit in any size home or apartment. It’s even slim enough to fit in an office for lunch time workouts. Here is what the Conquer Vertical Climber has to offer:

  • Sturdy Design: this machine is made from steel, with a sturdy base, so it won’t rock no matter how vigorously you exercise. The steel enables it to remain upright, even if you weigh over 200-pounds, and the base, with non-slip pads, keeps it steady on any surface. You can use it on tile, hardwoods, rug and more without worry.
  • Ergonomic/Adjustable Handles: this machine is fitted with ergonomic handles, for a natural grip when you exercise. There are four handle, 2 stationary and 2 that can be moved, so you can tweak your movements accordingly. The grips are soft, so they won’t irritate or chafe as you exercise, and they feel comfortable.
    The placement and shape of the handles lets you vary your grip, so you can try different moves that work specific areas on your arm. And since they can be adjusted, you can be short or tall and use this machine without straining or slouching.
  • Chain and Sprocket Mechanism for Easy Use: with the Conquer, you can perform aerobic and toning movements easily thanks to smooth component that glide as you move. The chain and sprocket mechanism lets you go easy or hard, without it catching or stuttering.
    Other models and brands use a pulley system, which I found to be difficult. They would stop and start, and the movements were jerky. The Conquer was smooth, so I could concentrate on exercising.
  • Affordable: at under $125, this model is significantly less than others, but is of a superior quality. It has all the same features as the more expensive models and is built to last, making it a great investment.
  • Convenient: slim, yet durable, it fits in any space, so you can exercise anytime, anywhere. Plus, it can fold up, so you can store this model anywhere. If you have limited space, this is great, as you can slide it under a bed or couch when you’re not using it.

Pros & Cons of the Conquer Vertical Climber

There are a lot of great reasons to own a Conquer. To start, it is a high-quality machine, so it will last for years to come. It can hold upwards of 250-pounds, so almost anyone can use it, and it gets you results in less time. I love that you can work out at home- no traveling or wasting time.
And I really love that it works every part of my body, making me slimmer and stronger. I can do all my arm reps on it, either while I’m climbing or while stationary. It is by far the most versatile machine I’ve ever used.

On the down side, it can take a bit of work to put together. It is not complicated, and the instructions are simple, but it does need some assembly.

Q & A

Here are what users are asking about this machine:

Q. Can it hold a 250-pound man?

A. Yes. This model can take a lot of weight, up to 250-pounds safely, so it is good for guys and girls. No matter how hard you exercise, it will stay put.

Q. Do the hand and foot pegs move easily when in use?

A. Yes. The arm and foot rests slide up and down without incident. They don’t stick, so you can concentrate on your movements, instead of fighting the machine.

Q. Is it sturdy?

A. Yes, even on rug and tile it will not slide or tip.

I hope my Conquer Vertical Climber review helped you see all this machine can do for you. It is a solid investment, one that will last for years, and transform you into the person you want to be. Easy to use and efficient, you will see results, and in a shorter amount of time. This vertical climber is versatile, challenging, and fun- and buying one will be the best decision you ever made!See Best Price