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CLMBR Vertical Climber – A Review

Quick Take

The world of interactive training continues to climb higher in terms of offerings, with the CLMBR team scaling to new heights. Offered in two models, the CLMBR Pure and CLMBR Connected, the former is built with commercial gyms in mind while the latter is for either homes or businesses. Certainly worthy to compare among the top vertical climbers for 2020, this new offering brings the tech. From an engineering and construction standpoint the two models are pretty much the same, with the primary differences being in the interactive programming offered. The CLMBR Connected machines are compatible with Android and Apple products, and available with either a 10.5-inch or 21.5-inch interactive console. With 24-hour access to a virtual library of programming, climbers can participate in the CLMBR Community’s challenges, instructor-led workouts, and weekly on-demand routines. Designed to accommodate a wide range of individuals in terms of body styles and goals, the machine features 11 levels of discrete resistance. At $2,499 with an optional $39 per month membership plan, the CLMBR Connected sets atop the present offerings of home-based vertical climbers, just above the Sole CC81 Cardio Climber, which typically runs above $1,599, and well above the MaxiCimber at about $200. That said, the CLMBR Connected stands apart in terms of its included screen, larger frame, and discrete resistance as opposed to a flywheel.


Strength and conditioning in one machine.
High-quality digital programming.


The Clmbr is more expensive than rival models.
A new product, the 12-month warranty remains untested.



For many home fitness fans, the vertical climbing machine hits all the right goals. Designed to incorporate the entire body, lower through core to upper, the climber can actually burn more calories than treadmills or rowers. Definitely a challenge, the units stand upright as users crawl up a vertical using both handlebars and foot pedals. The CLMBR measures 34 inches x 33 inches x 92 inches, weighing in at 149 pounds. With a reach and step height of 20 inches, the CLMBR can accommodate users up to 7 feet in height with a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. Built-in caster wheels afford the machine mobility to move about the home or gym, and the entire piece is constructed from high-quality cast and extruded aluminum. Oversized, ribbed foot pedals secure the feet with optional straps, while quick-adjust handles sport 1.5-inch increments with three grip positions – over, under, and neutral. Extended handles are available for users over 6 feet 5 inches in height.

The CLMBR features a three-speaker, sweat-proof stereo system and wired power connection. Built with an open frame, climbers of any size up to 7 feet in height can use it in rooms with a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet. In addition to either a 10.5-inch or 21.5-inch touchscreen, the CLMBR also sports a small machine display with technical read-out in terms of exercise details such as Tempo, Reach, and Power. With 11 levels of discrete resistance, the CLMBR allows users to dial directly into the level desired. And this is where the unit differs from many of its competitors which utilize a flywheel based system. One of the most obvious advantages in the discrete resistance is that the unit is easier to move about the facility for lack of a heavy flywheel, and there ‘s also less maintenance .


Key Features and Benefits of the CLMBR

  • Total-Body Exercise — The vertical climber family of machines are ideal for delivering whole-body workouts. The CLMBR scales to new heights here with a discrete resistance package and 11 levels of resistance. Designed to offer users a vertical crawling experience, or climb, the machine hits lower and upper body simultaneously while also targeting the core.
  • Adjustability With multiple adjustments available, the CLMBR’s hand grips allow for different muscle groups to be accessed. With Not only can you alter the handlebars through 1.5-inch height increments through three settings – over, under, and neutral.
  • Compact — At 34 inches long, 33 inches wide, and 92 inches tall, the CLMBR is good sized unit. An added benefit to this model is the transport wheels, which allow for easy storage. Built to handle users up to 7 feet in height, the machine works in rooms with ceilings at least 8 feet.
  • Programming — The CLMBR app works on both Apple and Android products with a wide variety of workout styles ranging from yoga and Pilates to HIIT. View essential workout data on the included display, and interactive programming on the touchscreen, available in either 10.5-inch or 21.5-inch.
  • Sturdy — The high-quality cast and extruded aluminum frame is sturdy and can support up to 300 pounds. The CLMBR comes with a 30-day return policy, as well as a 12-month mechanical warranty on the parts, grips and water bottle holder for 60 days, and the touchscreen for 12 months.

Working out with the CLMBR

For those unaccustomed with vertical climbers, consider that they typically activate 86% of the body’s muscles. The CLMBR claims to burn 669 calories per 30 minutes, compared to 414 with a rower, 399 on a treadmill, and 399 on a spin bike. The whole-body concept is made manifest as users attach their feet within the pedals and push/pull the handlebars, in a vertical crawl against variable levels of resistance. To this degree, the machine offers both strength and cardio training, toning muscles and working the aerobic system.

The CLMBR offers interactive training videos as well as a plethora of tailored workouts along various paths. Whether the user wants to continue with the $39 per month membership plan that affords these or not is of course of to them, as is the case in most of the interactive home equipment packages coming along these days. The CLMBR app, available on both Apple and Android products, allows users to access their data or programs not just on the included screen, but on phones, tablets, or any device. Workout programs range from yoga and Pilates to HIIT. Equipped with a high-definition sound system, users can fully immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the workout in question. And ultimately this is where the CLMBR comes in atop the competitors, most of which lack these screen-based additions. Customers will have to make a decision as to whether or not they want to pay the extra money, or perhaps simply choose to watch a television set or listen to music while exercising. Wheels at the base ensure easy transport for quick storage, and as the machine is a vertical climber, it fits with fair ease into a close, or perhaps a corner.

To that degree, the CLMBR matches up well against the Sole CC81, our best-rated climber for 2020. The Sole unit sports a heftier 400-pound weight capacity and operates using a 25-pound flywheel, functioning as both an elliptical as well as a vertical climber in one. The CC81 also brings in fitness app integration and heart rate monitoring, but lacks the screen size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the benefit of using a vertical climber?
A: Strength and aerobic conditioning in one unit, the climber burns more calories than most other home exercise machines.
Q: Is it easy to operate?
A: No harder than crawling upward, the vertical climber is quite easy to use.
Q: Can regulate resistance?
A: The Clmbr uses discrete resistance.

Rating: 90%


Product Type

Vertical Climber



Overall Rating

90 %

Maximum Weight Capacity

300 pounds

Maximum User Weight Capcity

300 pounds

Handle Width

33 inches





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