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Best P.volve Kits and Bundles for At-Home Workouts

You may have already heard of P.volve, an innovative low-impact training method designed to strengthen and sculpt your body through controlled muscle movements. The method centers on form-focused movements which don’t put too much (if any) stress on your body, so it’s perfect for those who are looking for a new low-impact training routine at home. The brand has a range of strength training equipment to choose from which complements their streamed workout videos. If you want to focus on one area of your body to start with such as abs and arms, you can buy one of their individual equipment pieces which suit your workout needs such as their (for hands-free upper-body resistance training). However, investing in one of their curated kits or bundles will help you get the most out of the P.volve method in the long term. Not only will having a wider range of equipment allow you to follow along with a wider variety of workouts, but it will also mean you can diversify your training and target different muscles every time you work out. Check out our five favorite P.volve kits and bundles below.

Best Overall


Ultimate P.volve Bundle

Rating: 93%

Our Top Five Recommended P.volve Kits and Bundles




Includes Streaming



Best Overall
Ultimate P.volve Bundle


3 Months

Best Ultimate Bundle
Summit 60 Bundle


2 Months

Best For Beginners
Beginner Kit


Transform Kit


No Starter Kit


Arms & Abs Dvd And Digital Copy

The P.volve Method

P.volve is a resistance-based fitness method which centers on precise, low-impact movements. The focus is on sculpting and strengthening through controlled reps and connecting “mind to muscle”, so it won’t put a lot of stress on your body. It’s great for anyone looking for low-impact workouts. As you perfect the form-focused movements, you will get more and more out of the method. As with any exercise, it’s really a case of “you get out what you put in”. You will get the most out of the method if you use their equipment alongside specific P.volve workouts which you can access via their streaming platform. There are a few packages available, starting at $19.99 per month. With access to hundreds of workout videos led by P.volve professionals on demand, you can fine-tune your P.volve method from the comfort of your own living room without having to head to the studio. New workout videos are added weekly. You can filter the videos by body focus, length and more depending on what you want to focus on that day and what you have time for. You can also create a plan based on your unique fitness goals, track your stats, and get nutrition guidance.


Key P.volve Equipment

There is a range of individual P.volve equipment as well as a variety of kits and bundles. Some of the key pieces include:

  • P.ball: The P.ball is an inflated ball with an attached elastic band that works to engage and sculpt your glutes, thighs and core.
  • The strengthens and tones the upper body through hands-free resistance training.
  • P.3 trainer: A resistance training tool comprised of a handle, ball, and ankle straps spanning the entire body.

Many of these are found in the kits and bundles, of which there is a variety to choose from depending on your workout needs and budget. Then there’s a variety of other P.volve gear you can add on (also featured in many of the kits) to diversify your training.

  • Foam Roller: The 2.4-lb. roller can be used for recovery as well as a tool to diversify your training.
  • P.Mat: A comfortable “all-rounder” workoumat.
  • Ankle Bands: The ankle bands can be used to open the hips as well as to strengthen the lower body.
  • Gliders: The round training discs allow for variety of strength training exercises. You can add on glider gloves which allow you to move over non-carpeted surfaces. 
  • Slant Board: The board allows you to bring your P.volve workouts up a notch and activate more muscles with every movement.
  • Weights: P.volve sells a variety of hand weights, ankle weights.

1. Ultimate P.volve Bundle

With the Ultimate P.volve Bundle, you’ll get your hands on all of the brand’s essential home gym equipment. The kit includes a p.ball, gliders, 2lb. hand weights, light ankle band, heavy ankle band, 1.5lb. ankle weights, 3lb. ankle weights and a This selection of equipment allows you to work virtually any area of your body. Three months of streaming is also included, allowing you to perfect your P.volve form with help from the professionals. $200 may seem steep at first, but when you consider this will be your whole home gym kit as well as training guidance for a few months, it’s a good deal. Most people who start the training are keen to carry on, and with this kit, you’ll have enough equipment at your fingertips to stay motivated and challenged as you progress.

2. Summit 60 Bundle

If you want the whole package, go for the Summit 60 Bundle. As the brand’s complete home gym it includes a, gliders, light ankle band, heavy ankle band, 1.5lb. ankle weights, 3lb. ankle weights, slant board, precision foam roller and the p.3 trainer. That’s adding the slant board, precision foam roller and the p.3 trainer into the package if you’re comparing it to the Ultimate P.volve Bundle above. For over double the price of the above, however, you should only invest in this bundle if you know you are going to continually use those extra three pieces of equipment. With this bundle you can take part in the Summit 60 series: an 8-week, total-body challenge. Although pricey, if you’re a P.volve convert, you may want to step it up to the brand’s most inclusive equipment selection (this one). If you’re just starting out, however, we would recommend choosing one of the other curated kits such as the Ultimate P.volve Bundle or the Beginner Kit. Just be sure to pay for at least a few months of streaming so you can learn how to make the most out of your equipment.

3. Beginner Kit

New to P.volve? Their Beginner Kit has enough equipment to make your home workout diverse and challenging without you having to commit to a full bundle or hefty price tag. It sells for $79.99, but the package features $95 of kit bundled for less. The kit features a handful of P.volve’s must-have tools including their p.ball, light ankle weights and 2-lb. hand weights. This selection allows you to target different muscles each time you work out so you can build a total-body strengthening fitness routine from home. We would recommend pairing this kit with their streaming service ($19.99 per month or get a more long-term and better value streaming bundle) so you can learn the P.volve form and technique, as well as tracking your workouts, getting nutrition guidance and more. This is especially true for beginners, but is also best for anyone looking to get the most out of their P.volve equipment at home.

4. Transform Kit

Looking to spend a bit less than the Ultimate Bundle but still want to diversify your strength training at home? P.volve’s Transform Kit offers a good selection of their first-to-market equipment. It includes the and p.3 trainer all for under $150. Work your glutes, thighs and core as well as strengthening your upper body.

5. Starter Kit

New to P.volve or just want to focus on your abs and arms? For just $36.99 you’ll get the Starter Pack featuring the and the brand’s 20-minute sculpted arms and abs DVD (as well as a digital copy). Work every part of your arms, back and core with the and perfect your form and technique.