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Best Push-Up Bars

Don’t be fooled by the barbells, old school bodyweight exercises definitely work, and push-ups are still a legitimate test of fitness. Push-up bars are a great, inexpensive tool to help with the job. A staple of military units the whole world over, boxing champions, and functional fitness fans, the bench press calls the push-up granddaddy. Whether incorporating them into a barbell workout, or done as part of a pure bodyweight program, by varying the hand and body position during push-up drills, one can hit every muscle group in the upper body, not to mention the core and, to a lesser extent, the legs. No piece of candy, the push-up bars, or grips, are easy-to-transport pieces of equipment which can facilitate this wherever and whenever you’re wanting to work out.

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Power Press Original Push-Up Board System

Rating: 97%

Best Push-Up Bars








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Power Press Original Push-Up Board System




Workout Shape
BEIKEJU Push-Up Bars




Pyramid of Success
Aihoye Push-Up Stands




CAP Barbell Push-Up Bars




Push Up Pro Iron Gym




Plethora of Push-Ups

The variations of push-ups available to fitness fans are nearly unlimited. As a rule, the narrower the grip, the more emphasis is placed on the triceps. The wider the grip, the more the chest and upper back are worked. Push-ups can also be done while moving laterally to create a stretching effect, and with the assistance of push-up bars, elevation can also deep the stretch afforded. The Internet is chock full of push-up routines and various positioning options. Whether as hand-stands, or with the feet up on a bench, just about any upper body movement can be replicated with the exercise.

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Stamina or Strength?

It’s a long-running question as to whether bodyweight movements increase stamina or strength, and the general consensus is that both benefit. Hypertrophy is achieved any time muscle fibers are broken down during exercise, and stamina increases with frequency. Unless you’re repping out hundreds of push-ups non-stop, there’s plenty of room for improvement here with much less stress on the joints than when using barbells.

Give This A Try

One favorite push-up routine involves super-setting the exercise with pull-ups. Beginners should start with 4 sets of their maximum, meaning you’ll perform as many wide-grip pull-ups as possible, then drop to the floor for a max-out set of push-ups. Give yourself 25 seconds rest, then repeat for three more sets. As you advance, the number of repetitions will obviously increase. This provides a great pump in the upper body as blood rushes into the lats and upper chest, then back again into the triceps.

Another fan favorite is to superset the push-up with bench press for an interesting reversal of forces. For this one, try to increase the number of push-up repetitions with each workout, just as you would your bench press reps. It’s an interesting feel that you’ll notice immediately as the body adjusts from pushing upwards to downwards.

1. Power Press Original Push-Up Board System

Push-ups as a board game? Why not? The Power Press Original Push-Up Board System offers handles on a floor board unit with more than 30 positions open based on the slots into which the grips are moved. With a wide-to-narrow series of positions available, users can hit any of the upper body muscle groups as well as those in the core per instructions and a color-coded system on the board. The 36-inch long by 16.5-inch wide and 2-inch deep board has a 300-pound user weight capacity and is constructed of heavy-duty 2pc board. The total weight of the unit is 11 pounds and fits easily into a travel suitcase. Also included is a 10-week workout and conditioning calendar covering plyometrics, cardio, and strength.


Adds fun to the workout
High quality material
30 different options


Requires more space
Taller users might find it limiting
Have to transport

2. BEIKEJU Push-Up Bars

High-quality foam comfort grips covering steel, the BEIJEJU push-up bars feature an “S” shape for ergonomic stability and wrist support. Measuring 20mm in diameter, the unique shape helps improve load capacity while maintaining comfort. A rubber and wool base help protect the floor from damage while using, and also stave off slipping. Weighing in at a whopping 1.11 pounds, the grips are easy to transport, measuring only 7 inches long by 5.67 inches wide and 5.24 inches high. With a height of 5.24 inches, the units allow for good depth while performing the push-up from any angle, thus deepening the descent and stretching the muscles worked.


Unique "S" shape
Solid steel design
Easy transport


Requires sufficient strength to use
Doesn't come with instructions
No nutrition guide

3. Aihoye Push-Up Stands

With a triangular shape, the Aihoye Push-Up Stands offer a foldable design which allows users to simply snap the stands together into a small rectangle for easy transport and storage. Measuring 6.3 inches long and 5.3 inches wide at the base of the triangle, the unit stands 5.1 inches high. The triangular design guarantees stability of the units and a 660-pound weight capacity. Constructed around built-in stainless steel piping and reinforced nylon, the units have a non-slip base prevents floor damage or scooting. The Aihoye Push-Up Stands also come with a one-year warranty and free replacement policy.


Foldable design
Triangle Shape
660lb capacity


Users with extremely large or small hands might find difficult
No workout guide provided
Must be strong enough to use

4. CAP Barbell Push-Up Bars

Bright and shiny, the CAP Barbell Push-Up Bars offer a chrome-plated addition to any workout with slip-resistant foam covered handles for comfort, and hard rubber footpads. Weighing in at 1.94 pounds, the units are 10.24 inches long by 6.69 inches wide and 5.51 inches high. An attractive unit, the pair store easily in a gym bag for travel, and sport a “U” shape for weight support while the exercises are performed.


Chrome finish


Longer units harder to transport
No workout guide
Could be hard on hands

5. Push Up Pro Iron Gym

Push-ups with a twist, the Push Up Pro from Iron Gym features handles on two circular pads offering a smooth, ball bearing rotation. With non-slip grips and base, the unit holds up to 400 pounds and comes with a workout and nutrition guide. With the ability to rotate, the units offer a number of variations to the traditional push-up. Weighing in at 2.25 pounds, the units measure 12.6 inches long, by 3.7 inches wide, by 8.1 inches high, making it one of the taller units on the market.


Great rotational element
Great height
Workout and nutrition guide


Larger and harder to transport
Have to strong enough to use
Could be hard on wrists