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Best Folding Squat Rack

Hitting the gym on a regular basis is getting more difficult, and fitness fans are bringing the gear home. The best folding squat racks are quite literally hard to keep in stock as retailers ship them off daily. Great no matter how small a space, these folding squats can be set up inside one’s apartment, home, garage, or anywhere a secure wall can be found.

Perhaps one of the most space-efficient pieces of fitness equipment on the market today, the folding squat rack offers a wall mount with not just J-Hooks, but often a pull up bar. Squats, bench press, overhead press, and in many cases deadlifts and rack pulls can all be performed with nothing more than an Olympic barbell to match. Once the workout is finished, the racks can be folded back or even moved away, transforming the room back into it’s normal status.

Length, width, and height are key considerations, and as always, cost. But with all of these folding squat racks to choose from, there’s really no reason to miss a strength workout ever again.

Best Overall

French Fitness Folding Cable Power Rack/Cage

Rating: 96%

Best Folding Squat Rack





Pull-Up Bar



Best Overall
French Fitness Folding Cable Power Rack/Cage

60 Mm X 60 Mm X 2 Mm

90 Inches

Most Simple
PRx Performance Profile Squat Rack


90 Inches

Best Price
Rogue RML-90 Slim Rack


90.375 Inches


Rogue R-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack


90.375 Inches

Force USA MyRack Folding Rack


86 Inches


What to Look For in a Folding Squat Rack

There’s no question that squats are a favorite among leg exercises. But most lifters who squat also want other exercise options as well, and this is a key to look for when shopping for folding racks. Do check the maximum weight capacity afforded by the unit, and also make sure the walls in question will hold that. Some of the best squat racks offer up to 2,000 pounds in terms of capacity, so there’s no real limit to the lifts as far the rack is concerned.

The big advantage to a folding squat rack is that it allows folks in smaller places, like apartments, the ability to squat big. Whereas most rack system seem to be designed for garages and small gyms, the folding squat rack requires a little more than a solid interior wall. And with most of these units sporting Westside hole spacing, overhead presses and more are also doable.

Consider that one really can boil down a strength training plan to squats, overhead lifts, and barbell rows. The foldable squat rack affords that without so much as a bench. So, even without a big fancy garage full of gear, solid lifting is an option. No wonder the best foldable squat racks are selling like hotcakes.

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1. French Fitness Folding Cable Power Rack/Cage

An all-inclusive folding rack system, the French Fitness unit brings the whole package home. Measuring 65.5 x 29 x 90 inches when folded, the unit spreads out to 65.5 x 61 x 87 inches unfolded. Constructed of main tubing sized 60 mm x 60 mm x 2 mm, the squat rack has an electrostatic powder coat finish and comes with rubberized feet to protect the base of the frame.

Unique elements to this unit include the hand grips and numerous work stations. Whereas most foldable squat racks feature a simple rack and perhaps pull-up station, the French Fitness piece brings:

  • Low Pulley (Ankle Raises, Seated Rows, Bicep curls, One Arm Lat Raise, One Arm Rear Delt, One Arm Bicep Curls, One Legged Leg Curls, One Legged Leg Extension, Standing Shrugs)
  • High Pulley (Lat Pulldown, Tricep Pushdowns, Tricep Extensions)
  • Pull Up / Chin Up Bar

Probably one of the most inclusive units on the market, the French Fitness ordering page also offers a number of additional offerings for point-of-purchase, to include barbells and weights. This unit is quite literally a gym-on-the-wall.


Deluxe offerings
Multiple stations folded into one


Assembly could be complicated

2. PRx Performance Profile Squat Rack

Part of the PRx family of fitness products as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, this folding squat rack can be purchased alone, or as part of a complete space-efficient workout set. Designed to transform any apartment or home into an exercise room, it requires just four feet of wall space.

The unit itself brings the 2×3-inch 11-gauge steel uprights measuring 7 feet 6 inches, as well as a 42-inch textured kipping pull-up bar, 2×3-inch J-Cups, plastic foot plugs, and four 100-pound gas shocks. The uprights feature 3-inch hole spacing. The package also includes mounting brackets and 5/8-inch hardware, all of which are Black Onyx powder coated.

Made in the USA, this wall mounted, space saving squat rack can hold up to 1,000 pounds, which is more than sufficient for lifters of any level. That said, users should keep in mind installation is required. Four wall studs spaced 16 inches on-center, or three studs spaced 24 inches on-center, are required. If that’s not possible, consider using a string board or some other form of backing.

Designed to fit anywhere, it’s important to note that with 90-inch uprights, 108-inch ceilings are preferable, as users will be performing pull-ups.


1,000-pound capacity
Textured pull-up bar


Requires high ceilings

3. Rogue RML-90 Slim Rack

Designed to accommodate both a small budget and space, the Rogue RML-90 Slim Rack operates off two, wall-mounted Monster Lite 90.375-inch uprights constructed of 3×3-inch, 11-gauge steel. Manufactured in the USA, the uprights include Westside-style hole spacing, with 1-inch through the bench an clean pull zone, and 2-inch above and below that.

With a textured black finish, purchase includes a pair of Monster Lite J-Cups, and plastic feet to protect flooring. When ordering, customers can select the type of mount – bracket vs. crossmember – and whether to include stringers and/or a 43-inch single pull-up bar.

The entire folding squat rack weighs 165 pounds, including the stringers and pull-up bar.  The rack is 14 inches long, or deep from the mounting surface, 49 inches wide outside the uprights, and 43 inches wide inside.


Great price


Pull-up bar optional
Missing bells and whistles

4. Rogue R-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

Designed to fold inward or out, the Rogue R-3W operates off a pair of 2×3-inch, 11-gauge steel uprights, each with 2-inch on-center hole spacing, Westside-style. The rack’s folding mechanism utilizes a hinge-and-pin system for easy installation and secure locking.
Made in the USA, the steel uprights measure 90.375 inches in height and offer an inside depth of 20.5 or 40.5 inches. The purchase comes with one set of J-Cups, four mounting brackets, four 5-inch detent pins, one quick-attach pull-up bar, two 4-inch hitchpins with lanyard for locking in the pull-up bar, two plastic caps for floor protection. The unit has a black powder coat finish.
The folding squat rack itself weighs 140 or 160 pounds depending on the swing, and sets 55 inches wide overall from the wall, 47 inches wide on the outside uprights, 43 inches wide inside the uprights.
Setting up the unit depth from the wall will be a big consideration when determining whether or not to utilize this as a bench press as well. That said, the unit can fit easily inside an apartment, home, or garage.


Great price
Westside spacing


A little far from wall

5. Force USA MyRack Folding Rack

The Force USA MyRack Folding Rack brings top-quality design to bedroom, basement, or garage, with 10 different attachment options, Westside hole spacing, and a whopping 2,000 pound weight rating. The unit also features a lifetime structural warranty.

When operating, the unit measures 49 x 41 x 86 inches. Folded, it’s 52 x 20 x 84 inches, against the wall. Unlike other folding racks, this unit doesn’t necessarily have to be mounted to a wall. The fold-away design allows it be utilized in tight spaces and features a pop-pin mechanism for opening and closing.

Constructed from 12-gauge steel uprights, the units feature Westside spacing with 54 different adjustment points on both the rear and front. Check out our full review here.


Doesn't require wall
Whopping 2,000 pound capacity


Availability a question
May be too much for the average lifter