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Best Dumbbell Racks

A garage gym just isn’t complete without dumbbells. But how many are too many, and where do you put them? Enter the dumbbell rack. Offered in a variety of shapes and stylings, with prices ranging accordingly, the dumbbell rack offers home fitness fans and commercial gym owners alike a great way to store their gear. Every lifter is a little different obviously, and so if buying for a home gym, keep in mind the variance of size in your dumbbells. Some folks prefer a grouping of a lighter, rubber units, others start out at 50s and go to 150 pounds. Yes, you might find that a dumbbell rack has a magnetic quality for the iron, and if you’ve only a few units now, the collection is bound to grow into the rack, like a garage full of wrenches. But that’s certainly a better sight than a floor cluttered with heavy metal toe-stubbers, right?

Best Overall

The Marcy 3 Tier Metal Steel Dumbbell Rack DBR-86

Rating: 93%

Best Dumbbell Racks





Weight Capacity



Top Tri-Level
The Marcy 3 Tier Metal Steel Dumbbell Rack DBR-86



300 Lbs

Grade A+
Akyen A-Frame Dumbbell Rack, 2020



570 Lbs

Heavy Duty
CAP Barbell 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack 51”



1,000 Lbs

CAP Barbell 24” Utility Rack



300 Lbs

CAP Barbell Two Tier Dumbbell Rack



500 Lbs

Why Dumbbells?

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, or the average fitness fan, dumbbells make for great workout gear. The variety of exercises one can perform with even small units is impressive. Typically used for single-joint exercises like lateral raises for the shoulders, high reps and low weight can build up mountains of muscles. And unlike larger barbells, dumbbells are easy to move around for various exercises. This is particularly true for folks working out at home who don’t have giant power racks at their disposal. The same burn can be earned with dumbbell lunges as with leg extensions and leg curls, but there’s no space-taking equipment required.

The Downside

The big downside to dumbbells is like your kids’ toys, they can clutter up a gym if not stored properly. Enter the dumbbell rack. The more units you have, the more necessary a holder becomes. Whether you have a small set of 2.5-15-pounders, or a few big 70’s, having a dedicated space for them makes a for a safer gym. And let’s face it, iron is addictive. One pair gets lonely and often leads to two. Investing in the right rack for you can save a lot toe nails going forward.

1. The Marcy 3 Tier Metal Steel Dumbbell Rack DBR-86

With three angled tiers, the March 3 Tier offers an attractive powder coat finish and a good look to your gym. The rack’s assembled dimensions are 37-inches x 24.5-inches x 32-inches and the unit itself weighs 56 pounds. With a load capacity of 12 individual dumbbells, it can hold up to 300 pounds, and features a two-year limited warranty. The rubberized feet of the shelf-like rack help absorb shock and protect flooring from scratching. The frame rails are also high-grade welded steel and customer reviews observe that the rails can be flipped over when assembling without sacrificing integrity, if the customer feels it’s easier to place the dumbbells with the lip facing in the other direction.


Three tiers
High-grade materials
Great price


Assembly required
Harder to move around gym
Might be too much for some

2. Akyen A-Frame Dumbbell Rack, 2020

The updated 2020 version of Akyen’s A-Frame Dumbbell Rack features heavy-gauge steel tubing and a durable black powder coat finish for long-lasting performance. Shaped like an “A,” or a pyramid, the 25.2-inch x 16.1-inch x 34.4-inch piece has between 4.64 inches and 5.71 inches between the slots. Designed to hold up to 10 dumbbells between 0 and 100 pounds, the unit has a total weight capacity of 570 pounds. Rubber inserts prevent damage to the individual dumbbells, and rubber end caps on the legs keep flooring safe. The purpose of the “A” shape is to afford more floor space. The unit comes with a one-year warranty and has a weight of 27 pounds itself.


Space-saving "A" shape
Great weight capacity
Holds up to 100-pounders


Harder to move around
Assembly required
May be too much for some

3. CAP Barbell 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack 51”

Offering a little more storage space, the CAP Barbell 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack sports a length of 51.1 inches, a width of 25.5 inches, and a height of 37.4 inches, and a unit weight of 50.5 pounds. Three angled shelves afford users a variety of options and space for placement and the unit itself has a 1,000 pound weight capacity. Heavy gauge steel tubing guarantees a solid piece. The manufacturer advises against fully tightening the bots until the rack is fully assembled so as to achieve a uniform hold. Rubberized feet guard against floor damage and the empty piece is easy to move about the gym.


Superb weight capacity
Great space afforded
High-grade materials


Might be too much for some
Large foot print
Assembly required

4. CAP Barbell 24” Utility Rack

A durable little box unit weighing just 16.53 pounds, the CAP Barbell 24” Utility Rack measures 24 inches long, by 18.11 inches wide, and 23.62 inches high. The unit has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and is constructed of durable, high-grade steel tubing. Rubberized feet help protect the floor from scratching or damage. Definitely designed to contain a larger number of smaller dumbbells, the benefit to the small, box shape is that it takes up less space in your gym. Easy to assemble, the unit can be moved around your gym without struggle.


Square box saves space
Small foot print
Easy to move


Limited number of dumbbells can fit
Assembly required
Might not be enough for some

5. CAP Barbell Two Tier Dumbbell Rack

A compact model, the CAP Barbell Two Tier Dumbbell Rack comes in a sporting black and white coloring with 40 inches of storage space. The unit measures 25-inches x 16-inches x 23-inches and weighs 20.94 pounds. Designed for the Hex brand of dumbbells, the unit can handle any, but is best used with under-25-pounders. Built with a 500-pound weight capacity, the user will never actually come close to that, but can rest assured of the model’s solid build. The top rack is flat while the bottom is angled for easier lifting out of the placeholders. Rubberized feet help protect the floor from damage.


Low price
Small foot print
Terrific weight capacity


Best for under 25-pounders
May not be enough for some
Assembly required