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Buying Garmin? Which Product is Right 2015: Garmin Vivofit vs Vivosmart

A lot of people are buying fitness devices, and tons of people are buying Garmin; but which product is better – Garmin Vivosmart or Garmin Vivofit? We know that this time of year can be especially stressful, so we’re here to give you all the juicy details you’re looking for this holiday season to help you decide exactly what you want to buy in the world of fitness devices. This is especially true if you’re looking to find any good Vivofit discounts this year.

Garmin Vivofit versus Garmin Vivosmart - Which Fitness Tracker fits you more?

These devices are two pieces to the overall puzzle of fitness. Each one has it’s pros and cons; but it’s a tough decision. The Vivofit is a super affordable, easy to operate system; but the Vivosmart has more technology behind it; and an LED screen so you can see the time and all your statistics at night. So which do you choose? Let’s begin with the basics to help you make a balanced decision with all the facts.

The best part about these devices is that they both come from a group of products with a long history of quality. Garmin has some of the best tracking devices out there– now from car services to personal devices and everything in between; giving you the complete handle on your health in every single aspect. Most importantly when you’re getting in shape you need to work on things like burning calories to lose weight; increasing your heart rate to strengthen your heart; and extra cardiovascular training to improve the quantity, quality, and efficiency of your breathing as well as improve you or your loved one’s quality of life.

Face-Off: Garmin Vivofit versus Garmin Vivosmart

Since these products are so similar, being marketed by the same designer shortly after each other; we’re going to take an approach that figures out the little details you’ll want to know when making the decision to upgrade your technology this Christmas for that special someone.



Both the Vivofit and the Vivosmart are designed completely differently. The Vivofit looks more like a watch, where the Vivosmart appears more like a wristband. The OLED hidden screen on the Vivosmart is definitely cool and handy, a marked improvement over button pressing to change the settings that Vivofit uses; plus a nifty back-light makes the Vivosmart more capable in zero light conditions, however most users haven’t really complained about the viability on the Vivofit because of the way the Vivofit’s text is color is easily readable on the screen color.


One of the biggest differences here is that the Vivosmart has a whole lot of phone connectivity that the Vivofit simply doesn’t. If you like multitasking; then you’re going to want the Vivosmart- but negative sentiments about how the connectivity is functioning in the earliest models might make you want to look for another model.


This is where you’ll really make your decision. The Vivofit is much cheaper than the Vivosmart, with very similar features. If you’re wanting to spend less- go with the Vivofit; which is awesome in it’s own accord. If you want more bells and whistles and an awesome screen that is responsive to you, spend a little more (maybe a lot more if you’re looking for a heart beat monitor). It may just end up being your budget that decides which Garmin device is better for you or your loved one this season.

Compare Vivosmart and Vivofit. Which one do you prefer?


Both of these devices are very sleek and fashionable. The bulkiest part of the Vivofit is the viewing screen; which is a half inch wide, a half inch thick, and about an inch long. The watch band itself is about half an inch wide and an eighth of an inch thick. The Vivosmart is more seamless; with a smooth facing that really doesn’t have a distinguishable screen. It’s about a half an inch wide, about eight and a half inches long, and about a quarter of an inch thick in some places. Both bands are designed to be less bulky and easy to forget about while you’re wearing them.


Here, the difference is your personal preference between having a charged device or a battery device. Personally, we tend to side with batteries- you can really change them on the go, rather than either accepting a half charge on your fitness device or waiting around for it to get the charge it really needs. This aside, the battery life on the Vivosmart is still excellent- but the Vivofit just has this particular section of the market cornered.

Water Resistance

While both devices are waterproof; the Vivofit has an optional warranty for spills and drops, which makes you wonder how liquid proof it really is. The Vivosmart is rated waterproof to 5 ATM so you know it’ll be safe. You can go swimming or take a shower with either of them, however.

Garmin Vivosmart In-Side Out

The Garmin Vivosmart is a newer, more technologically advanced fitness device with a lot of added features that were built off of things that customers thought the Vivofit should have had. For a slightly higher price tag, the Vivosmart definitely upgrades your capabilities, for a higher price tag. Without a heart monitor, and even with our excellent Vivosmart deals, the Garmin Vivosmart is selling at around $170. If you’re looking for the additional heart rate monitor, expect to spend around $200; but the great thing about the Vivosmart is the interactive OLED touchscreen band that only comes on when you want it to; with a nifty double tap feature that reveals the hidden screen.

The Vivosmart is also top of the line because it features an impressive smart notifications system that monitors all of your calls, texts, messages, emails, notifications, Facebook alerts and more so you’re never missing out on anything. It also has a really cool sensor compatibility feature- it knows when there are other exercise equipment devices around, and they can all pair together. It also automatically syncs to your device so that you can track your information- rather than moving it all manually. This means that after you meet a certain goal, or if you take a whole bunch of steps, the Vivosmart automatically records it without you ever having to lift a finger.

Like the Vivofit, it has an awesome auto goal feature to help you figure out exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, and it’s easy to operate because of the touchscreen system and easy swiping to switch information. Also, like the Vivofit, it also reminds you to move and stay active if you haven’t moved for over an hour- making sure that you’re producing as many of the very important fat-burning enzymes that even moderate and slight exercise can bring.

The Bluetooth is kind of buggy with some models of phones for the Android but the bugs are all being ironed out as the technology grows, and it’s all fully customizable! You can turn off any of the options and figure out exactly what you want to do as you move through the day with this great product. Unlike the Vivofit; the battery on the Vivosmart only lasts for about 7 days of continuous use; but still far superior than other fitness band products.

Here are Some More Features that the Vivosmart Offers Users:

Incredible Waterproofing and Quality

The Vivosmart is rated at level 5 ATM, so you can take it anywhere and do anything with it; without worrying about it getting ruined. Take it swimming, even with the OLED screen, water will stay out and your device will remain awesomely safe through everything. The band is hypoallergenic and super high quality and very resistant to wear and the elements. Never worry about ruining your high tech electronic device when you’re outside facing nature.

Seamlessly Receive Notifications From Your Phone, Even Out of Range

One of the coolest things about the Vivosmart is that it has a notification system that syncs with your phone and even allows you to find your phone if you lose it; with a nifty phone search tool that figures out where all your important things are at all times so you never have to worry about losing your phone when you’ve got this particular device- something some people would definitely jump for.

Auto Syncs With Your Phone to Never Miss a Detail

You never have to worry about losing your workouts with Vivosmart’s system of delivering all the information to your exercise applications seamlessly and automatically. This means that if you did a strenuous workout but were away from your phone, this device will automatically send the information where it needs to go, and you don’t have to worry about a thing, you can just get back to exercising, losing weight and feeling great.

Super Sleek, Super High Tech Touchscreen Band

Vivosmart integrated an awesome double tap OLED screen to view all of your important information in a synch, and they put everything at the touch of your fingers, all you have to do is simply swipe the band to change options on the menu. It optimizes your experience by providing an easy and efficient way to access information while you’re on the go.

Vibrating Alerts and Sleep Monitoring

Not only is the Vivosmart great for when you’re awake moving; it’s also excellent for when you’re sleeping and hopefully resting peacefully. Plus it vibrates when you’re asleep instead of making loud noises so it wakes you up perfectly and lets your partner sleep without distracting them, plus you can set it to vibrate at specific points during the day making it perfect for all your little reminders. Plus, you can even have it display various messages, making it the perfect multitasking device.

Lasts a Week Without a Charge

Most fitness devices only last a few days; but Garmin’s Vivosmart lasts about a week without needing a charge, and the whole process is a snap to do; you simply plug it in and you’re done! It’s easier than you’d ever imagine, and has the power to keep going when you need it the most, like if you go on a nature trip or are exploring, no matter where you go, it will go with you.


This device has been plagued with glitch- laden technology. Most of the negative reviews of this device echo the same problems- they have Android phones and are having difficulty getting their phones to synch, but they just love all the features. Definitely, the rechargeable battery is convenient, but it just doesn’t offer the reliability that the Vivofit does through admittedly old technology. The important difference here is that you can carry spare batteries; but it’s hard to charge your device on the go.

Garmin Vivofit In and Out

The Garmin Vivofit is an excellent device; and with the amazing Vivofit discounts, it’s even easier to get a great deal. Plus, the device is less than $75, with absolutely free two day shipping with Amazon Prime. What a deal, saving over 45 percent off of retail on this slick and fashionable device with all the features that you’ll need- even with a heart monitor for less than $120 bucks.

This device has a plethora of important and desirable features- the move bar that keeps you active by notifying you of inactivity after an hour, the 24/7 total wear-ability of this product in any condition, because of its unbelievable waterproofing; unmatched battery life, extremely accurate sleep monitoring system and motivational goal promoter- with an easy to read and easy to interpret LED screen that displays all your goals, simply and easily.

Most of time, Vivofit costs around $70.

Read your calories, steps and even the time of the day on this excellent device that functionalizes some of the most difficult parts of becoming active in fun and easy ways. And at the price; you could make this a fun family gift, and compete through the awesome and interactive Garmin games and leader boards. Also, this product is completely compatible with all Android or iPhone products; and fully functional without breaking the bank.

Here are Some Features that the Vivofit Offers Prospective Buyers

Unmatched Battery Life

The Garmin Vivofit has a battery life of over a year without ever needing a charge. This is imperative for a device that you have to wear constantly, 24/7 to get the full effects from. If you aren’t; your results are missing data. It’s important to figure out exactly how many steps you’ve taken because each step is burning toward your overall calorie goal. An unbelievable battery life ensures that you’re not going to forget it or lose it at an inopportune time and lose valuable data. Plus, this is great for kids; as they’re less likely to lose the product as they move it back and forth from charger to their arm.

Stylish, Light, Trendy Design

The Vivofit features a super light, stylish and comfortable band that you can wear everywhere- even in the shower- and never have to worry about it. It’s made from the absolute highest quality materials, it bends and moves like you do; and it will never let you down. Plus it’s not super bulky, like some sports watches. It works like you do; slim and sleek, fitting into your daily routine. It comes in a large variety of colors as well- which is great for anyone looking for their favorite colors or trying to match a style or fashion, and dimensionally is only about a half an inch by a half an inch in its thickest portion.

Monitor your Sleep Patterns

Do you wake up tired and groggy, even though you feel like you got a full night of sleep? Maybe there’s a factor you’re missing, and maybe there’s something you’re doing that you don’t exactly remember. Either way, the Vivofit accurately tracks your activities while you sleep, helping you figure out everything- from taking a walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, to rolling over restlessly, even getting out of bed to find something, everything is tracked, and everything is figured out to figure out what you need to do to feel better. It Also vibrates to wake you up, but not your partner- which is great if you try to wake up for work or activities at different times of the day.

Personalized Exercise Recommendations

As your Vivofit gets worn more and more; it learns your current activity levels and then helps you figure out what steps you can take today to improve your overall wellness, and those steps of tomorrow and the future by assigning you attainable daily goals. Through this, Vivofit will adjust your goals daily; nudging you in the direction of a healthier, happier lifestyle. This, along with the excellent movement tracker really pushes people to progress and get healthier and healthier.

Vivofit Cons

The LED screen is difficult to see if there’s no light; and in these situations you’d probably rather have the Vivosmart, although the lettering is gold on black; so it’s visible in all but zero lighting situations. If you’re purchasing this model with the heart rate monitor attachment, the price takes a relatively dramatic increase which is undesirable.

The Vivofit also doesn’t “charge”, it requires a small watch battery that lasts for about a year. Some have said that it’s not as accurate in the water as it should be; which is something you’ll find in all fitness trackers unless they’re super delicate.

Garmin Benefits

One thing that’s great about these products is that they go above and beyond the call of duty to get you active; alerting you every 15 minutes to keep you fit and moving and working toward your goals as you become a fitness specialist and enjoy all things you used to think were boring, or difficult. Within no time; you’ll be able to breathe better, have more energy, and be more capable of making it through your busy day without wanting to take naps or eat heavy meals the natural way. Plus, these devices are excellent for helping you keep track of your day- they monitor how many calories you’ve burned as well as using proven scientific methods to get your fat-burning enzymes producing to their fullest and your heart pumping at its best. Plus, these fitness devices are great for meeting your basic fitness needs; especially when you’re trying to figure out how much work you have done in the amount of time that you’re exercising.

Why do You Need One?

Fitness devices are excellent for helping you get motivated to change your bad lifestyles. Often, they are great to show you how your day to day activities are adding up, so you can decide your further activities; maybe do small things like park further away from the entrance of a store or help your new student in college get out of their dorms and exercise to avoid unwanted freshman pounds. It’s also a great way to spark family activity- especially if the whole family becomes health conscious at the same time. One of the best parts about these devices is that they’re trendy, highly functional, and stylish! Plus, the bands come in a wide variety of color so you can get your loved one something that they really click with this season to wear 24/7 and get a handle on their health.

It’s tough to pick a favorite. We’d go with the cheaper option, if you’re purchasing it is a gift. Not only is it at a great price; there are tons of reviews that guarantee a quality product. It might might take a while before Garmin gets all the kinks figured out on the Vivosmart, until then, invest in a product that will last for a year between new charges, and provide you with all the features that the more expensive model would, for a little more bulk and finding another source of light for the Vivofit if it were needed at night. At a little over double the price, it might even be worth it to wait until morning. In the end, it will all come down to which features you like best when deciding on the tough choice between the Garmin Vivofit vs Garmin Vivosmart for your loved one this holiday season.


  • chadi feghali April 2, 2016 at 10:16 am
    are both wristbands compatible with both IOS and android?
    • Ken L. April 24, 2016 at 9:28 pm
      Yes, they are. One can download Garmin apps on Android and iOS and sync with the Vivofit or Vivosmart.
  • Lisa March 10, 2016 at 5:15 am
    Thanks for the very thorough presentation of the Garmin Vivosmart. It really helped me with making my decision on which product to buy.
    • Ken L. March 13, 2016 at 3:36 am
      Lisa, very welcome. I'm glad that it helped.

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