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Four Ways To Make Your Goals Stick

With the New Year underway, most of you should still be working hard towards achieving those New Year’s resolution goals that you set for yourself.   If you’re like many, the first two weeks are the easy part as you’re excited about the start of a fresh new year and are really looking forward to the results that you’ll see from your new program.

But, once those initial few weeks are over and the excitement wears off, it becomes a real struggle to continually get yourself into the gym.


By Valentine’s day your motivation has dwindled and the gym is now a random occurrence that sometimes happens once a week.

So what can you do to ensure that this year is different?

Let’s take a quick look so that you can make this the year that you finally meet those goals.

Enlist A Support Buddy

The first way to make these goals stick is to enlist the help of a support buddy.  A support buddy is someone who will be there for you during the difficult times when you just need someone to talk to.

Whether it’s to vent about the frustration you feel that the scale hasn’t budged an inch or someone to get out and go for a walk with you when you’ve missed your workout earlier.

If your support buddy is into fitness – perfect.  If not, that’s okay too. As long as you feel comfortable talking to them and sharing your journey.

Set Weekly Progress Goals

Next, make sure that you not only set long term goals, but weekly goals as well.  If you’re just working towards the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s normal to see motivation falter.

Instead, set a small goal that you want to obtain each and every week.  When the week passes by and you’ve achieved it, it’ll be an instant boost to your motivation.

Plus, this helps to break up that long-term goal into more manageable chunks.

Do Self-Checks On Applicability

Moving along, also make sure that you’re self-checking the applicability of that goal you set as well.  As time goes on, your goals may change and that is perfectly okay and acceptable.

Remember, nothing is written in stone and at times, change is perfectly normal.  Just make sure that you adapt your goal along with your new frame of mind.  If you don’t, it’s to be expected that you wouldn’t be motivated to achieving that old goal any longer.


Finally, don’t forget to celebrate.  If you never reward yourself for the hard efforts you’re putting in, eventually you may forget about giving that effort in the first place.

Sit back and enjoy the process.  When you achieve success, celebrate.  Go out for dinner, see a movie, or book a massage. Doing something special for yourself because you did put in the work will make it that much more likely that you continue to put in the work in the future.

So there you have a few great ideas that you can use immediately so that come Valentine’s day, you’ve made significant progress towards your goals and are still just as excited about this new lifestyle change as you were January 1st.

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