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Force USA G9 Vs French Fitness FSR70

If with but one wish granted by the Gym Genie, a garage could become a gym, it might very well produce either the Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer, or the French Fitness FSR70 Dual Cable Smith & Half-Rack System. They’re both priced at $2,999, and it’s about as close a match-up as one can find. And to that degree, we’re really excited to see the French Fitness system step up and into the market for high-end, all-in-one gym systems, a market traditionally dominated by cable systems like Bowflex, which lack the heavy barbell component. The other end of the spectrum is the rack systems such as those offered by Rogue Fitness. High-quality for sure, but devoid of the cable-pulley rig.

What the G9 and FSR70 offer is a true all-in-one unit, with heavy-duty squat rack, Smith Machine, cable-based functional trainer, and nearly unlimited options in terms of poundage and programming. If a lifter is serious about abandoning the cost and time associated with commercial gyms, this is where they want to shop. The big differences are going to be entirely plate-loaded as opposed to weight-stack available, leg press included or optional, and the warranty offered. That said, read below for the complete spec analysis in what is admittedly a very close match-up between great machines.


Interested in the Force USA G9?

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Interested in the French Fitness FSR70?

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Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer

The G9 represents that brand’s mid-level all-in-one trainer, and is classified as an 8-in-1. The eight functions contained with one machine are: A Power Rack, Functional Trainer Cable System, Smith Machine, Chin-Up Station, Dip Station, Core Trainer, Low Row, and Vertical Leg Press.

Measuring 79 inches x 58 inches x 89 inches, the G9 allows for one relatively small footprint to make up for a number of commercial-grade pieces, as it sports a total weight capacity of 992 pounds, with 772 pounds max on the Smith Machine and Chin-Up Station. This machine would easily fit into a garage gym with sufficient ceiling height and floor stability. What this means is that unless users are planning to rep out more than that – which even professional athletes would not – they really can’t outgrow this machine.

The Functional Trainer Cable System allows for more than 75 different exercises using any of the six different attachments included with purchase. Unlike other units, the G9’s system is entirely plate-loaded, as opposed to a vertical weight stack. The upside is that with a 2,000-pound cable rating, it’s impossible to outgrow the stack. The downside is that plates are included and users will have to buy separately some number of 5’s through 45’s to maximize this.

Another interesting feature here is the included Vertical Leg Press, which is typically lacking in other units. Users can attach and remove it at their leisure, and either use from a bench or the floor.

  • Commercial-grade Power Rack and counter-balanced Smith Machine
  • 992-pound unit weight capacity, 772-pound max on Smith Machine and Chin-Up Station
  • 1:1 Cable Pulley Ratio (100 pounds on the Functional Trainer feels like 100 pounds)
  • Landmine attachment (Core Trainer station)
  • Low row attachment, and lat pull-down included
  • Safety Spotter Arms
  • J-Hooks Included
  • Compact size relative to exercises offered
  • Additional attachments are available for purchase
  • Lifetime warranty on the structure, 2 years for pulley/cables, 90-day for rack accessories


French Fitness FSR70 Dual Cable & Smith Half-Rack

The FSR70 represents the brand’s entry into the market of all-in-one home gyms. A barbell-friendly home gym, the unit offers a commercial-grade Power Rack, Smith Machine, Functional Trainer Cable System, Landmine Attachment, Dip Bars, Pull-Up station, and seated row component.

Measuring 83.75 inches x 70.25 inches x 90.2 inches, the FSR70 can easily fit into a garage gym provided sufficient ceiling height and floor stability. The total unit weight rating comes in at 706 pounds, with 794 pounds max on the Smith Machine, 882 pounds for the cables, and 463 pounds for the Pull-Up station. Those numbers can assure customers of the machine’s structural integrity and provide as much resistance capacity as even professional athletes would require.

The Functional Trainer Cable System includes a 220-pound weight stack on either side, and a 2:1 ratio, meaning users can access a true 110 pounds of resistance in either hand. The stack progresses in 20 increments of 11 pounds at each plate, with a push-pin feature to secure it. The upside to the weight stack within the cable system is no additional purchase of plates are necessary for it. The only downside might be if someone might outgrow that resistance level. That said, the FSR70’s stack can be upgraded to 286 pounds for an additional $399.

The FSR70 does come with a whole catalogue of additional options available for purchase to accessorize the unit.

  • This brand offers full, in-home assembly for an additional $499
  • Commercial-grade Power Rack and Smith Machine
  • Machine weight rating of 706 pounds, 794 pounds for Smith Machine, 882 pounds cables, 463 pounds Pull-Up
  • 220-pound weight stack included in the Functional Trainer Cable System
  • Olympic barbell is included
  • Lat pulldown bar
  • Landmine component
  • Compact size relative to options
  • Safety arm bars
  • Warranty of 10 years for parts, 1 year for labor


So which one is best for you?

G9 Pros

·         Includes leg press

·         High weight capacity

·         Lifetime structural warranty

·         Great accessories available

FSR70 Pros

·         Weight-stack cable system

·         Olympic bar included

·         In-home assembly available

·         Great accessories available

G9 Cons

·         Trainer cable system requires plates

·         In-home assembly complicated

FSR70 Cons

·         Slightly lower weight maxes

·         Slightly larger footprint·


The Experience

  • The FSR70 is a slightly larger machine and requires a bigger space, but it does provide more work space inside the cage.
  • The G9 purchase includes a Vertical Leg Press, while the FSR70 offers one for an additional charge of $299.
  • The FSR70 comes with the option of in-home assembly for just $499.
  • The G9 is entirely plate-loaded, and this means users will have to purchase separately the plates necessary for that cable system, whereas the FSR70 comes with a 220-pound weight stack that should frankly satisfy most users.
  • Furthermore, the FSR70’s 220-pound weight stack can be bumped up to 286 pounds for an additional $399.
  • The G9 comes with a lifetime warranty on the structure, but only 2 years for cables/pulleys and 90 days for accessories. The FSR70 offers a 10-year warranty for parts and 1 year for labor.
  • Both companies offer additional accessories, from benches to plates, bars and attachments.
  • Both machines offer a complete rig sufficient for the Big 4: Overhead Press, Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift.
  • Both machines offer a complete system for just about any strength training movement found in a commercial gym.
  • At just under $3,000, both machines replicate a one-time investment which can effectively replace gym costs and travel considerations.

In Conclusion…

It’s a close one for sure, but we’re going with the French Fitness FSR70 over the Force USA G9 here primarily because of the weight stack which comes along with the Functional Trainer Cable System. Since in both cases the Olympic plates come separate, users are probably better off with the easy-to-manage stack. And a 220-pound stack is more than sufficient for most lifters. The G9 does offer an included vertical leg press, whereas one has to purchase it separately from French Fitness, but with as many leg options afforded the rack and Smith Machine we feel that’s a matter of taste. Both companies offer a tremendous assortment of added accessories, and to that extent they’re very much peers here. But unless someone is just dedicated to a plate-loaded cable system, we can’t see that as a benefit. Meanwhile, do consider the additional positive FSR70 offers by way home-installation for an additional cost. Yes, it costs extra, but the assembly of either machine is crucial to it working safely and efficiently.


See Force USA G9 Price


See the FSR70 Price


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