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Accessories for Fitbit Versa: Best Bands, Protectors & More

If you have a Fitbit Versa, at some point you’ll probably start looking at accessories. Whether you need a new band, want to take care of the screen with a screen protector, or require a backup charger, you’re in luck: there are tons of options out there, both from Fitbit and from third-party vendors. We combed through them to compile this list of the best accessories for the Versa.

Fitbit Versa Replacement Bands

Fitbit Branded Bands

The best fit and quality will likely come from Fitbit itself. However, you’ll pay a lot more for them. Our list below features third-party options that are more budget friendly. If you’d like to see the full list of Fitbit brand replacements, click here.

Metal Band

hooroor Versa Stainless Steel Mesh Replacement Band

With numerous color options, this metal replacement band offers a sleek upgrade for your Versa — and it’s available at a highly affordable price. It’s comfortable enough to wear daily, and it’s elegant enough to wear even when you’re dressed up. Available in sizes small (5.1″-7.9″) and large (6.5″- 9.3″).


Silicone Band

Deker Versa Silicone Sport Replacement Band

Most silicone replacement bands feature holes for better breathability. That includes this one from Deker. Available in 20 colors and in two sizes, you can find the perfect one — or two! — for your style. Sizes are small (5.5″-6.7″) and large (6.7″-8.9″) and all are available for under $10.



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Woven Band

EZCO Versa Woven Replacement Band — Top Pick

QIBOX Versa Woven Replacement Band — More Color Options

We’ve got two options here because our favorite woven band (EZCO) only comes in a few colors and they’re not very universally appealing. If you like the EZCO prints, then you’ll love the band. The other option (QIBOX) isn’t quite as good as the EZCO — primarily the issue with this band is that it can be challenging to put on the Versa. However, it has some basic colors that look really nice, including a grey and a purple that resemble the Fitbit bands on the special edition watch.






Leather Band

bayite Leather Replacement Band for Versa

There are quite a few leather (and pleather) replacement bands for the Versa available from third-party vendors, and many of them have a great style that we like. But the bayite has the highest reviews consistently (for other Fitbits, too!) and the bands are available in some great colors and prints. It does just come in one size that fits 5.5″ – 7.5″, so keep that in mind if you have a larger wrist.

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Want a larger leather band? Check out the bands from Zukvye here.

Fitbit Versa Screen Protectors

There are a ton of different types of screen protectors for the Fitbit Versa available online, and most of them have a mix of good and bad reviews. Overall, applying the skin-style screen protector can be tricky, and there is always a possibility of bubbling once it’s on. Most bubbles will go away on their own after about a day — that’s the “self-healing” feature most brands talk about.

Having said that, there is one band that we prefer for most devices, and that’s IQShield. This 6 pack is under $10. The key to applying screen protectors is don’t rush. It takes time and attention to apply these correctly. Follow the steps exactly and you’ll have it applied properly and ready to go!

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A replacement charger for the Versa is only $20 from Fitbit, so we recommend just buying the branded one.



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