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Fitbit Ionic After a Month: Tips For Getting Your Money’s Worth

Editor’s Note: On March 3, 2022 the Fitbit Ionic was recalled due to concerns about the battery. A complete review of other Fitbit models is available here.

I’ve now had the Ionic for just over a month now, so I wanted to talk about how I’m feeling about it now that the novelty has worn off. Additionally, I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Fitbit Ionic.

The Fitbit Ionic came out in October, and I got it the first week it shipped. You can find my original review here, and, if you don’t yet have an Ionic, check out the current price by clicking here.

Fitbit Ionic Review Update

I still like the Ionic, but I don’t feel like I’ve been very good about using it to its full potential. It’s been a busy month so I’ve had less time to work out. My sleep schedule is solid, so I don’t wear it at night anymore, and I’ve forgotten to put it on a few times.

One thing I am surprised to find that I appreciate is the notifications. I can keep my phone tucked away and still see if I’m getting a call or text that I need to respond to right away. For me, this keeps me from mindlessly checking email and social media, which I tend to do if I pick up my phone to see a text or email. Similarly, I’ve been using my Ionic to control music (I don’t use the Pandora app but I can play Spotify from my phone). It’s nice being a bit more untethered from my phone.

I’ve been looking at different bands because I dislike the stock band – it tends to trap sweat when I work out, so the bands with holes are appealing. Currently, Amazon has a fair selection of Ionic accessories, some of which have promising reviews. I haven’t picked one just yet, though. I’ll keep you updated on what I decide.

I’m looking forward to the launch of the app store – the rumor is still that it will be running by the end of the year – because there are a lot of exciting-sounding apps in the works. Some of the technology that the Ionic came with (like the SpO2 sensor) isn’t being utilized, but there are new uses in the works. For example, Fitbit has partnered with diabetes management software One Drop to provide additional data to Ionic wearers who use the software.

After reading through many pages on the Fitbit Community threads, it sounds as though there will be plenty of useful and welcome apps added– golf apps, new watch faces, and so forth. The unanswered question is still: When the heck will we get the app store?

Overall, I am happy with the Ionic, but I definitely want to make a point to get more use out of it. With that in mind, I have some tips and ideas I’ve gathered to help you make the most of your Ionic.

Change Up the Style

As I mentioned, there are already quite a few band options available. Not only does Amazon have a selection, there are a few on the Fitbit store as well (though they are quite a bit more expensive there). Changing up the look of your Ionic can help you get more use out of it. There are plenty of color options, as well as some “dressier” bands so that you can feel confident wearing it with clothing beyond workout gear.

You can also change up the watch face, if you haven’t already. To do so, simply click on the Ionic in the top left corner of the Fitbit app and choose “Clock Faces.” This is also the place where you’ll make changes to apps, wallet, and media. If you don’t use all the workouts on the Ionic, or if there are others you do but that aren’t listed, change around the workouts through the Fitbit app (click the Ionic, then scroll down to Exercise Shortcuts).

In the Fitbit Studio, you can create watch faces or develop apps if you are tech savvy. If not, you can still stay tuned to what others are doing via the Fitbit Community. There’s also a hashtag, #made4fitbit, that lets you see what developers are up to. I saw some cool stuff on Instagram perusing this hashtag!

Change Up Your Goals

If you haven’t already, check out Fitbit Coach, the personalized training app. An annual subscription is $39.99, but it seems to be a pretty great deal if you use it.

You can also add challenges, join Fitbit communities for specific goals or motivation, or try some of the different workouts on the Ionic.

Improve Overall Wellness

Sure, you’re hitting steps, but are you making strides toward better sleep habits and mindfulness? If not, take advantage of the excellent sleep tracking on the Ionic to make a real plan for better sleep. Also, try to use the Relax app more frequently – it helps you relieve stress and watch your heart rate.

In the Fitbit app, you can keep track of your water intake and your calories. If either of those shortcuts are not appearing, click “Edit” and add or remove any of those shortcuts. The food tracking is very comprehensive – I’ve found nearly everything I’ve searched for, and it’s been easy to log through the app.

Put the Phone Away

The Ionic might not be the smartest smartwatch out there, but it’s worth it to use it for what it can do. If you’re not getting the notifications you want, take the time to update them. I struggled a bit with controlling Spotify through the watch, but once it was set up, I haven’t had any other issues. Overall my phone use is down thanks to the notifications. If you’re like me and have a habit of mindlessly checking things after you look at an email or text, the Ionic can help you reduce that time by keeping you in the loop but letting you dismiss things until later.

Tell me: How’s the Ionic working for you? Do you have additional tips or tricks to making the most of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Kathy March 17, 2018 at 4:39 pm
    Tell me how your used B.G. the Spotify app with the ionic ?
    • Emery March 19, 2018 at 8:47 am
      Hi Kathy, When my watch is synced with my phone, it automatically shows the music controls and I can skip songs and whatnot. However, my phone has to be in range (unlike using the Pandora app). So, it's actually from the Spotify app on my phone and not an app on the Ionic. Hope that makes sense. Here's a thread that discusses how to get music controls to work if they are not:

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