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The Best Fitbit Blaze Bands and Accessories: New Buddies to Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is one of the company’s most stylish smartwatches, giving users a custom look that can go from day to night. Part of what makes it so sought after are all the great accessories that is comes with, like the interchangeable bands, charging docks and screen protectors.

Best Fitbit Blaze Bands and Accessories

Any, or all of these, make a great gift and my guide to the Best Fitbit Blaze Bands and Accessories will help you choose the right ones. Fun and affordable, they’ll look great with your Blaze Tracker!

Top Rated Fitbit Bands

Available in an array of colors and materials, including metal, leather, and more, the Fitbit Blaze Bands make the perfect stocking stuffer. They are trendy, fun, and with all the holiday sales, more affordable than ever, so you can buy one, or all of them for gifts. Here are my top band choices:

Fitbit Blaze Leather Accessory Band – Fitbit Blaze Leather Replacement Band

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If you’re looking for a premium band, there is no better than this leather option form Fitbit. Bands directly from the company tend to cost a little more, but they are still affordable, and more importantly, they are of the highest quality.

This band is made of pure leather and comes in black, grey, or brown, so it will look nice with any outfit. And leather is quite durable, so it won’t fray or rip, even with daily wear. Great for guys, it is easy to attach, and easy to care for.

Fitbit Blaze Accessory Band Large, Oitom Frame Housing+Stainless steel Bracelet Replacement Strap Watch Band

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For Blaze wearers’ who want to wear their watch in professional and casual settings, this band makes a great gift. Stainless Steel gives any watch a classic look so it can be worn anywhere: work, a night out, or running errands. This is my top choice because it is the one band that can be worn by anyone.

The matte metal surface looks good on guys and girls and feels comfortable on your wrist. It also has a secure snap closure, so it is snug and won’t fall off. Easy to fit onto the watch face, it’s a bargain around $20.

bayite Accessory 23mm Leather Bands for Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch Light Brown

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Those who work in an office, or spend a lot of time out at events will get a lot of compliments for this fashion-forward leather band. Made of genuine leather, it comes in various shades, including tan and grey, and is enforced along the edges so it will last through repeated uses.

Fits small and large sizes, and looks polished and professional. With this band users can wear their device to any major event and not have to worry about it looking out of place. A solid option for under $15.

UMTELE Silicone Replacement Band with Rose Gold Frame for Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Small, Turquoise

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The most popular of all the bands, the silicone material and vibrant colors make this great for everyday use. The silicone gives the band durability and allows it to fit snugly, but securely to the user’s wrist. It is flexible too, so it moves with you and doesn’t feel restrictive.

The colors are vibrant, there is a 1-year warranty and at $15, you can buy it in every color.

Fitbit Blaze Accessories Bands

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Perfect for teens, college kids and fashion-minded users, this 10-pack is a great value for your money. There are 10 colors in all, and the TPU material has a cool, thatched look to give it some texture. I like this pack because you can change the band to match whatever you’re wearing, so it always looks good.

The material feels natural, so you won’t become irritated and take it off, and it is also easy to clean, so it looks brand new even after daily use. This pack gives users unlimited options and is a bargain price.

Charging Stations

Charging Stations are a smart alternative to traditional USB chargers, as you can charge the unit without taking it apart.

Fitbit Blaze Charger Charging Stand and Dock Station Cradle Holder

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This station is designed specifically for the Blaze, with cutouts that cradle the watch securely as it charges, no need to remove the face to connect the charger.

Made of non-slip PU, it is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you if you need to. You will never be without a charger again. Plugs in with a USB, so you can charge from multiple sources, and costs under $20.

Screen Protectors: Protecting your Blaze Screen

Screen protectors for the Blaze come in all different materials and are crucial to keeping your device scratch-free and super clear. They protect and enhance, making them a great gift.

Fitbit Blaze Screen Protector, IQ Shield LiQuidSkin (6-Pack) Full Coverage Screen Protector: Clear Anti-Bubble Film

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Made from high-grade tempered glass, this isn’t an ordinary screen protector and will keep your smartwatch looking “smart.” The Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic coatings ensure the touchscreen remains damage free, protecting it from dust, dirt, oil and other residues. The 99.99% HD Clarity, meanwhile, preserves the screen’s sensitivity and does not interfere with the touchscreen function.

Installation is easy, and the adhesive is bubble-free and won’t cloud up, so you get a perfect fit that is crystal clear. At Under $10, you can buy a few packs as stocking stuffers.

The Best Fitbit Blaze Bands and Accessories guide is here to help you make an informed, smart decision about what accessories make the best gifts. Each of these products will enhance the experience of Fitbit Blaze users, and make them look good while they use it. Fitbit Blaze accessories are a must under any tree, especially at these prices- so run out and buy some today!

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  • Bennett May 3, 2017 at 5:51 am
    If was looking for a replacement band with minimal, simply yet stylish feel, then i checked out the Fitbit blaze bands which is more comfortable than another ones.

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