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Fit By Fun…or Fit for None?

Recently, I stumbled across Fit by Fun by a very, very legit source. TIME magazine had just released it’s top 100 websites for 2010 and Fit by Fun was one of the five sites listed under the “Exercise and Fitness” category. Quite a honor indeed.

Due to the high praise, FitRated was curious…very curious. So we ventured deep into the darkest corners of the self-professed “simple fun aerobics game that makes your exercise entertaining” to see if the program is actually simple, actually fun and actually worth the $29.85 six-month “premium package”.

 Fit by Fun opens with a basic yet effective home page in which it introduces new users to the web site’s highlights:

  1. improve your well being
  2. lose weight and shape your body
  3. simple on screen instructions
  4. personalized to your ability and time constraints

A personalized and simple guide to losing weight and shaping your body. Okay, we’re sold. Now where is the catch?

Well, despite the early excitement we were bummed to find that the trial version is very basic. New users may take the quick tutorial and then proceed to try a couple of different lessons (one basic, one intermediate). At around 12 minutes of “face-time”, users will get an opportunity to experience the workout first-hand but may be surprised by what they discover…

The Study

When you’re paying monthly for a service the first question consumers always ask is if the price is worth the admission. In other words, what is the value? The value of Fit by Fun is not disguised. The Web service makes it very clear that it offers numerous basic, intermediate and advanced workouts, various durations of those workouts, an informative “calorie counter”, as well as different tempos, song tracks and themes to make your experience all the more interesting.

BUT is it worth the six months at $29.85 for what they advertise as their best value?

Let’s investigate further…

The Fit by Fun interface is really easy to access, although the on-screen step instructions may leave a rhythmically challenged individual such as myself a little lost. The “basic” workout, for example, mixes different steps such as a few different variations of a march and easy walk. Those who love Dance, Dance Revolution will quickly notice the similarities in how the steps are presented.

The timer gives you a real, live countdown until your workout is completed and the calorie counter is as much motivation as any to keep the steps a comin’. However, the dance tracks have a lot to be said for, as all are generic tunes that sound like someone created out of a basement on their keyboard. We were at least hoping for a little Bon Jovi!

The option to network, additionally, is rather weak considering you can see who is working out and even add classmates yet lacks the personal interaction at say, an actual aerobics class.

Which brings us to our prime point…and biggest criticism with Fit by Fun. It’s effective…sure, diverse…check and perfect for those who are on the go and/or lack the time for a class at your local gym. Hell, it’s even fun. Yet at the price of nearly $30 (or $20 for the value, 3 month subscription), we cannot help but ask if you could find similar workouts at the cost of nothing or much, much more enjoyment at your local gym for a little more change.

The Conclusion: Fit by Fun works and they’ve clearly succeeded with their simple game-plan. However, in the closing seconds of a tight game we expect a little more from a monthly expense. The program will not ‘wow’ you with innovative workouts or viral features, but it can provide a secondary alternative to local aerobic classes. Nothing less, nothing more.

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