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SoulCycle At-Home Bike Review

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If there’s a studio in your area, you may have already tried a SoulCycle class. Many people who do never look back. Energetic instructors, pumping music, and a room full of cyclists working up a sweat in unison is an almost guaranteed way to stay motivated. As of this year, you can now bring this energy home with the brand’s very own exercise bike for purchase. The elite bike combines adjustability, commercial-grade components and high-end software for a premium workout experience. Pair this with a Variis membership and you’ll get unlimited access to on-demand classes from a range of leading fitness brands including SoulCycle, Equinox, PURE Yoga, and more. At $2,500 without the Variis membership (which is $40/month and demands a 12-month commitment), this bike isn’t cheap. We suspect it will appeal mostly to indoor cycling enthusiasts or luxury shoppers who want the best of the best. This is definitely what you’ll get with this bike. If you’re forking out for expensive cycling classes each week anyway, it could be worth the investment in the long term.


Model SoulCycle
At-Home Bike

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21.5" Touchscreen
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– Frame: 5 years
– Hardware Parts: 1 year
– Touchscreen: 1 year

Rating: 87%

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Rating: 87/100.

You’re probably familiar with SoulCycle because of their studio cycling classes which have developed a near-cultish following. This year, in conjunction with SoulCycle, Equinox Media debuted the SoulCycle at-home bike powered by Variis. The bike is currently available for pre-order in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago: the brand is aiming to make the bike available to more customers soon. The bike allows you to try SoulCycle workouts anytime, regardless of whether or not there’s a SoulCycle studio near your home. The first thing you’ll probably notice about the bike is the price. $2,500 isn’t cheap, and that’s without considering the interactive training membership which costs $40 a month. It’s kind of a given that you’ll pay for this too, as the bike has limited functionality without it; it was built for use with the app. Although this may seem pricey, if you already fork out for expensive indoor cycling classes weekly, the SoulCycle at-home bike could be a wise investment. You’ll get five complimentary in-studio SoulCycle classes with your at-home bike purchase too.


This elite ride would look good in any workout space with its non-intrusive, all black modern design. At 62.2″ long by 22.2″ wide, it’s longer than other indoor cycles such as the Peloton, NordicTrack S22i, or any of the Echelon Connect bikes. However, there are welcome ergonomic adjustments that make up for it taking up this extra floor space. As you would expect for a commercial-quality cycle, you’ll find plenty of adjustability in the frame. It’s not just the seat that offers adjustability at all angles. You can also extend the handlebar depth to 4.25″, making the cycle comfortable for users from 4’10” to 6’10”. This is ideal for trainees who are shorter in the torso as you can position the handlebars further down to find the perfect fit. Attention to detail is seen throughout the SoulCycle bike’s design. This handlebar adjustment in itself means that extra precautions have been taken with the wiring harness leading to the screen; the SoulCycle has a sleek, internal wiring system for this. As for the components, you can expect club quality all over. The bike is equipped with a carbon-fiber belt that delivers a smooth and quiet ride. It’s much quieter than a clunky chain drive. You can hardly hear the bike in motion, which is handy if you squeeze in your at-home workouts after hours. To increase or decrease resistance, you adjust the knob underneath the handlebars, just as you would in the studio. If you need to stop urgently you can press and hold the knob down: a welcome and easy-to-use safety feature. The brand has not yet released specs regarding the exact flywheel weight or levels of resistance you can choose from.


Weighing 128 lbs. (or 142 lbs. with the touchscreen), the bike is sturdy. The adjustable feet allow you to stabilize your cycle in whatever room you choose, so you’ll feel secure even during your most intense routines. The powder-coated, commercial-grade steel frame can handle any workout you throw at it. It can hold up to 350 lbs., so will be suitable for most trainees. It’s still easy to move the bike around after workouts with the help of the front-mounted transport wheels though. The SoulCycle at-home bike features dual-sided pedals which allow for LOOK Delta or SDP-style cleats. There are pros and cons to this. It means that you can choose how you clip in, depending on your riding style. It also means, however, that you’ll need compatible cycling shoes to ride. This will be an additional cost if you don’t already own a pair.


Now for one of the bike’s major selling points: the interactive training through Variis. Once you activate your membership, not only will you be able to cycle with your favorite SoulCycle instructors, but it will also give you access to on-demand classes from leading fitness brands on your phone with PURE Yoga, Precision Run and more. This means you can diversify your at-home training routine with a variety of workouts. When cycling, you’ll hear the pumping music and video workouts through the bike’s high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled speakers. These are oriented towards the rider to create a surround-sound effect. They are compatible with most wireless headphones too, if you want to work out after hours. The console is also compatible with most heart rate monitors, also allowing you keep on top of your workout stats wirelessly. It’s worth noting here that there are only on-demand classes at the moment. You won’t get a daily live class schedule like you do with Peloton, Echelon or other indoor cycle brands. What’s more, although the Variis membership is $40 per month for the membership, a 12-month membership is required to access content. This will begin when you activate your bike. Let’s dig into the pros and cons of the SoulCycle at-home bike in more detail. 


Pros & Cons


  • Interactive Training: Variety of workouts from leading fitness brands.
  • High Quality: From the carbon-fiber belt to the weighted flywheel, each component of the SoulCycle at-home bike is of commercial-grade quality and is built to last.
  • Screen: 21″ HD touchscreen is built in for immersive cycling routines.
  • Quiet: The magnetic resistance and belt allow for a near-silent and smooth ride.
  • Adjustability: The SoulCycle at-home bike has an adjustable handlebar height as well as seat for optimum adjustability so you can find the perfect fit.
  • Height Range: The SoulCycle at-home bike is suitable for riders between 4’10” to 6’10”, a very inclusive recommended height range.
  • Pedals: Two clip-in pedal options so you can choose depending on your preference.
  • Stages Power Meter: This allows for spot-on power data for stats tracking.
  • Bluetooth: Connect your own wireless headphones and heart-rate monitor.
  • Design: The sleek, modern design would complement any workout space.
  • Free Classes: You get a batch of 5 SoulCycle classes included with your purchase.
  • Sturdy: The commercial-grade steel frame can hold up to 350 pounds.
  • Wheels: Allow you to move around the bikes after workouts.
  • Assembly: The bike is delivered pre-assembled to your home. Delivery appointments only take around half an hour and all packaging is removed.



  • Price: The SoulCycle costs more than the average at-home exercise bike.
  • Subscription Fees: To get the most out of your bike, you should commit to the 12-month Variis membership. It’s $40/month but you have to commit to 12 months.
  • Warranty: Although the 1-year warranty on the display and bike components, and 5-year coverage on the bike frame is OK, we would have like to see a longer warranty considering the price of the bike.
  • On-Demand Only: Unlike some other fitness brands like Peloton and Echelon, you only have access to on-demand classes through Variis at the moment. This may change in future however, as the platform grows.
  • Pedals: If you don’t already own a pair of cycling shoes this will be an additional cost.


The SoulCycle at-home bike—currently the brand’s sole exercise bike for purchase—is a connected piece of equipment designed for interactive training. Its weighted flywheel, smooth belt, and various levels of resistance will satisfy avid road-bike riders and seasoned spinners alike. It’s easy to stay motivated on the SoulCycle at-home bike, with the impressive interactive training software displayed on a 21.5″ touchscreen. This combination of commercial-grade features and top-of-the-line tech comes at a price, however. The $2,500 sticker price (plus applicable tax) may put beginner cyclists off and we suspect the model will be most popular with advanced cyclists and luxury shoppers. Dig into the details of this elite fitness machine below.

Workout Programs

This bike was designed for interactive training, so there aren’t any preset workout programs on offer. Without paying for a Variis subscription for interactive training, the SoulCycle at-home bike has limited functionality. It’s worth committing to the subscription fees if you have forked out for this elite cycle in the first place. The bike is powered by the Variis app. Equinox Media debuted Variis earlier in March of this year, as a unique fitness platform powering the Variis mobile app and the SoulCycle at-home bike. Unlike other indoor cycling brands such as Peloton, NordicTrack or Echelon, the SoulCycle gives you access to a variety of fitness brands’ workouts via the one membership. Not only can you tune into your favorite SoulCycle instructors’ classes on your bike, you’ll also be able to enjoy off-bike workouts designed by Equinox, Precision Run, Pure Yoga, Myodetox, and HeadStrong on your mobile. To get access to Variis, you need to commit to a 12-month membership which is $40 per month (although it is possible to cancel your membership). Your membership will begin as soon as you activate your bike. The app also allows you to keep tabs on your progress via SoulBeat—a post-ride recap which measures your distance and power, which is put into your activity history for future tracking.


Although $40/month may seem steep, it’s on par with other services such as Echelon Fit or Peloton’s full membership. When you put it into perspective of what you would be spending on an expensive spin class membership, it’s a good deal. It also means that you can work out any time, on your own schedule, without travelling to classes. What’s more, there may not even be a SoulCycle studio in your area, so the bike gives more people a chance to experience the SoulCycle workout experience from home. Keep in mind that there are only on-demand classes on offer at the moment. Unlike Echelon or Peloton, there isn’t a daily schedule of live classes you can choose from. However, this is a new fitness platform. It’s only set to improve and grow as time goes on. With SoulCycle and various other leading fitness brands on Variis, we expect that there are some exciting things to come.


SoulCycle At-Home Bike Features

The SoulCycle at-home bike is a high-quality machine. Its components are of commercial-grade quality, from the narrow carbon-fiber belt to the weighted flywheel. Both of these parts contribute to the cycle’s smooth and quiet ride. It’s a near-silent cycle, so it won’t disturb the rest of your household. Its commercial-grade steel frame can hold up to 350 pounds. Although sturdy, weighing 128 pounds, the bike has front-mounted wheels so you can move it after workouts with ease.


Once you hop onto the bike you’ll find that it has adjustability at all angles. This includes the seat (up and down, fore and aft) as well as the handlebars. The handlebar depth can be extended to 4.25″. Any trainee from 4’10” to 6’10” will be able to find the perfect fit on this cycle: an impressive height range for any indoor cycle to accommodate for. Overall, it has a sleek design that would suit any home gym, and even though the handlebars are adjustable, you won’t see any loose wires thanks to the internal wiring system. You’ll then need to clip into the pedals. The SoulCycle at-home bike has dual-sided pedals which accommodate LOOK Delta or SDP-style cleats depending on your riding style. If you don’t have compatible cycling shoes to ride you will need to purchase a pair. This is another feature which demonstrates how this elite machine is catered towards more advanced trainees who already pack in enough cycling workouts to have the gear. Some models on the market have toe cages which means you can just hop on with any sneakers. However, it’s most likely that you do own a pair of cycling shoes if you are looking at a bike of this caliber anyway. Once clipped in, you can tune into a SoulCycle workout video with your favorite instructor or a discover a new one. The impressive 21.5″ touchscreen features high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled speakers which are oriented towards the rider and compatible with most wireless headphones too. You can also connect your own Bluetooth heart-rate monitor to track your workout stats wirelessly too. There is also a charging port, and audio jack for your headphones.


Warranty & Guarantee

The SoulCycle at-home bike is shipped with the following warranty:

– Frame: 5 years

– Hardware Parts: 1 year

– Touchscreen: 1 year

With the purchase, you’ll get a SoulCycle 5-class pack as well as shipping and handling included. The bike comes with a 30-day home trial, and if you decide to return the bike Variis will coordinate the return and refund. You will be charged a $250 return shipping and handling fee though.



With its club-quality components, top-spec tech and premium price tag, the SoulCycle at-home bike is designed for more advanced riders, or at least those who dedicate a lot of their workout time to cycling. While new riders would also enjoy this bike, paying this much as well as committing to the ongoing subscription costs may not be worth it if you don’t use the bike most days. That said, if you pay for indoor cycling classes on a weekly basis, you’ll know how fast the costs add up. Once you’ve paid for the bike, the $40/month is the equivalent to paying for just a couple of spin classes. Instead, you will have an unlimited amount from the comfort of your living room. If you’re already a SoulCycle (or any indoor cycling studio) enthusiast, another thing to consider is whether the at-home experience can mirror the motivating in-studio workout experience, especially since the classes aren’t live (on-demand only at the moment). It’s a top-spec cycle with immersive and versatile software, so it really depends on whether you think that is all worth it for the price tag.