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ProForm ZR3 Review

This product has been discontinued

ProForm ZR3 Exercise Bike

UPDATE: This model has been discontinued. Looking for a better option? Find out how it compares to the Top 5 Exercise Bikes.

The ProForm ZR3 exercise bike is loaded with a ton of extra features considering that the trainer is only priced at $599 (retail).

The exercise bike is a “value” buy with an oversized and adjustable seat, Dual-Grip EKG heart rate monitor, Grafix hi-res display, iPod dock, built-in speakers, iFit and accessory tray.

Additionally, the ProForm ZR3 performs well thanks to 16 levels of resistance and flywheel drive system. Learn more about the ProForm ZR3, rated 75.3, below…


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Full Review

Quick Summary
Rating: 75.3/100. ProForm Resistance (Recumbent Bike), 16 levels of resistance, Flywheel drive system, “Step Through” Frame, Oversized & Adjustable Seat, Dual-Grip EKG heart rate, strap pedals, Grafix Hi-Res Display, 300 lbs. max user weight, 20 workout programs, iPod dock, built-in speakers, iFit Live, accessory tray

– Excellent number of resistance levels
– Recumbent bike w/ easy entry
– Flywheel drive system
– Quality frame
– Oversized, comfortable seat
– Good hi-res display
– Supports most users (300 lbs. max user weight)
– Music friendly (iPod dock, built-in speakers)
– iFit Live compatible
– Portable with transport wheels
– Seven year guarantee on frame
– Heart rate program (w/ Dual-Grip EKG)
– Affordable exercise bike

– Only 3 month warranty on parts
– No cooling fan
– Display system battery operated


If you want an exercise bike with several of the latest features, the ProForm ZR3 looks great considering that you’ll enjoy wonderful new features like the iPod dock, built-in speakers and iFit.

The ProForm ZR3 is also equipped with Grafix Hi-Res display providing all crucial exercise data and serving as a fantastic presentation for iFit Live. The only negative about the display is its battery operated so you’re going to spend a lot of money powering it.

In terms of performance, the ProForm ZR3 cruises nicely thanks to the oversized adjustable seat, 16 levels of resistance and flywheel design. There is some concern over the quality of the parts because they are only backed for 90 days.

Workout Programs

The ProForm ZR3 offers 20 pre-defined workout programs and Dual-Grip EKG heart rate monitor required to maximize your workout.

Factor in iFit and you have more than enough fitness options to improve health and burn calories!

The trainer also features pre-loaded games like Black Jack, Texas Hold ‘Em, Fat Blocker and Calorie Destroy intended to distract you while exercising.

Exercise Bike Features

The ProForm ZR3 is an entertaining trainer thanks to a variety of features designed to keep you occupied while exercising. The display and iPod dock work well together.

The ProForm ZR3 provides the design and production required to ensure an enjoyable workout experience. The “Step Through” frame and adjustable seat make exercising a breeze.

The exercise bike rides smoothly with a flywheel drive system, pedal straps and 16 levels of resistance.

Warranty & Guarantee

The ProForm ZR3 warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: 7 Years
– Parts: 3 Months
– Labor: 3 Months

ProForm offers a 30-day trial period on all products. If you are not satisfied for any reason call 1-866-896-9777.


The ProForm ZR3 is not only affordable but loaded with a ton of terrific extras. You’ll like how the trainer operates, but appreciate the iPod dock, display, built-in speakers and iFit Live even more!

Looking for a better option? Find out how it compares to the Top 5 Exercise Bikes.

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