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ProForm Tour De France 1.0 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The ProForm TDF 1.0, now on sale for $999, is a feature-rich exercise bike for all skill levels.

It’s the most affordable of three indoor cycle trainers in the ProForm Tour de France series, but it has the same performance essentials as the higher models.

Highlights include a 48-pound flywheel, 26 configurable gears, 15% incline/decline and iFit technology.

You may not be in Le Tour De France, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience it.

Learn more from the complete ProForm TDF 1.0 review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 88.2/100. ProForm teamed up with Le Tour de France organizers to design the ultimate collection of indoor cycle trainers. Compared with alternatives from other brands, which are generally very basic, indoor cycle trainers in the ProForm TDF series are especially packed with features that enhance the training experience. It provides ultra-smooth rides with help from a 48-pound flywheel, and it can offer the right amount of resistance whether you’re a novice or an experienced competitive cyclist.

To make workout sessions especially true to life, the TDF 1.0 has an automated ramp. Its uphill/downhill range is an impressive -15% to 15%. ProForm has included 24 training programs that make the most of this feature by synchronizing it with video of scenic tour routes. Additionally the bike is iFit enabled so that unlimited Google Maps training routes and other downloadable programs are available any time.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 48-pound flywheel
  • Quiet magnetic resistance
  • Customizable electronic gears (26)
  • Pedals with toe cages and clips
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Power incline/decline (-15% to 15%)
  • 24 built-in workouts that simulate topography of real-life bike routes
  • iFit®-enabled
  • Watts display shows exertion level
  • Smartphone-compatible (Jack and 2″ speakers)
  • Wireless heart rate receiver
  • Two water bottle holders


  • Customers report that replacement parts aren’t readily available
  • ProForm’s customer service sometimes gets negative reviews


The new ProForm TDF 1.0 is the entry level exercise bike in its series, but it’s packed with power and special features. It’s the best Tour de France exercise bike for shoppers who are satisfied with a simpler console and wouldn’t use the ultra-steep slope options of higher models (the TDF 4.0 and 5.0). Impressive specs range from a 48-pound drive to immersive workout programs that make the most of varied downhill/uphill slope settings. Read on for details about a variety of features.

TDF Programs

The TDF 1.0 has 24 preloaded workouts that replicate Tour de France segments. Each program adjusts the bike’s settings to help simulate specific routes.

Additionally the TDF 1.0 is iFit-enabled. Although it lacks the TDF 5.0’s built-in touchscreen display, it can work with a tablet computer or smartphone running the iFit mobile app. iFit members can virtually train anywhere worldwide by using workout programs designed with Google Maps™ technology. Also available through iFit are customized personal training workouts, video workouts featuring celebrity personal trainers, automated data tracking and other benefits.

ProForm Tour De France 1.0 Features

Compared with other stationary bikes, ProForm Tour de France bikes especially operate like street bikes. For smooth operation the TDF 1.0 has a 48-pound flywheel, and the 26 electronic gears all have customizable ratios. The handlebars are like those on outdoor race bikes and have a non-slip surface. Also to help replicate the outdoor training experience, the ProForm TDF 1.0 has a power incline and decline. It can tilt from -15 percent to +15 percent with electronic controls.

To help riders feel secure at high speeds and on steep inclines, the TDF 1.0 is equipped with pedal cages and foot straps.

The default for data readouts is the Watts Display. It calculates Watts per kilogram and shows readouts in three zones (Endurance, Tempo and Peak) to help the rider stay on track. A full-color touchscreen is an option too; add your tablet computer or smartphone and access iFit workout programming that syncs with the fitness machine. A secure tablet holder is provided.

For heart rate monitoring the ProForm TDF 1.0 is compatible with Bluetooth chest straps.

The bike has a smartphone-compatible port and a set of 2″ speakers.

Warranty & Guarantee

The ProForm TDF 1.0 indoor cycle trainer warranty includes:
– Frame: 10 years
– Parts: 3 Years
– Labor: 1 year

ProForm offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


While most indoor cycle trainers are bare bones, the new TDF 1.0 pairs its heavy drive with data readouts, iPod compatibility, a tablet computer holder and much more. This bike is appropriate for cyclists at all skill levels too… so on sale for $999 with a three-year parts warranty, it’s one of the most enticing bikes in its price class.

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