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ProForm Cycle Trainer Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The ProForm Exercise Bike is a bike that has a lot to offer any home user and will be appealing to many looking to take their fitness to a higher level. One of the key features of this bike is the iFit membership that’s included, which will allow you to access thousands of different workouts streamed online as well as have your very own at-home personal trainer who can give you fitness, nutrition, as well as even lifestyle advice.

You will get one-year free membership with this bike, however do keep in mind if you choose to keep these features, there will be an ongoing cost every month after that year is up.

Additionally, this bike also offers 22 built in levels of resistance, so even if you choose to forgo the additional membership, you can still utilize these to help give your workouts variety and prevent boredom.

Our Rating

Rating: 92/100. Overall, this is a pretty good bike that comes with only a few drawbacks. The overall build of the bike should be very comfortable and it’s quite seamless to use. You can simply select your program and get started, enjoying the luxury comfort the bike seat has to offer and the large touch screen that you can use to watch your workout unfold.

Where this bike really shines is that it’s made with an ultra-quiet Silent Magnetic Resistance system, which is patented by ProForm and will help keep this bike virtually silent as you use it. For those working out at home, this is a big deal as many bikes can get to be quite noisy, so you may be limited to using them only when other people aren’t around.

With this model, you have complete freedom. Even if you want to get up in the morning and bike while everyone else is sleeping, you have the power to do so.

This bike also comes equipped with wheels on the bottom so you can easily roll it away when not in use. Anyone who lives in a tight space and won’t be storing this bike in a designated workout area will really appreciate that feature as well.

The biggest drawback this bike brings is the fact that it does only have a 250 lb. weight capacity, so for larger individuals, it may not be well suited to them. Even if you are just nearing 200 or 225 pounds, you may find that if you sit on this bike and get going at a decent intensity level, it starts to feel quick shaky on you, so if that’s the case, you’re probably going to want to go with one that has a higher overall weight capacity instead.


  • Is an ultra-quiet bike to use. No none will hardly notice you biking on this machine when you use it as you go about your workout sessions
  • Is a fantastic option for anyone who is hoping to get more variety in their workout sessions. With the iFit programming, you can really change your workout each and every session you do, so boredom should never come into play and be a factor for you. For anyone who is hoping to see great results and avoid progress plateau’s, this is also extremely important.
  • Comes with 22 built-in levels for those who choose not to continue on with their iFit membership once the year-long free period is up.
  • Offers a 10” touchscreen so you can watch yourself travel around the world with your Google Maps enabled.
  • Gives you an ergonomic padded seat, which will help keep you maximally comfortable as you ride this bike while also helping minimize any saddle sore development
  • The pedals come with both toe clips and straps, so you can pedal at maximum speeds and stay secure.
  • Offers an Inertia-enhanced flywheel, which will help give you a very smooth ride and optimize your overall experience while on this bike
  • Comes with 3-lb. dumbbells for using with the bike as you complete resistance training biking programs. You can also use these dumbbells off the bike as well, however note that for most people, you will need heavier than 3lb. dumbbells to actually see progress with a strength training workout routine.
  • Is quite easy to move with its wheels on the bottom and lightweight design


  • This bike only has a 250lb. weight capacity, meaning that heavier users may not find it as stable as they like and may need to look into a bike with a higher overall weight capacity level.
  • The iFit membership some people may find pricy month to month. While it’s still far less than a personal training session, if you are looking to exercise at home to save yourself gym membership fees, the iFit fees are higher than many gym memberships.
  • You only get one-year labor warranty with this machine, so it’s not the best set-up if something happens to break down.


The ProForm Cycle Trainer is a bike that is built for intense workouts, plenty of variety, and users of light to medium weight categories. It’s sleek lightweight design makes it a pure joy to use and it can easily be wheeled right out of the room when not in use.

Couple that with the 10-inch touchscreen monitor that makes watching your workouts a breeze and the ergonomic seat and you’ll have a comfortable ride each and every time you hop on.

This bike is also very quiet to use, which will save you a lot of hassle and surely be appreciated when you are trying to get in a workout session when others are around.

Workout Programs

This bike comes with 22 built in programs, which is nice because it means those who don’t choose to keep pursuing iFit once their yearly membership has elapsed won’t be completely out of the dark on what programs they can use to keep up their workout sessions.

ProForm Cycle Trainer Features

The key features of this bike are that it’s quit and easy to use, has a very comfortable set (don’t take this for granted), offers a good amount of resistance levels, and gives you a nice solid steel frame construction.

The iFit integration element of this will surely attract many people who will buy ProForm over other brands that do not come with iFit. While you do only get one year membership, this is a huge benefit as that adds up to just about $480, which is nearly half the cost of the bike itself.

Finally, this bike also multi position adjustable handlebars so you can easily adjust the positioning of your body for maximum comfort as you ride.

Warranty & Guarantee

The ProForm Exercise Bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a three-year warranty on parts, and a one year warranty on labor.


Overall, this bike will be a great option for many people, especially those who like a quiet workout session and plenty of variety. Those who may want to keep looking at other bike models are those who are very hard on their machines and therefore would need a longer labor warranty or those who are quite heavy and may find this bike not to be sturdy enough for their build.

But otherwise, it offers a comfortable ride, a sleek design, and should help you transform your fitness level.

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