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ProForm 290 SPX Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

ProForm first became a major contender on the home fitness market with quality revolutions in the treadmill market and, like most fitness manufactures, eventually expanded into the world of ellipticals and exercise bikes.

The ProForm 290 SPX, one of their exercise bikes, is an example of a quality trainer that provides a new way of working out with the trademark ProForm reputation.

The ProForm 290 SPX is a basic yet effective exercise bike with adjustable resistance, quiet chain drive design, non-slip handlebars and cushioned seat.

Learn more in our full ProForm 290 SPX review below…

Our Rating

Rating: 71.5/100. Portable upright exercise bike ideal for basic cardio workouts. Trainer skips some luxuries like built-in display, heart rate monitor, and pre-defined workout programs. Chain drive system is further complimented by toe cage pedals and adjustable padded seat.


  • Upright exercise bike w/ Chain Drive system
  • Comfortable padded seat that also adjusts
  • Toe-Cage pedals also flip for advanced users
  • Compact and portable exercise bike
  • Non-slip handlebars with grips also adjust
  • Accessory tray includes water bottle holder


  • No way to monitor heart rate
  • No display system, no pre-defined workout options
  • Only 90 day guarantee on parts and labor


First and the foremost, the ProForm 290 SPX is means to a productive cardiovascular workout.

The trainer features adjustable resistance with multiple challenges while delivering smooth and quiet operation. The exercise bike is pretty comfortable and equipped with an adjustable seat as well as toe-cage pedals.

Additionally, the ProForm 290 SPX is compact and portable with built-in transport wheels.

It is, however, not the most advanced or sophisticated exercise bike on the market.

Workout Programs

The ProForm 290 SPX is very affordable, which usually means that sacrifices were made on various phases of production never more true than with the pre-defined workout options.

The ProForm 2980 SPX does not offer any workout programs, including no access to new resources like iFit Live.

You’ll need to scour the Web if you are looking for workout guides, though that might be a huge deal since pre-defined workout programs are not nearly as important one exercise bikes as they may be on, say, treadmills.

Exercise Bike Features

The ProForm 290 SPX provides multiple fitness challenges in order to really burn that unwanted fat.

The adjustable, non-slip handlebars work hand-in-hand with the cushioned seat and cage-toe pedals in order to offer a comfortable workout experience.

Adjust the seat horizontally or vertically to find your ideal fit.

Designed to keep your feet in place, these pedals are built with toe cages to increase stability. For added intensity and advanced users, the pedals can be used with the opposite side up.

Conveniently store your water bottle with the built-in holder. The ProForm 290 SPX uses a chain drive system to deliver a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.

Move the bike from place to place with the built-in transport wheels on a compact trainer that weighs 157 lbs.

Unfortunately, the ProForm 290 SPX does not feature many other luxuries so no display, smartphone dock, built-in speakers, wireless heart rate monitor, etc, etc.

Warranty & Guarantee

The ProForm 290 SPX exercise bike warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: 5 Years
– Parts: 3 Months
– Labor: 3 Months

ProForm offers a 30-day trial period on all products. If you are not satisfied for any reason call 1-866-896-9777.


If you want something that is compact and efficient the ProForm 290 SPX will certainly get the job done. The trainer is portable when not in use and performs well during an intense exercise. Sure, you can pay more for additional features on the higher priced models, but the ProForm 290 SPX is a quality exercise bike in the entry-level market.

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