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Precor UBK 615 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The UBK 615 is the most affordable upright exercise bike in the Precor Experience Series, which makes commercial bikes available with home warranties.

This model is Precor’s most compact option yet it features the same smooth ergonomics of larger and more expensive alternatives.

Riders choose from multiple seat heights and three ergonomic riding positions.

The UBK 615 has six preset programs and offers 25 levels of resistance.

Learn more from our full Precor bike review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 88.5/100.  Get a club-quality cardio workout without the harsh impact of running. The Precor UBK 615 is a commercial exercise bike that’s sized for convenient home use. This durable cardio trainer has an easy-to-use display with six preset workouts and can be used at 25 resistance levels. It supports heart rate monitoring with wireless and touch sensors, and its advanced pulse readout lets you know in a glance whether you’re in the optimal zone for cardio fitness, fat burn or performance training. Handlebars with comfortably molded grips let you choose from three riding positions, all ergonomic: cruising, upright and road racing! For further customization you can attach pedals built for any standard road bike. This Precor has a full price of $2,445 and carries a 10-year warranty on parts and wear items.


  • Commercial quality
  • Three handlebar positions
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 6 workout programs
  • Detailed exercise data
  • Pedals are weighted and have straps
  • Accepts standard road pedals
  • 25 resistance levels
  • Wireless and touch heart rate receivers
  • Multilingual settings
  • Compact size (46″ L X 21″ W)
  • Self-powered
  • Accessory holder
  • Reading rack
  • Bottle holder
  • Easy maintenance
  • Transport wheels
  • Good customer service


  • No exercise fan
  • Does not have a universal seat mount, unlike higher Precor exercise bike models
  • Assembly is time consuming and requires two people

Higher models in this series are the UBK 815 and UBK 835. Each offers a higher max resistance compared with the Precor bike in this review.


The UBK 615 is Precor’s lowest-priced upright exercise bike for home settings. Priced under $2,500 it’s much cheaper than others from this brand yet also provides commercial quality workouts. Overall this bike is a wise buy if you don’t need very strong resistance; its top challenge is 500 watts while the pricier bikes reach up to 750 watts. But whichever resistance level you choose, Precor cycling is super smooth. You can select from three riding positions – cruising, road racing, and upright – and can adjust the seat to get a custom fit. For practical home use the Precor 615 measures just 46″ long and 21″ wide. It doesn’t require a power cord (the battery is recharged by user energy) and has wheels attached for easy repositioning after workouts.

Precor Workout Programs

Six workout programs are provided on the UBK 615 monitor, which is called the P10. The program titles are Heart Rate, Hill Climb, Interval, Manual, Random and Weight Loss. Also available is Quick Start. Quick Start lets you begin a workout with just the push of a button.

The electronic readouts are calories, Distance, Speed, Watts, Heart Rate, SmartRate® (heart rate zone), Profile, Resistance, RPM, Time and Percent Complete.

Data can be shown in the US Standard and metric systems. Language choices are English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Romanized Russian.

Precor UBK 615 Features

SmartRate on select Precor bikes helps you keep aware of your exertion level. It indicates three workout zones: cardio, fat burn and peak. Your weight and age are taken into account for accurate feedback. Your heart rate can be monitored with touch sensors on the handlebars or with a wireless chest strap sold separately.

The 615 and other Precor upright bikes are low impact or gentle on your knees. This is because of overall smooth engineering and the bike saddle’s smart positioning of your body over the pedals.

The P10 console can be adapted for high tech entertainment: Optional upgrades are a 15″ personal viewing screen and iPod/iPhone compatibility.

The console is powered by a rechargeable battery that harnesses user energy. Using this self-powered system you can avoid adding to energy bills and still see a workout summary for 30 seconds after your session. If you would like to view data for longer, or if you won’t use the bike often enough to keep it charged from your activity, then the machine can be adapted to use a power cord.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Precor 615 bike warranty package includes:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Parts: 10 years

– Wear items: 10 years

– Labor: 1 year


At just $2,445 the UBK 615 offers an affordable way to get club-quality training at home. This upright bike is a top choice for novices and intermediate trainees — and since it’s gentle on knees, it helps make indoor cycling a habit in home gyms worldwide. When upgraded with mobile device compatibility and a 15″ high-def screen, the Precor 615 is an especially motivating option for cardio fitness and body sculpting.

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