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NordicTrack Commercial VR23 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

It’s a crowd pleaser.

For many recumbent bike shoppers the Commercial VR23 by NordicTrack has it all: comfortable seating, smooth performance, plenty of training programs and some modern tech.

Sale priced at $799 with a three-year parts warranty, the Commercial VR23 is affordable too.

Read our full review to decide whether it’s the best exercise bike for your budget.

Our Rating

Rating: 82.5/100. What’s in a name? NordicTrack named its Commercial VR23 bike after three key features: the commercial steel frame, recumbent seating and 23-pound flywheel. These specs create a good first impression for a $799 home exercise bike — and the perks haven’t even been mentioned. Super-comfortable seating, lots of preset workouts and easy iFit integration are among its other selling points.

But is this the best bike for your budget? Here are pros and cons to consider before choosing the NordicTrack Commercial VR23.


  • Commercial steel frame
  • Step Thru™ frame design (Easy on, easy off)
  • Padded seat with ventilated back support
  • 23-pound drive
  • 32 built-in workouts
  • 7″ backlit display
  • Works with iFit (Shown on the basic 7″ screen or your own computer)
  • iPod-compatible (Port and 2″ speakers)
  • Wireless heart rate receiver (Chest strap sold separately)
  • Grip pulse sensors on handlebars
  • Convenient handlebar-based controls for resistance
  • Workout fan
  • Low sale price ($799, full price is $1,299)
  • Three-year parts warranty


  • iFit-enabled but the default monitor is basic (Use your mobile device instead)
  • For the heaviest training a bigger drive is needed
  • NordicTrack’s customer service frequently gets negative reviews


Ride a bike, pain free! Recumbent exercise bikes like the NordicTrack Commercial VR23 help you burn calories, tone your lower body and keep your heart healthy… all without aggravating your back, knees or ankles. NordicTrack Commercial recumbent bikes are particularly comfortable according to customer reviews, thanks in part to smart bike seat design (padding plus a ventilated back). All in all, for the average trainee the Commercial VR23 bike can comfortably support everything from ultra-light rehabilitative training to vigorous cardio workouts.

Two main display types are available. Included is a 7″ LCD, which gives access to 32 preset workouts and can download new workouts from iFit. (iFit membership required.) To enjoy iFit at its best though, wirelessly connect a second display: your own computer or smartphone. A tablet computer holder is integrated with the console.

NordicTrack Commercial VR23 Workout Programs

Train with guidance from 32 built-in bike workouts. Designed by a certified personal trainer, each program helps you focus on calorie burn, intensity or performance. You can spend each exercise session knowing that your workout is efficient and designed by a pro.

The NordicTrack Commercial VR23 is also iFit-enabled. With an iFit membership you can download new workouts at any time. One option is to download personal training workouts, which are similar to those preloaded on the console and tailored to your body and fitness goals. Another option is to download the incline/decline of any Google Maps™ route and virtually experience it as your bike adjusts its resistance. These new workouts can be shown on the 7″ console screen, but that display isn’t so enthralling compared with what your own mobile device can offer. A better option is to add your own mobile device. That way, Google Maps™ workouts will include interactive street views! With a tablet computer you can also use iFit’s video workouts and otherwise benefit from iFit at its best.

Recumbent Bike Features

The Commercial VR23’s special features help maximize the effectiveness and fun of indoor cycling. The most obvious feature to some shoppers is the tablet computer holder. While your tablet can serve as an iFit monitor, of course it can also serve as your movie screen, social media connection and so forth to help workout time fly by.
If you’re motivated by music, you’ll also like how the NordicTrack VR23 exercise bike is iPod-compatible. Enjoy rich sound by using the console’s port and 2″ speakers.

To help you train in your best heart rate zone, the Commercial VR23 bike provides grip sensors on the handlebars and (for the best accuracy) can be used with a wireless chest strap. The data can be shown on the 7″ console or your tablet computer if iFit is used.

Finally, another boost for endurance comes from the console fan. As an AutoBreeze fan, it’s designed to automatically adjust to your workout intensity.

Warranty & Guarantee

The NordicTrack Commercial VR23 recumbent bike warranty includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Parts: 3 Years
– Labor: 1 year

NordicTrack also provides a 30-day money back guarantee.


The NordicTrack Commercial VR23 is among the best recumbent bikes under $800. It’s comfortable, has useful workout programming and holds up well under regular use. While elite athletes and heavy trainees would benefit from a stronger drive, for most people the VR23 offers a perfect level of challenge.

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