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Nautilus U514 Review

This product has been discontinued

Nautilus U514 Exercise Bike

NOTE: The Nautilus U514 is discontinued. Consider the Sole B94.

The Nautilus U514 upright exercise bike combines all the features you’ve grown to love in one exercise bike.

The trainer features the patent Eddy Current Brake Resistance (with 16 levels of resistance), durable & lightweight frame, multi-point adjustable seat, oversized deluxe pedals and 17 pre-defined workout programs.

The biomechanically design of the Nautilus U514 presents the rider with longer, more enjoyable workouts. The seat is especially comfortable.

Learn more about the Nautilus U514 exercise bike below…


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Video Overview of the Nautilus U514

Full Review

Quick Summary
Rating: 76.2/100. Compact trainer with friendly price tag, Nautilus U514 lets you ride longer and harder with biomechanically correct design and comfort features, not to mention enhanced programming. Exercise bike is not compatible with mp3 players.

– Dependable resistance system (w/ 20 lb. flywheel)
– Big selection of resistance levels (16 total)
– Biomechanically design provides enjoyable experience
– Oversized deluxe pedaling system
– Comfortable, adjustable seat
– Large range of pre-defined workout programs (17)

– Not music friendly (no iPod dock, built-in speakers)
– Exercise bike not compatible with iFit Live
– Compact trainer not the best option for larger users


The Nautilus’ U514 exercise bike supports users up to 300 pounds, providing a comfortable ride along the way.

The compact trainer weighs only 88 lbs., and is easy to move with built-in transport wheels. It may not support all shapes and sizes, but if you need something lightweight and compact you need to consider the Nautilus U514.

Workout Programs

The Nautilus U514 offers 17 different workout programs.

Additionally, 16 resistance levels provide versatility for all types of users, whether you’re just starting out in the fitness game or a seasoned veteran.

Choose between 7 profile courses and maximize results with four polar heart rate programs equipped with telemetry, grip and chest belt.

The Nautilus U514 is not compatible with iFit Live which is not a huge deal, but always a nice addition.

Exercise Bike Features

The Nautilus U514 upright bike saves time while you workout and guarantees that you won’t be bored during your workout. Utilize the reading rack to keep abreast of the latest news or read the next chapter in your favorite novel.

Stay hydrated with the convenient water bottle holder and exercise longer taking advantage of the cooling fan.

Adjustable seat and handlebar adjustments along with oversized pedals adds body-type precision to your workout.

Transport wheels permits flexibility in moving the bike from point A to point B.

Blue backlit LCD display will keep you updated on all exercise data, including heart rate readouts from the pulse grips or wireless chest belt.

Unfortunately, the Nautilus U514 is not loaded with some of the latest toys (iPod dock, iFit Live), but for the price paid it’s understandable.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Nautilus U514 exercise bike warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: 10 Years
– Mechanical: 2 Years
– Electronics: 1 Year
– Wear Parts: 6 Months

Contact 1-800-628-8458 for additional details.


The Nautilus U514 exercise bike appeals to people of all shapes and sizes with virtually every part of the trainer adjusting to your body type.

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