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LiveStrong LS6.0R Review

This product has been discontinued

LiveStrong LS7.0B Exercise Bike

NOTE: The LS6.0R has been discontinued. Compare to the Sole R92

The LiveStrong LS6.0R recumbent exercise bike introduces a new contoured mesh seat back offering both lumbar support as well as a cooler, not to mention more comfortable ride.

The step-through frame design easily adjusts between all users in your household. LiveStrong’s Freespin technology eliminates jarring as you coast to a stop when you hit the brakes.

In terms of performance, the LiveStrong LS6.0R exercise bike is equipped with an 8.8 lb. flywheel drive system with 20 levels of resistance.

Learn more about the LiveStrong LS6.0R recumbent exercise bike, rated 90.4, below…


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Video Overview of the LiveStrong LS6.0R:

Full Review

Quick Summary
Rating: 90.4/100. Complete cardiovascular workout with easy to access frame and ergonomically designed seat and pedaling system. Online access for workout tracking makes trainer a complete workout machine.

– Heavy-duty flywheel resistance design
– Wide selection of resistance levels (20 total)
– Very comfortable lumbar support seat
– QuickZip pedal straps provide stability
– LiveTrack Interactive included w/ purchase
– LCD display features easy-to-read fitness data

– Not compatible with iFit Live
– Only one year coverage on parts, labor
– One customer complaint about display counting up, not down (more difficult to decipher how long left in workout)


LiveStrong’s LS6.0R recumbent exercise bike delivers an 8.8 lb. flywheel for ease and comfort with 20 levels of resistance, more options for resistance than just about any other bike on the market.

In the past, LiveStrong has worked closely with professional cyclists in order to design their indoor bikes to match that “outdoor feel”. The partnership has produced positive results.

Consequently, the LiveStrong LS6.0R is one of the manufacture’s best exercise bikes that delivers unparalleled performance and comfort.

Workout Programs

The LiveStrong LS6.0R bike includes 11 workouts and 20 different levels of magnetic brake resistance.

LiveStrong has enlisted the aid of Peter Park, strength and conditioning coach, to teach you additional routines downloadable straight to your bike from LiveStrong’s website.

Before you begin your workout, insert any USB device into the console. Complete your workout and when you’re finished transfer the USB to your computer.

Within seconds you’ll be able to track your workout history on the MyPlate feature of

Lastly, maximize results with integrated pulse grips that easily monitor your heart rate.

Exercise Bike Features

LiveStrong makes it easy to add motivation to your workout by pedaling to your favorite tunes. The LiveStrong LS6.0R recumbent bike features a built-in speaker system and plug-in for your iPod or mp3 device.

Exercise longer being cooled off by the personal cooling fan and mesh seat back.

The LS6.0R features a convenient, step-thru recumbent frame design that’s easily accessible to all users. Once you’re seated, the contoured mesh seat back offers greater lumbar support while keeping you cool.

QuickZip pedals make it fast and easy to get started on your workout on an ultra-smooth trainer that features an 8.8 lb flywheel drive system.

Track your workout using the backlit LCD display which includes two additional LED feedback windows.

Once you’ve finished working out, attach your USB drive and log the results on utilizing the on-board Livetrack Interactive technology system. Also, take advantage of the website’s MyPlate software to record your daily food intake.

Lastly, each purchase of the LS6.0R ensures that LiveStrong will donate a minimum of $4 million to the LiveStrong Foundation to support the 28 million people living with cancer today.

Warranty & Guarantee

The LiveStrong LS6.0R exercise bike warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: 10 Years
– Parts: 1 Year
– Labor: 1 Year (In-Home)

LiveStrong offers a phenomenal FAQ section but you can always contact them directly at 1-877-548-7864.


The LiveStrong LS6.0R recumbent exercise bike packs a lot of features into a modestly priced bike.

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