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Yowza Islamorada Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

Consumer Warning: It appears that Yowza Fitness may no longer be in business. After repeated attempts to get ahold of them as well as reported customer issues, we can no longer recommend their products. 

The Yowza Islamorada is paving new roads instead of wandering down old, beaten paths.

The Islamorada delivers two new features: SuperCore and Intelligent Weight Management. The features round out a nice line of specs which also includes adjustable stride length (19 to 30 inches) and incline (0 to 60 percent).

Yowza continues to design and innovate at an impressive pace for a fitness equipment manufacture.

Read our full Yowza Islamorada review below…

Our Rating

Rating: 1/100. Premium, state-of-the-art elliptical features new upper body workout motion and personal workout assistant with digital weight scale. Adjustable stride length and incline allows you to cater the elliptical exactly to your body size and workout needs.


  • Adjustable stride length (19 to 30 inches)
  • SuperCore upper body for intense ab workout
  • IWM is ultimate digital workout assistant
  • Wide incline range (0 to 60 percent)
  • Music ready (iPod docking station and speakers)
  • Very good warranty package (including 7 years on parts and electronics)


  • Does not fold (not the most compact elliptical)
  • Undisclosed number of resistance levels
  • Not in everyone’s price range


Yowza Fitness is traditionally one of the innovators in the fitness world often taking the lead rather than following what other exercise equipment manufactures are doing.

Fitting, then, that the Yowza Islamorada features not one but two new features from Yowza Fitness entering 2013: SuperCore upper body workout technology and Intelligent Weight Management (IWM).

Workout Programs

The Yowza Islamorda features 21 pre-defined workout programs including nine user member profiles.

User member profiles store weight, height and sex for each user; a nice feature for a crowded household with multiple elliptical users.

Workout programs include: Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories and Core Interval Resistance.

Like other new models, the Yowza Islamorada features Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) software. Including a wireless weight scale, the digital assistant trainer designs workouts specific to your weight and exercise goals.

The program is a really innovative feature that is, as of right now exclusive to Yowza Fitness, and will serve as a benchmark for other fitness manufactures in the near future.

Yowza Islamorada Features

The Yowza Islamorada is highlighted by the SuperCore patented motion handlebars.

The unique handlebars are egg-shaped with rotating grips for a extremely efficient ab workout. Those familiar with Yowza’s CardioCore technology will find that SuperCore is a slightly enhanced version.

Finally starting to become more frequent in elliptical designs, the Yowza Islamorada provides adjustable resistance from 19 inches to 30 inches. The 30 inch stride length, in particular, is one of the longest we have ever seen on an elliptical and definitely a bonus for taller or longer limb users.

In addition to the adjustable stride length, users may tailor the incline from 0 to 60 percent.

Monitor heart rate with a built-in receiver and feel stable on the elliptical with Yowza’s SureFit pedal design.

The Yowza Islamorada is music ready with compatibility to mp3 devices, including iPod players. The docking station also charges your mp3 device, giving it even more value.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Yowza Islamorada elliptical warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Braking System: Lifetime
– Parts: 7 Years
– Electronics: 7 Years
– Labor: 2 Years (In-Home)


There are several new products, yet the Yowza Islamorada just might be the best one we’ve seen yet. Thanks to popular new features (IWM, SuperCore) and plenty of customization (adjustable stride length, pre-set programs) the Islamorda is one scorching hot product.

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