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Yowza Bonita Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

Consumer Warning: It appears that Yowza Fitness may no longer be in business. After repeated attempts to get ahold of them as well as reported customer issues, we can no longer recommend their products. 

The Yowza Bonita is a new addition to Yowza’s solid line of ellipticals.

Complimented by a friendly price tag, the Yowza Bonita features Sure-Fit self-pivoting pedals and fixed incline featured on all Yowza ellipticals.

The trainer is easy to use and highlighted by an iPod dock, built in speakers, and wireless heart rate monitor.

Learn more in the Yowza Bonita review below…

Our Rating

Rating: 1/100. Cardio Core motion elliptical features alternative to conventional straight forward handlebar upper-body workout. Challenge yourself with fixed incline and reversible alternative, including self-pivoting pedals by Sure-Fit.


  • Quality range of resistance levels (16 total)
  • Monitor heart rate with wireless chest strap
  • Reversible motion and self-pivoting pedals for new challenge
  • Yowza patent ‘Ramp Less’ incline (fixed 15 percent)
  • 9 user profiles ideal for trainer heavily shared
  • Cardio Core superior to traditional handlebar motion


  • Trainer not compatible with iFit Live
  • Lightweight elliptical but does not fold
  • 18 inch stride length may not be satisfactory for taller users


The Yowza Bonita elliptical features Cardio Core design. What that means is the upper body motion of Cardio Core differentiates from traditional ellipticals by providing an “intuitive path” of motion contrary to straight path handlebars.

Scientifically Cardio Core produces superior results, and thanks to a friendly price it is little wonder the Yowza Bonita is a hot deal for 2013.

In terms of specs, the Yowza Bonita features Servo Motor Direct Drive (16 levels of resistance), 18-inch stride length, LCD display and wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring.

Workout Programs

The Yowza Bonita elliptical features 12 preset workout programs, including nine user profiles.

User profiles store the weight, height and sex for each user so if you share the elliptical with other household members your personal data is quick to access and reference.

Workout programs include: Target Time, Target Distance, Interval, Endurance, Target Calories, Fat Burning and more.

A heart rate program is also accessible via the preset options. Use the workout program with built-in pulse grips for quick heart rate readouts.

Yowza Bonita Features

The patented counter rotational core motion of the Yowza Bonita delivers a smooth, fluid elliptical motion.

The Yowza Bonita features a moderate stride length of 18 inches and 16 levels of resistance. The elliptical is powered by Servo Motor Direct Drive resistance and is further complimented by Yowza’s exclusive “Ramp-Less” incline.

The 18 inch roller-less elliptical motion is also reversible for an additional challenge.

Listen to music while exercising courtesy of the iPod docking station and hi-fidelity built-in speakers.

Sure-Fit self-pivoting pedals provide comfort and different angles to your workout routine.

Monitor workout data via the bright backlit LCD display and get heart rate readouts courtesy of the wireless heart rate receiver included with purchase.

The Yowza Bonita is fairly compact at 125 pounds, but the trainer does not fold which is a con for some users.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Yowza Bonita elliptical warranty and guarantee includes:

Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 3 Years
Electronics: 3 Years
Labor: 1 Year


Featuring Cardio Core elliptical motion, the Yowza Bonita is yet another innovative design from Yowza Fitness.

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