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Dual Motor’s Full Body Vibration Plate Machine Review: Shake Things Up!

I recently had the opportunity to try out Dual Motor’s Full Body Vibration Plate machine, and wow, was I impressed. In fact, I was so impressed, I went out and bought one. Truth is, until now, I was unconvinced (maybe even a bit skeptical) about what a vibration machine could do, but not anymore.

Dual Motor’s Full Body Vibration Plate Review

This machine surpassed my expectations. It provided me with a fun (and slightly weird) exercise experience, and helped in other areas as well, like balance, agility, and bone density. If you’re considering buying a vibration machine, check out my Dual Motor Full Body Vibration Plate review. You’ll see that it more than lives up to the hype and is the perfect machine for exercising, toning and more.

What is A Vibration Machine?

Before I tell you all the great features of the Dual Motor machine, I want to make sure you understand what a vibration platform is and what it can do for you. Simply put, a vibration machine is a platform that oscillates, or vibrates at varying speeds while you stand on it and perform exercises.

The vibration engages your muscles, causing them to contract and work harder, so you burn more calories and tone faster than from traditional exercise. Basically, it forces you to maintain balance and fight gravity, so you get better results in less time, making exercise more efficient. You’re not going to burn anything by just standing on it, but when coupled with other exercises there is a bit of scientific data to back up the machine’s benefits.

I found 20-30 minutes a day was ideal. They also help loosen and lengthen muscles, increase bone density, and improve agility, for better range of motion.

Dual Motor Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Fitness Machine

Ok, so now it’s time to break down what the Dual Motor Full Body Vibration Plate looks like and what it can do for you. This machine is small (think like a step you use in step class, or a scale) but does everything a large machine can. It has an LCD screen at the top to show duration, time and more. It also has detachable arm bands for upper body workouts.

Which is why I am recommending it. It does everything it says it can, and after 2 weeks of using it, I saw results. So, what exactly, does it do? Here is a rundown of all the features and benefits:

Dual Motor system

  • To start, unlike other models, this one has dual motors: one that vibrates and one that oscillates. The different motions are important, as they work and stimulate different areas. They also allow you to use them individually or in combination, so you can customize your workout intensity.I could change up my routine daily, so I was never bored and always challenging my muscles. With oscillation, you get a steady, back and forth motion, almost like you’re at sea. I find it works well for toning, as the see-saw motion can help you isolate certain muscles. It also stimulates bone growth.With vibration, there is a steady shaking, making workouts more intense. For me, vibration increased metabolism and allowed me to vary the difficulty of the moves I was doing.Being able to have both options is a big plus, and this model greatest selling feature – in my opinion.

Detachable Arm Bands

  • Although this machine is portable, you can still perform full body workouts thanks to the detachable arm bands. They clip to the base and can be used while doing lunges, tricep curls, and more. Upper body work is often neglected with these machines, so I appreciated this feature.With it, you can do a complete workout, and target your shoulders, back and arms. For those who are doing therapy and need to build up arm muscles, this is a score.

Portability/Space Saver

  • Since this unit is small, with no arm rails, you can use it anywhere, which is another big plus when you’re trying to stay healthy. You can move to any room of your house, take it to work to get in a workout at lunch, or take it with you on a trip.For myself and many others, continuity is the biggest obstacle to exercise. We either skip a day because we’re busy, or not near the gym, and before you know it one day turns into ten and we give up on exercise—not with this machine. You can take it everywhere– so there’s no reason to miss a day. Just plug it in and start shaking!

Great Design

  • I like that is has a rubberized, textured pad to stand on, to help with balance, and can hold up to 260 pounds. This allows those trying to lose weight the chance to do it safely and more efficiently. Often, overweight people have fewer options- I’m glad this machine gives them one.It is also durable, yet lightweight, so it is easy to move around without sacrificing quality.

Bonus Features

  • This model has a remote control, large LCD screen, and a level base, to make exercising convenient. The remote lets you control and adjust motion as you exercise, while the large LCD allows you to easily read your stats as you go.
    Even better, the level base has grips, so you can use it on any surface: rugs, tiles, hardwoods and more.


  • At around $300, this machine pays for itself. With it, you don’t need a gym membership, and it is so durable, it will last for years to come, making it worth every penny.

Exercising Using a Vibration Plate

If you’re new to using this type of vibration machine, I can help you get started. These machines are deceptively challenging. They’re easy to use once you get familiar with it, but can be a bit intimidating when you start.

I suggest starting on a low frequency, so you get the feel of it. At first, you will be concentrating more on staying balanced than exercising, which is normal. After a few tries you will adjust and be ready to start exercising. When you are, here are some great exercises to do, and how to do them using the machine:

  • Lunges: keep one foot on the machine as you do a lunge, then switch.
  • Squats: stand on the plate and do various squats. You can also use the arm bands to rev up the intensity.
  • Pushups: Place your hands on the plate as you do a traditional pushup.
  • Step Variants: Step up and down off the plate, like you would with a traditional step. The vibration makes it more challenging.
  • Standing sit-ups: Stand on the plate and lift your knee, twisting to touch the alternate elbow. Great for obliques.

I hope my Dual Motor Full Body Vibration Plate review helped you see why this machine is a great option for any home. It is one of the few machines I’ve used that gave me results, results I could see in under a month. It takes up no space, is easy to use, and has multiple health benefits, so if you are looking for a new machine, make it this one.


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