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Do Vibration Machines Work? 5 Basics Facts that All Consumers Should Know

Staying healthy means different things to different people. For some, it means losing weight, or maintaining it, while for others it means improving circulation and agility. Whatever it means to you, these days there seems to be one machine with the ability to make all that happen and more: a vibration machine.

To date, this exercise machine has received great reviews from over a thousand satisfied customers. But does it really work? How does it work? What can it do for you? Well, we tested it for ourselves, and did a lot of research to find out the answer to these questions and more. So, if you want to know what all the hype is about and find out more information and facts about vibration machines, keep reading

Fact #1 – Offers a diversity of great benefits

Before an individual purchases any type of vibration platform, they usually want to know what it is, how it works and what features are included in its overall design. In response to these questions, and other related questions, we are starting this article by first reviewing the benefits of using this machine. According to the makers of these machines, they have been designed to do the following:

  • Increases the user’s muscle strength
  • Improve the users’s circulation
  • Improve general health and fitness
  • Help the user to combat problems with cellulite
  • Help those that suffer from problems with joint pain and heart condition

*Before adding the vibration platform to any health regimen, the makers do recommend that people seek medical advice.

#2 – Easy to Use by both adults and children and how to use vibration machine products

Some fitness machines are made with high intensity in mind. So when the machine is turned on, the user may start off by walking relatively slow in pace, but will eventually end up running at high speeds. With these machines, you can control the intensity, so most people can use them. For instance, people who need to start and continue at a very low to no intensity level to help with their health  may find that Vibration machines are ideal for them.

Beginners will also find this machine user-friendly. When an individual is learning how to use the vibration exercise tool, they will find that the vibration machine does the movement for them. Therefore, all the user has to do is step on to the vibration plate and start their vibration plate exercises. Typically, the instructions for how to workout on vibration machine are included with the machine, to get users on the right track and accustomed to it. For instance, here’s 3 exercises that people highly recommend when they are getting started.

Whole body vibration exercises

Whole body vibrations are recommended for those who want to lose weight and improve their overall fitness. With this type of exercise, the user will stand, sit or lie on the machine vibrating platform. As this machine begins to vibrate, it also transmits energy throughout their body,  forcing their muscles to contract at a rate of dozens of times per second.

Cardio Vibration Exercises

Some vibration machines have been designed specifically for aerobic capabilities. These are normally done by using the vibration machine’s magic mat in order to perform a variety of different exercises including high knees, stutter steps, and squats. Each of which have been designed to get the heart rate up.

Decreases cellulite visibility

Some women have  a hard time getting rid of cellulite on their legs and thighs. When the individual uses the vibration machine to pinpoint these areas (different sets that focus on the lower body), they can expect the skin to look smoother in about 6 weeks.

Fact #3 – Potential Users Should Seek info in advance on How to Choose the best Vibration Machine

Choosing your first vibration machine may take a little time, especially if you are not familiar with this type of fitness equipment. So, it is essential to do your research in advance before making a selection.

Fortunately, these types of vibration platforms can be found online. So, when potential buyers are seeking to make the best choice, they can review the features, the pros and cons, as well as what others are saying about their own experiences, before choosing.

Fact #4 – Potential Buyers Can Review What consumers Saying Online

As previously referenced, understanding both the pros and cons of making this purchase can help potential buyers with making an informed decision. Also, when an individual wants to know more information about a product from those who have used it, there’s some sections online, via, that allows other buyers to provide their feedback. From our reseach, this information, as it relates to certain vibration machines, shows they are great products for numerous reasons.

Some of the most notable reasons are: these machines can make a significant difference for those who want to lose weight, they help with rehabilitating certain parts of their body, and they improve flexibility and range of motion.

Fact #5 – Manufacturers Can explain how the Vibration Machine Works

Though this platform may not appear to be doing a lot, there is a science behind its design. So, when a customer wants to know how to use vibration machine and how it works, the manufacturers usually respond by explaining the following:

The vibration plate has been designed to produce high frequencies in vibration. These vibrations create and cause the individual to experience certain reflexes within the body. So, the muscles in the body can begin to contract voluntarily while the vibration machine is in use. This movement helps the body to not only improve circulation, but to lose fat in the body.”

There are many different types of workout machines on the market today. So, it is important for people to do their research in advance before they make their decision. I believe our researh shows a great option for anyone is the vibration machine. This exercise machine is currently getting a very good reception from over thousand users becuase it delivers on all its promises.This machine can be beneficial for a number of different reasons, including increasing the user’s muscle strength, circulation, and overall general health and fitness.


  • Asiyemiema Cotterell January 12, 2020 at 11:00 am
    Does the vibration affect the brain
    • FitRated January 15, 2020 at 10:12 am
      Hi Asiyemiema, according to research, the simple answer is no. Vibration machines produce the same amount of force as actions such as jogging, so when used correctly, they will not affect your brain.
  • Joy Butler January 20, 2017 at 4:33 pm
    It is amazing that body vibration machines can target areas that have cellulite. Women trying to lose weight often have a hard time targeting specific areas that hey want to lose weight. It is great that there is a product out there that can help target cellulite in the thighs. It also should be kept in mind that a healthy diet should be maintained in order to lose weight.
    • Ken L. January 31, 2017 at 8:48 am
      Thanks Joy for the tips.

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