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New Year’s Fitness Sales

new year sales

A new year, a new body! Around New Year’s the motivation to exercise has overlap with some of the year’s best deals on treadmills, exercise bikes and other fitness equipment. Merchants still have last year’s equipment to unload, so New Year’s fitness sale prices can be even lower than those from December. You can also save hundreds on the newest machines designed for the upcoming year.

Where is the best place to buy fitness machines? Should you choose a super-cheap machine, a commercial model or something in between? Here are some common questions with answers to help you make the most of New Year fitness sales.

New Year’s Fitness Sale Questions & Answers

  1. Are the lowest prices on fitness equipment online or in stores?

The lowest prices for home gyms and cardio trainers are usually online. This is true during New Year’s fitness sales and will remain true year-round. One reason is that many online vendors — especially the manufacturers themselves — have lower expenses compared with traditional merchants. If you shop factory-direct from the brand website for Bowflex or NordicTrack, for instance, you’ll save because 1) there aren’t middleman markups and 2) the big online vendors provide free shipping.

  1. Should I buy commercial fitness equipment?

Imagine having a club-quality trainer at home! Featured in the New Year’s fitness sales are favorite models selected by top health clubs. Commercial fitness machines tend to serve much, much longer than residential trainers do before any maintenance is required. They cost more up-front, of course, but can deliver better value in the long run. Monthly financing equivalent to a monthly gym fee is available from most major brands.

  1. Should I buy a very cheap fitness machine?

New Year’s fitness sale prices are sometimes super-low. But how low should you go? Broadly speaking it’s not easy to find a durable treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike for under $999. Reliable home gyms also tend to cost at least $999, even with New Year’s discounts applied.

Generally we find in our treadmill reviews and elliptical reviews that bumping up from a $799 model to a $999 model makes a big difference in customer satisfaction. (It’s a bigger difference than what you’d get jumping $200 in other price categories, like from $2,299 to $2,499.) Differences are clear in ergonomics, the challenge available and machine longevity. For many brands the relatively small upgrade brings better electronics too.

Exceptions exist, of course. It’s a great idea to read honest gym equipment reviews before committing to a purchase.

  1. What are some marks of high quality?

Almost invariably, a strong warranty is an indicator of high quality. Manufacturers invest in fitness machine warranty coverage much like regular folks invest in health insurance or car insurance: If the machines aren’t high-risk, the manufacturer can get better deals. Warranty info usually isn’t published in the New Year’s fitness sale circulars, but you can get all the info at manufacturer’s websites. Also see FitRated’s comparison charts to streamline your shopping.

One specific quality to consider is machine weight. If a spin bike only weighs 50 pounds, for example, it’s more likely to wobble compared with one that weighs 80 pounds. It’s also more likely to have plastic parts; metal parts weigh more.

Another quality to look for at the New Year’s fitness sales is drive size on cardio trainers. A good quality fitness machine has the force to challenge people beyond the beginner level of training. For ellipticals and exercise bikes this means that the flywheel is relatively heavy. For treadmills it means that the motor is powerful.

A third point is that often the better fitness machines provide wireless telemetry in addition to contact heart rate monitoring. Wireless telemetry is the most convenient and accurate way to maximize the cardiovascular benefits of using a cardio trainer.

Fitness Equipment Reviews

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