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Mother’s Day Fitness Sales

People like to think that gifting fitness equipment is a bad idea, but based on recent survey data that’s not really the case. It seems you could do far worse this Mother’s Day, and with the broad range of deals and sales happening in the fitness space it’s actually a good time to be shopping (whether for yourself or someone else).

The lead-up to Mother’s Day is a great time to buy fitness equipment; the last major sales holiday was way back in January, and brands/retailers are especially eager for business. Shoppers can save several hundred dollars on fitness equipment of all sorts from virtually every brand. Read on for tips about Mother’s Day fitness sales for treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and other top-choice gym equipment.

Mother’s Day Treadmill Sales

Historically, and in terms of volume the treadmill has been the longstanding champion of the fitness equipment category. It was patented in 1913, proven heart-healthy in the 1950s, and developed for home use in the 1960s. Now more than 80 million treadmills are sold worldwide every year. Any holiday is a big time for treadmill deals, and regardless of the occasion you can expect to see savings between a few hundred, and over $1,000 depending on the make and model in question.

What can you expect to spend? Well, reliable home treadmills for walkers will drop under the $1,000 mark for a half decent unit. Good treadmills for runners can be had for under $1,500. From there, premium quality commercial grade treadmills—the kind with lifetime warranty motors, large HD touchscreens, and other niceties—usually start about $2,000 and go up from there, but you can expect to see some models creeping below that usual threshold.

Mother’s Day Exercise Bike Sales

With the dramatically growing popularity of spin classes, the exercise bike has rapidly grown to rival the popularity of the treadmill when it comes to at home fitness equipment. These bikes can be split out into three distinct categories:

  1. stationary bikes, which are traditional exercise bikes for cardio training;
  2. indoor cycle trainers, also known as indoor bikes or spin bikes, which operate the most like road bikes; and
  3. recumbent bikes, which provide lumbar support and are the lowest impact of all exercise  bikes.

Our extensive charts and reviews for the industry’s best stationary bikes, recumbent bikes and spin bikes at different price points will help you navigate the upcoming sale and deals, ensuring you find the right bike at the right price.

Memorial Day Elliptical Sales

Elliptical machines are an interesting breed of fitness equipment, as their are cardio-based and yet support total body training; these machines have moving arm bars as well as elliptical pedal motion. Their key selling feature aside from this is a low-impact workout, which is ideal for those dealing with joint pain or on the mend from previous injury.

When choosing an elliptical trainer it’s most important to find the right stride length for your body. Flywheel weight is also a consideration if you want to work your way up with more resistance. Also with that in mind, some ellipticals have an “incline” function as well. For the space-conscious, there are also folding ellipticals, which might be the more logical choice depending on your needs.

FitRated’s elliptical reviews and comparison charts are once again here to save the day, giving you guidance on which machine and brand best deserves your hard-earned dollars.

Treadmill Alternatives in Mother’s Day Sales

Two treadmill alternatives—TreadClimbers and Max Trainers—are interesting home fitness machines worth considering as you start scouring the Mother’s Day sales.

TreadClimbers are a grueling, fat-burning treadmill alternatives for walkers. They have very steep maximum inclines; the top setting is 40%. (For comparison the best treadmills have 20% maximums.) The slope makes it possible for walkers to drop calories just as quickly as runners do. The steeper the slope, the faster the burn.

Max Trainers are treadmill alternatives for runners. These innovative fitness machines make it possible to run with virtually zero impact on your spine, knees, ankles and other sensitive joints. Max Trainers work the whole body so efficiently that trainees can get impressive results with just 14-minute training sessions a few times per week.