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Memorial Day Fitness Sales

Ready to upgrade your home exercise options? With summer officially just weeks away, you might be especially motivated to sculpt a beach body. Memorial Day Weekend is a customer-friendly time to buy fitness equipment.  The last time customers may have checked out fitness gear may have been Cyber Monday last year, so dealers are especially eager for business. Shoppers can save hundreds or more on cardio trainers and home gym equipment from virtually every brand. Read on for tips about Memorial Day fitness sales for treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and other top-choice gym equipment.


Top Memorial Day Sales:



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Memorial Day TRX Sale

trx builder bundle

TRX has become a big trend in the fitness space, providing a mix of bodyweight training options using a simple cable system. Not only is TRX great for helping you strengthen your core, it is also very useful for stretching and improving range of motion—a huge help for those dealing with post-injury rehab. Purchasing their equipment also gives you access to extensive training videos and instruction to make the most of your home TRX setup

Starting today and running through the 28th, the brand is running a site-wide sale that features a camo collection. With no exceptions or exclusions, any piece of gear benefits from this deal. On top of that they’re also offering a number of pricing specials, which can add a fair bit of savings if you’re looking to buy a more comprehensive TRX kit.

Memorial Day Treadmill Sales

Which fitness machine is most popular? The treadmill. It was patented in 1913, proven heart-healthy in the 1950s, and developed for home use in the 1960s. Now more than 80 million treadmills are sold worldwide every year. Sales on Memorial Day and other major holidays are behind a good percentage of the US figures, with prices being slashed up to 40% during online and offline promotions on these special days.

How much does a treadmill cost? Reliable home treadmills for walkers cost less than $1,000 during Memorial Day fitness sales. Good treadmills for runners can be had for under $1,500. Bigger budgets can bring home treadmills with even better features; as prices go up, so too do horsepower, screen size and the quality of cushioning and electronics. When considering options in the Memorial Day treadmill ads, look for treadmills with at least 2.5 CHP for walking and 3.0 CHP for running.

Memorial Day Exercise Bike Sales

Exercise bike sales are up along with America’s enthusiasm for outdoor riding. Three main types of exercise bike are available to cover everything from gentle, knee-friendly rehabilitative riding to intense calorie-torching spin sessions. In our bike reviews and on exercise bike sales sites the main categories are:

  1. Stationary bikes, which are traditional exercise bikes for cardio training;
  2. Indoor cycle trainers, also known as indoor bikes or spin bikes, which operate the most like road bikes; and
  3. Recumbent bikes, which provide lumbar support and are the lowest impact of all exercise  bikes.

To help you evaluate Memorial Day exercise bike offers, we’ve prepared charts and reviews for the industry’s best stationary bikes, recumbent bikes and spin bikes at different price points.

Memorial Day Elliptical Sales

Elliptical machines combine cardio exercise with weight-bearing exercise. They’re named after their footpaths, which are shaped like ellipses. They’re also called cross trainers. Most of the units advertised in Memorial Day elliptical sales can support total body training; these machines have moving arm bars as well as elliptical pedal motion. A minority of elliptical machines are meant only for lower body training.

When choosing an elliptical trainer it’s most important to choose a stride length that fits your body comfortably. Also of great importance is the flywheel weight. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride and the more potential challenge is available. Some other criteria to keep in mind are incline (available only on some ellipticals) and whether the machine can be folded to free up floor space after workouts.

FitRated’s elliptical reviews and comparison charts can help you identify some favorites to check out for Memorial Day discounts. Our reviews lead to the manufacturers’ websites for factory-direct savings.

Treadmill Alternatives in Memorial Day Sales

Two treadmill alternatives — TreadClimbers and Max Trainers — are favorites at Memorial Day fitness sales every year. Both can support especially efficient exercise while being gentler to the body compared with traditional treadmills.

TreadClimbers are treadmill alternatives for walkers. They have very steep maximum inclines; the top setting is 40%. (For comparison the best treadmills have 20% maximums.) The slope makes it possible for walkers to drop calories just as quickly as runners do. The steeper the slope, the faster the burn.

Max Trainers are treadmill alternatives for runners. These innovative fitness machines make it possible to run with virtually zero impact on your spine, knees, ankles and other sensitive joints. Max Trainers work the whole body so efficiently that trainees can get impressive results with just 14-minute training sessions a few times per week.

Home Gym Sales

It’s a long weekend. Why not get the crew together and put together a home gym in the garage? The category of home gyms has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with options ranging from small cable systems to full-blow power racks with accessories. Given the trend toward home fitness, more people are investing in equipment that helps them escape the commercial gym environment, and given the Memorial Day pricing offered, one can get quite a steal.

Whether a folding squat rack that can be attached to an interior wall, or a cage fit for powerlifting competitions, most of these units can be purchased for between $300 and $1,000. All-in-one units are also becoming quite popular, with the power rack augmented by Smith Machines and cable-pulley systems. Barbells and plates are also a big draw with many retailers offering free shipping over the holiday.

Early Bird Memorial Day Discounts

Memorial Day fitness sales sometimes start online before Saturday. If you’re ready to buy, check the manufacturers’ sites as early as mid-May for holiday discounts.

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