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Cyber Monday Fitness Sales

Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is like a Cinderella tale for shoppers: Regular prices become extraordinary — but only til midnight! During Cyber Monday fitness sales, you can save hundreds or thousands on home exercise equipment. This year the online discounts start at 12 a.m. on November 27.

The best bargains are normally at fitness brand websites. Shopping a top-rated brand website, you can get free shipping and the best free warranty. Below are Cyber Monday fitness sales tips with links to the leading manufacturer websites.

Cyber Monday Treadmill Sales

Before Cyber Monday discounts, typical home treadmill prices range from about $799 to $3,999… plus several companies build super-expensive treadmills for the proverbial 1%. If you have time before the Cyber Monday fitness sales, compare treadmills from a few brands to get a sense of the variety. Some starting points:

  • NordicTrack and ProForm are always top-selling brands, as they have wide price ranges and work with the popular iFit Coach personal training app. (iFit Coach can train you on the treadmill and away.)
  • Bowflex Results launched an impressive new treadmill series this year, and Cyber Monday seems like a prime time for its promotion.
  • Sole Fitness is also a great starting point for home treadmill values. Of all Sole treadmills, the F80 gets our highest rating. This treadmill for runners has a $2,699 MSRP but will likely go for less than $1500 during Cyber Monday fitness sales.
  • Cybex International is an especially high-end brand of fitness equipment made in the USA. Cybex luxury treadmills are available with special features such as extra-high speed motors; modifications for visually impaired users; and 15.6” video entertainment screens.

Treadmills for Walkers

On Cyber Monday generally a brand’s cheapest treadmills have its smallest motors. These can be home fitness bargains for people planning to walk (not run) for cardio health and weight management. For example, the NordicTrack C 700 has a 2.75 CHP motor and a free one-year parts warranty. Full price is high at $1,299… but if the Cyber Monday sale price drops under $600 as we predict, the C 700 will become a good low-budget treadmill deal for beginners. It might be one of the cheapest new treadmills with iFit Coach personal training.

Treadmills for Runners

The biggest treadmill savings Cyber Monday are mostly on incline trainers and treadmills for runners. These machines have higher MSRPs, so with Cyber Monday fitness deals of around 50% off, you could save $1000 or more.

For example, looking at NordicTrack again, we’d check on the Commercial 1750 Treadmill with 7” color touchscreen for iFit Coach. Year after year it’s one of the most popular home treadmills for running, jogging and walking. Full price is $2,499 with a five-year parts warranty — but in our Cyber Monday forecast, we predict a price drop to below $1,500.

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Cyber Monday Elliptical Sales

The best Cyber Monday elliptical deals are on trainers with 20-pound flywheels or heavier. Now, probably the cheapest Cyber Monday ellipticals will have lighter flywheels. Resist the lowest-price temptation! With a heavier wheel, you’ll get noticeably smoother resistance… and smooth low impact exercise is the big reason to use an elliptical machine. Prices increase as you get better combinations of resistance and workout programming.

Some top brands to check on Cyber Monday are Sole and NordicTrack. These brands have wide price ranges, and they’re likely to offer something for just about every budget during the post-Thanksgiving fitness sales. Leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they already posted elliptical deals under $999.

Luxury shoppers are advised to start with Precor, the brand that invented rear drive elliptical machines.

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Cyber Monday Exercise Bike Sales

Before you shop for an exercise bike, be sure you know the basic lingo:

  • Standard exercise bikes are sometimes called stationary bikes or upright bikes. Generally they take up very little floor space. At minimum, a good stationary bike has a 20-pound flywheel.
  • Indoor cycle trainers look similar to standard exercise bikes, but they’re for more intense training. Their flywheels generally weigh around 48 pounds.
  • Recumbent exercise bikes have extra-long frames to let you lean back. Pedaling a recumbent bike with your legs in front of your body, you can minimize strain on your knees and ankles.

Prices at Cyber Monday exercise bike sales start below $500, and you can buy a durable bike for the money. Just be sure there’s at least a one-year parts and electronics warranty for a bike you choose at that price.

Whatever your fitness equipment budget, you can see our exercise bike comparison charts for top suggestions at your price point.

Cyber Monday Home Gym Sales

Strength training has always been popular for bulking up, but in 2017 we’ve noticed a big rise in strength training to slim down. For either goal you can choose from several gym types — all on sale for Cyber Monday.

Classic home gyms with metal weight stacks generally start with max 150-pound challenges. You can easily buy a durable option for under $400 at Cyber Monday fitness sales. Looking to spend more, you’ll get a wider selection including gyms with heavier weight stacks.

Resistance gyms are the alternatives. These work more quietly than weight stack gyms and can be gentler on your body.

  • Bowflex is a leading brand in this area, with a wide selection of Power Rod home gyms. Bowflex Power rods provide smoother resistance than weight stacks can; each rod flexes like the string of an archery bow.
  • For cheaper options see bodyweight gyms, also called gravity gyms. These have pulleys and bars, and they use your bodyweight as resistance. A great starting point for bodyweight gym sales is the brand Total Gym.

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After the Sale: Final Tips

After the Cyber Monday fitness sales, shoppers generally receive their deliveries within a week or two. Unpack your fitness equipment shortly after it’s delivered, at least to ensure that all parts are intact. Also keep in mind that most leading brands have 30-day satisfaction guarantees.