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Cyber Monday Fitness Equipment Deals

Cyber Monday is almost here! The online shopping holiday is ideal for choosing your fitness equipment and other big-ticket items: Discounts are deep, delivery is free despite the products being hefty, and warranties are strong with factory-direct online sales. Here are tips to help you get the best Cyber Monday fitness equipment deals, particularly for cardio trainers and home gyms.

Choose Factory-Direct Fitness Equipment

Tip #1 is to shop factory-direct. It makes sense that a manufacturer’s own website has the best overall deals on its fitness machines and home gyms.

  • Dealers might post similar Cyber Monday sale prices, but the manufacturer’s specials tend to have an edge when delivery and warranties are also considered. Free delivery can be worth hundreds of dollars, and each year of a fitness machine warranty can be very valuable too.
  • Another typical factory-direct advantage is a 30-day return policy even for clearance fitness equipment. In contrast, such peace of mind isn’t always offered with dealers’ Cyber Monday sales.

Exceptions to advice about shopping factory-direct involve very cheap fitness equipment — treadmills and other cardio trainers that are so low quality, they only earn about one star in our reviews. Manufacturers tend to sell these with virtually no customer protections, so shopping elsewhere makes perfect sense.

Make a Cyber Monday Cheat Sheet

Tip #2 is to study regular fitness equipment sale prices before Cyber Monday… because a not-so-secret secret in the fitness equipment industry is that on any given day of the year, you probably don’t need to pay full price! A manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is generally a bit inflated so that vendors can offer discounts.

What’s a truly great bargain? The best Cyber Monday fitness equipment deals last year were about 40 to 60 percent off. For hundreds of particular models you can quickly find a typical year-round discount price by checking our reviews. See full prices and common sale prices for elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and more.

Do a “Background Check”

Tip #3 is to get more than one opinion about equipment that you’re considering purchasing. Ideally you can personally test the specific model or brand of interest. Maybe your own friends and family have home fitness machines, or maybe a local hotel fitness room has a light commercial brand you’ll like. Other places to try fitness equipment are membership gyms and retailers.

Whether or not you can personally test fitness equipment before buying, do read reviews. Check multiple reviews of the same product so that you aren’t misled by a wayward recommendation. Be sure to hunt for potential problems before clicking the “buy” button too. An easy way to uncover trouble is to search for the product name in Google along with the word “problem” or “complaint.”

Get an All-In-One Sale Roundup

Tip #3 is to outsource your browsing! Save time with our Cyber Monday fitness equipment deals newsletter, which we’ll send by email on Sunday. All in one spot you’ll have links to genuine Cyber Monday bargains that can streamline your shopping.